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0159 Archaeological Researches in Sinkiang : vol.1
Archaeological Researches in Sinkiang : vol.1 / Page 159 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)


[Figure] 33 Unfolded design of the lower part of the lacquered vessel no. 38:12

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Fig. 33. Unfolded design of the lower part of the lacquered vessel no. 38: 12.

some samples were brought back, and among these the following are worth mentioning.

No. 38 : 1 is a head-dress of plain red-brown silk, fitting tight to the head. Pl. 23 : 2 is a piece of silk with a die-printed pattern : some kind of figure of curved lines repeated six times, a rather early example of printed textiles.

A coarsely made clay cup with a handle, Pl. 27 : 5, and two wooden food-trays or troughs, Pl. 27: I-2, were recovered, the latter having dried-up remains of sour milk sticking to the surface, apparently a food-offering to the dead. (Cf. Appendix II).

There was also a much broken cylindrical vessel of a finer quality than the rest of the objects. It was once lacquered in four colours with a design, the remains of which are seen in Fig. 33. When complete the vessel was probably twice as high as seen in the figure, and fitted with a small handle. A similar vessel, also from the Lop-nor region, is published by Mr. HUANG WEN-PI (Huang 1933, I, Fig. 27).

The two wooden combs Pl. 25 : 4 and 6 are of the ordinary Han type. Both of them were roughly re-shaped in ancient time, probably after having been slightly damaged.

The content of this second collective grave is less varied than that of the one first discovered. It also contained fewer individuals. I have also the impression that it was searched in a more careless or rapid way than the first one, and that this is partly the cause of the poorer result.


38 : z.   Oval cap of silk in plain weave, vari- front to a piece of lighter reddish rep of the same

ous shades of brown. The crown con- kind as in the crown. The strip at the back is sewn sists of three layers : furthest out light reddish- on to the crown and tied in a knot in front over brown silk rep ; interlining of coarse yellow fabric the forehead. Along the crown from back to front in plain weave, of animal's hair; inner lining of a seam runs through all three materials.

loosely woven yellowish-brown silk rep. Around

the crown a strip, folded and sewn together on the 38 : 2.   Piece of yellowish silk felt, tied in a

inside, of nutbrown rep, attached towards the   large knot.