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0199 Archaeological Researches in Sinkiang : vol.1
Archaeological Researches in Sinkiang : vol.1 / Page 199 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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doi: 10.20676/00000195
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Between Astin-bulaq and the Quin-darya prolonged to form barbs. On each flat surface a

delta, 29.5 km. N 19°E of Lou-lan triangular depression. The tang has been iron.

26X12 mm. PI. 3o: 13.

station. (Norin) .

K. 13416. Front part of a large bronze plaque I00 m. N of camp H. I06. Scattered or buckle. The lost central part has along a line of 3o m. 2/3-31.

apparently been wider than the rectangular front K. 13421: I.   Wu-ch'u coin with a raised
part. The strap has passed through a slitlike hole

and been fastened to a projecting hook. The up-   crescent-shaped line on the upper
per and lower edges are bordered with a rope

part (nail impression"). Diam. 24.5 mm.

pattern. In each corner a tumular knob with seven K. 13421 : 2-II. Ten Wu-ch'u coins with a small

elevated dots. Besides there are three raised circles   elevation in the middle of the
with a marked centre. A raised line has surround- lower rim of the hole. Diam. 25-24.5 mm.

ed the lost central part. Br. 73 mm. Pl. 3o: 4.   K. 13421 : 12-63. Fifty-two Wu-ch'u coins, some of

About 8 km. SE of Astin-bulaq. (Norin).   erosi very thin o   to wind

erosion. Diam. 25.5-24 mm.

K. 13417.      Bronze bracelet. The ends are flatten-   (Cf. Nos. 41:.I-I3 found at the same place).
ed and decorated with three lines

crossing one another at one point, and at the sides Near camp H. 106. 13/3-31 of these are some V-shaped lines. Probably meant K. 13422. Core of green flint. Wind-eroded. L. to represent a serpent's head, though very de-

generate. Diam. about 65 mm. Pl. 3o : 24.   4 cm.

Near to the N rim of the delta, and due Near the shore at camp H. Io6. 11/3-31

S of Astin-bulaq. (Norin).   K. 13423: 1-13. Thirteen lumps of coins joined

together by corrosion, and con-

K. 13418 : 1.   Small flake of grey flint.   taining from twenty-seven to three coins, Wu-ch'u

K. 13418 : 2.   Arrow-point of reddish-brown as far as can be judged, about 120 coins in all.

flint, willowleaf-shaped. 28XII They were stringed when lost.

mm. PI. 4: 12.   K. 13423: 14-21. Eight Wu-ch'u coins with a small

K. 13418 : 3-8. Six Wu-ch'u coins. Diam. 25 mm.   elevation in the middle of the

lower rim of the hole. Diam. 25.5-24.5 mm.

K. 13418 : 9-10. Two Wu-ch'u coins with a small

elevation in the middle of the K. 13423 : 22-31. Ten Wu-ch'u coins. Diam. 25-24.5

lower rim of the hole. Diam. 25 mm. -:9 Pl.   mm.

30 : 8.   K. 13423 : 32-36. Five fragmentary Wu-ch'u coins.

K. 13418: II-12. Two broken Wu-ch'u coins.   Diam. 25 mm. For the entire find

i   K. 13418: 13.   Five fragm. of coins, with a   see Pl. 31:1.


On the shore near camp H. Io6.

K. 13418: 14.   Five fragm. of coins, with a 11/3-31.


K. 13424: I.   Three fragm. of a bronze mirror.

K. 13418 : 15.   Ten small fragm. of coins, prob-   The thickened rim forms arcs on

ably of Wu-ch'u.   the inside. (Complete specimens have sixteen such

On the W side of the northernmost fresh- arcs). The central part has been decorated in high

relief ; apparently a "hundred nipples" type. Diam.

water bay of Lop-nor, between camp has been 108 mm. Th. of rim 4.5 mm. Pl. 30:20.

H. 98 and H. 106. 16/3-31.   K. 13424:2.   Short curved bronze wire.

K. 13419.   Small flake of grey flint. L. 63 mm.

Near the shore and near camp H. Io6.

Near camp H. 1o6 at point 420 on the 15/3-31

map Fig. 37. 8/3-31. .   K. 13425. Bronze arrow-head, triangular, with

K. 13420. Bronze arrow-head, triangular with   hexagonal shank. Very blunt point.

hexagonal shank. The three edges are   35X12 mm. Pl. 3o : 12.