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0133 Archaeological Researches in Sinkiang : vol.1
Archaeological Researches in Sinkiang : vol.1 / Page 133 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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doi: 10.20676/00000195
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6. A : 12.   Iron shears. The limbs cross each folded strips of yellowish-brown taffeta, about 1.8

other just above the blades, the spring cm. wide, are sewn on. L. of coat with collar, along thus forming a loop. Rusted. Point of one blade the middle of the back 14.5 cm. W. of shoulders missing. The cutting edges have been 3.5 cm. long. 10.5 cm. PI. 17.5.

L. 9.6 cm. Pl. 16 : 2.

6. A : 13.   Iron mirror, circular with central Grave 6 B.

knob on back. Very rusty. Diam. 8.5 6. B: 1.   Back of a man's coat of silk taffeta,

cm. PI. 16 : 6.   discoloured to brown, probably undyed,

6. A : 14.   Roundel of red taffeta covering back partly fragmentary. Shaped around the waist and

of mirror -: 13. Lined and edged with two gores in the side seam under the right with buff damask in plain weave and twill, figur- sleeve. A portion of the sleeve remaining. The up-ed in checks. Along the edge of the damask and per part has an open slit on the right side edged next to the red silk are remains of hammered gold with brown silk taffeta. On the left side a small plate and marks of paste, showing that the gold fragm. of brown silk. Fastened to the neck is a

lay like small roundels along the edge. Between   fragm. of the collar, consisting of a strip of un-
the red silk and the damask a layer of thin, white dyed taffeta, edged with a narrower strip of brown felt. The edging sewn on with red silk. Diam. silk.

about 8 cm. Pl. 16 : 6 (before removal from mir- 6. B:2.   Back of a coat of cotton fabric in

ror).   plain weave, partly fragmentary. The

6. A: 15.   Small embossed bronze plate, circular shape is rather similar to -: I. Brown remnants

with two perforations at the edge for of silk taffeta at neck, slit and lower edge. Gore fastening to a garment or suchlike. Diam. 13 mm. at right arm. Slit indistinct. The fabric partly in

PI. 17 : 3.   good condition, white.

6. A : 16.   Wooden spindle whorl on a peg, 26 6. B: 3.   Portion of trousers of undyed silk taf-

cm. long, with a small suspension hole   feta. Two pieces with a seam in the
at the upper end. The whorl is nearly hemispheri- middle, and part of the fork sewn on to them.

cal. Diam. 3.9 cm. PI. 16 : 8.   6. B: 4.   Several remnants of undyed silk taf-

6. A : 17.   Doll's shirt of undyed taffeta with   feta.

shaped bodice. No seams at the should- 6. B: 5.   Silk ribbon, figured warp-rib, divided

ers, a cut opening and a slit for the neck, also for   lengthwise into three ; the middle part

the sleeves. The seams turned in, sewn with fine has had a red and white pattern, probably the same silk of the same colour as the garment. Marks of lion-pattern as on the ribbon on the shirt 6. A : 2

stitches along all open edges. L. 12.5 cm. Pl. 17:4.   (Cf. Pl. 16: 1). Preserved L. 32 cm. W. 3.4 cm.

6. A : 18.   Doll's jacket of same silk as -: 17, 6. B: 6.   Silk ribbon, figured warp-rib, with

with shaped bodice. The lower part   checks in red and white. II.5X2.3 cm.

missing. Sleeves of kimono shape, sewn on with-   pl. 18:2.

out hem at the wrists. One sleeve torn off. All 6. B: 7.   Two small pieces of figured silk, warp-

seams turned in, sewn with fine untwined silk in   rib in blue, buff and red (?) In the

the garment's colour. L. of compl. sleeve 4.7 cm. close, indefinable pattern a Chinese character.

PI. 17 : I.   They have been sewn on to undyed silk.

6. A : 19.   Doll's trousers of undyed silk rep 6B : 8   Fragm. of thick mantle or blanket of

somewhat coarser than -:17-18.   light brown and somewhat mixed
Each leg made of folded piece with selvage at the brown coarse animal's hair of the same quality. bottom, and the seams turned in towards the middle Woven in 4-leafed twill over two and under two and the fork. Sewn with silk. L. of legs about 5.5 warps. Warp: invisible mixed brown yarn, th. 2

cm. Pl. 17 : 2.   mm ; about 4o threads to io cm. Weft : th. 2-3

6. A : 20.   Doll's coat of same silk as shirt and mm ; 70 threads to up cm. Selvage at one side, 1.5

jacket. The front open ; the upper part cm. wide with five warp-threads over which the is of kimono shape with sleeves sewn on. The left wefts are laid in loops.

sleeve missing. The lower part, sewn on around   Dark-brown stripes, 2.5-3.2 cm wide, arranged
the waist, has inserted gores, slightly broadened in pairs. The broader light space between the towards the bottom. Round the neck a strip of red striped parts is 2.4-9.2 cm ; the narrower light silk rep, 1.2 cm. wide, is sewn on. At the lower part space within each part respectively 2.5 and 3.7 cm. of the coat, from the bodice to the bottom edge, PI. 27: II.