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0113 Archaeological Researches in Sinkiang : vol.1
Archaeological Researches in Sinkiang : vol.1 / Page 113 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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doi: 10.20676/00000195
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ed section. One side flat, the other rounded. 24 cm. 5: 128.   Wooden object in two halves, made

from the broad end there is a shallow, burnt   to match, of same type as 5. L:4.

cavity. L. 53 cm. Br. 3.8-1.2 cm.   Roughly made. The flat sides hollowed out. L.

5: 119.   Wooden object of same main type as 94 mm. Br. 18 mm. Pl. 8:2.

-:117 and -: 118 but more elaborately 5 : 129.   One half of wooden object of same

shaped. The broad end has one flat surface with   type as -: 128 but very well made.

two longitudinal grooves and below these a square The hollowed out part is painted red. L. 11.1 cm. depression. Round the middle a bunch of horse- Br. 3 cm.

hair is tightly wound with brown strings. The

pointed end, which has a small step, is bent prob- 5 : 130-135. Six wooden pins of same type as

ably unintentionally. L. 63.5 cm. Br. 4 cm. Pl. 7: 6.   5. D: 8. The cylindrical heads decorat-

ed with transverse rows of small incised triangles

5: 120.      Wooden object of same type as -: 119. with red colour still partly preserved. L. 249-179
The two longitudinal grooves at the mm. -: 131 Fig. 14:6. broader end do not reach to the edge. The rectang-

ular depression is surrounded by small drilled 5: 136.   Small wooden comb consisting of six

holes. At the step near the pointed end the object   equal teeth fastened side by side in a

is wound round with brown wool. L. 59 cm. Br. piece of sinew. The upper part of the pegs are

5 cm. Pl. 7: 2.   broader, somewhat flat and decorated with some

121.   Wooden object of same type   carelessly incised lines. L. 95 mm. Br. 48 mm. Pl.

5   j   ype as -: 119. 9.6.

L. 61 cm. Br. 4.5 cm. Pl. 7:4.

5 : 122.   Wooden object of same type as -: 120. 5 : 137•   Wooden peg, probably from a comb of

The two longitudinal grooves do not   same type as 5:56. The broader, flat
reach to the edge of the broader end. Oval section. upper part has five transverse rows of small in-Blackened by fire in two places. The pointed end cised triangles, the other side has only some

broken off. L. 40.5 cm. Br. 4.2 cm. Pl. 7: 3.   transverse lines. L. 18.5 cm.

5: 123.   The broader part of a wooden object 5: 138.   Wooden pin of same kind as -: 130-

of same type as the previous ones.   135. The cylindrical head decorated
The two longitudinal grooves are more shallow with nine narrow rows of triangles with the points and longer than usual, and the square depression turned towards each other and giving the impress-below them is absent. The rounded side of the ion of a zig-zag band. L. 18.4 cm. PI. 9: 2.

broader part has been covered with feathers (now

nearly all decomposed) kept in place with red 5: 139'   Small basket of the usual type with

part of the dark-brown felt lid pre-

strings. L. 38 cm. Br. 5.7 cm. Pl. 7: 7.

served. Decorated with horizontal ribbons and,

5 : 124.   The broader end of a wooden object probably, oblique zig-zag bands. There is also a

of the same type as the preceding ones. three-strand braid. Has had a handle of brown The longitudinal grooves are deeper than usual, string. H. 12.5 cm. Diam. about 10 cm. Pl. 12 : 13.

and immediately behind there are eight transverse

grooves. Semicircular section. L. 23 cm. Br. 3.8 5 140.   Basket of the usual type, the upper part

cm. Pl. 7: 5.   damaged. Decorated with two hori-

zontal rows of triangles and oblique bands with

5:125.   Two wooden objects, made to match, serrated upper edge, giving the same step-pattern

in the shape of a leg of a hoofed that is so common on these baskets. Two broad beast. Cf. 5. D: 10. In the middle of the front part three-strand braids. The handle has been fastened a notch is carved across both halves. Near the to the outside of the wall with some separate coils. broader end the insides are burnt as if the two Present H. 20 cm. Diam. about 16 cm. PI. 13 : 3. halves had clasped a glowing metal object or some-

thing similar. Immediately below this place are 5 : 141.   Basket of the usual type with preserved

seven incised lines on each half. L. 25 cm. Br. 2.8   handle of twisted strings firmly wound

cm. Pl. 8: 8.   round with woollen string. Handle fastened to

5:126.   Wooden object in two halves of same outside of wall with some separate coils. The pat-

tern, partly unclear because of wear, consists of

type as -: 125. L. 27.5 cm. Br. 2.5 cm. oblique bands, the upper side of which form steps,

Pl. 8:7   the under side with distinct points. One three-

5 : 127.   One half of a wooden object of same strand braid at the bottom of the basket, one near

type as -: 125. L. 28.2 cm. Br. 2.9 cm. the rim. H. 21 cm. Diam. about 13 cm. Pl. 13:1.