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0191 Archaeological Researches in Sinkiang : vol.1
Archaeological Researches in Sinkiang : vol.1 / Page 191 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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doi: 10.20676/00000195
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About 700 m. NNE of Cemetery 4.   15: I.   Flake of grey flintlike stone with worn

3: I.   Four fragm. of a bronze hair-pin. Ü-

edges. 55X12 mm.

bent wire thickened at bend.   16: 1.   Three joined potsherds from the rim
of a bulky vessel with short neck. Scattered finds collected by Ordek S of Hard-burnt ware, brownish-red to blue-black inQum-darya, probably along "The Small termixed with grains of sand. Fig. 35: 4.

River".   16:2.   Two joined sherds from lower part of

the same vessel as -: 1.

8: I.   Nearly spherical bead of light-red 16:3.   Sherd from the same vessel as -: 1.
carnelian. Diam. 12 mm. Pl. 15: II.

8: 2.   Drop-shaped carnelian bead. L. 16 mm. 17: I.   Potsherd from the rim of a squat pot

Diam. 8-6 mm. PI. 15: 10.   with a short, thick tubular spout. Red,

hard-burnt ware intermixed with grains of sand.

8: 3.   Nearly half of a small bronze mirror

covered with thick verdigris. Rather 18 : 1-6.   Six potsherds, most likely all from one

thin. The edge slightly thickened. Diam. about   vessel, rather large with slightly mark-

6 cm.   ed neck. Reddish-brown brick-like ware, slightly

weathered. -: I Fig. 35 : 5.

About 35-40 li S of camp B 64 at 19: I.   Small potsherd from the flat bottom

Pataliq-köl, a lake on the right shore of   of a smaller vessel. Reddish-brown

Qum-darya.   ware.

II : I.   Two joined potsherds from the rim of 19.2.   Small potsherd from the rim of a

a large vessel of rather thin red ware,   vessel of blue-black ware.

grey inside. The slightly concave collar is decor- 19 : 3-4.   Two handles of earthenware vessels.

ated with slanting lines arranged in alternating 19 : 5-12.   Eight potsherds, probably from four

rows, thus forming a kind of zig-zag pattern. Pl.   different vessels of reddish-brown and

29 : 2.   greyish ware.

I I : 2-8.   Seven potsherds, apparently of the 20 : I.   Thin whetstone of green slate with a

same vessel as -: I. Two of them   suspension hole near the broader end.

decorated in the same way.   98X32 mm. Pl. 31 : II.

About 40 li S of camp B 64.   20 : 2.   Bronze knife, nearly straight. The

handle terminates in a ring with a

i: I.   Three joined potsherds from the rim

2 small knob on top. Back of blade slightly convex. of a vessel with slightly projecting On one side a neat brown "desert patina" green rim. Brownish ware intermixed with coarse-grain- on the other side. L. 17 cm. Br. across ring 1.8

ed sand.   cm., handle 1.2 cm. PI. 31: 12.

12 : 2.   Potsherd of the same vessel as -: 1• 21 : I.   Bronze knife, practically straight and

Unspecified locality amongst the sand   of uniform breadth and thickness.

Broken in early times across a small suspension

dunes S of Qum-darya, SE or E of camp hole. Later on the blade was broken in two. Both

B 64.   handle and blade have triangular section and are

13 : I.   Three joined potsherds from the lower not clearly separated from each other. Green ver-
part of a very large vessel of thick, digris, especially on one side. L. of blade about reddish-brown ware, hard-burnt and intermixed

9.5 cm. L. 18.6 cm. Br. 1.3-1.4 cm. Pl. 31:2.

with sand. The bottom has been flat.   About 2 km. above camp B 62, S of

13:2.   Sherd, probably from the same vessel Qum-darya.


as -: I.

22 : I.   Two joined potsherds of thin reddish

Unspecified localities amongst the sand   ware intermixed with grains of sand.

dunes S of Qum-darya, probably S or 22 : 2-4.   Three fragm. of small flint flakes.

SE of camp B 64.   22 : 5.   Fragm. of small flint flake with the

14: I.   Flat spindle whorl of bitumen. Diam.   median ridge chipped on both sides.

43 mm. Th. 7 mm. Pl. 31:4.   22 : 6-9.   Four small flint chips.