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0247 Archaeological Researches in Sinkiang : vol.1
Archaeological Researches in Sinkiang : vol.1 / Page 247 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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doi: 10.20676/00000195
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K. 13346 : 79. Sherd from small earthenware jug K. 13346: 115. Fragm. of small, pierced disc of

with a handle emerging from the   white stone. Diam. 19 mm.

rim. Light-grey, thin ware.

K. 13346: 116. Thin pebble with unfinished sus-

K. 13346 : 80. Sherd from the rim of a wide   pension hole.

earthenware jar without a neck. 3

cm. below the rim a horizontal lug. Coarse, red K. 13346: 117-118. Two fragm. of light-green,

to brownish-red ware.   partly polished jade.

K. 13346 : 81. Sherd from the rim of a small jar K. 13346 : 119. Ten small flint pieces, probably for

of thin, reddish brown and red   striking fire.

K. 13346: 82. Fragm. of small, flat earthenware Tati I about 3.5 km. NW. of Tati II. bowl, lamp ? reddish ware.

K. 13346 : 83. Sherd of large earthenware vessel K. 13347 : I.   Fragm. of bronze rod, from the

handle of a spoon or the like.

with two holes after being repaired.

Rather coarse, grey ware.   K. 13347 : 2.   Various small bronze fragm.

K. 13346 : 84. Small sherd of thin-walled earthen- K. 13347 : 3.   Spherical carnelian bead. Diam. 7

ware vessel, light-grey.   mm. Pl. 38 : 6.

K. 13346 : 85-iio. Twenty-six spindle whorls of

potsherds ; seven complete, seven K. 13347 : 4.   Triangular, wedge-shaped pendant

with unfinished hole, two without hole and   of white, semi-translucent, striated

ten fragmentary. Brick-red, brown and greyish   agate. 31X25 mm. Pl. 38:17.

wares. Diam. 50-23 mm.   K. 13347 : 5-8. Four small sherds from earthen-

K. 13346: III. Fragm. of a moulded, hollow   ware vessels with incised, wavy
earthenware object. 43X50 mm. PI. lines. Grey, thin ware. —: 6 Pl. 37: 5.

32 : 8.   K. 13347 : 9-12. Four small sherds of earthenware

K. 13346 : 1I2. Fragm. of a pointed melting-pot of   vessels with engraved, straight or
grey ware, the inside has dark- garland-shaped lines, partly a lattice-pattern. Dark-brown glaze, the outside red glaze. H. has been brown and greyish ware.

about 4.5 cm.   K. 13347: 13. Loop-shaped handle of an earthen-

K. 13346: 113 Nearly half of a mace-head of   ware vessel.
light-grey granite. Diam. 82 mm.

Present thickness 35 mm. Pl. 37: 10.   K. 13347: 14. Fragm. from the flat bottom of a

large earthenware pot with large

K. 13346 : I14. Fragm. of a whetstone of brownish

steam-holes. Dark-grey ware, brownish-red within.

slate with suspension hole. Br. 4

cm.   K. 13347 : 15. Rounded sherd of red earthenware.


As in the case of Charchan's Kohna-shahr, PRJEVALSKY was the first European in modern times to learn about the Kohna-shahr of Miran. But it seems as if he never visited the place. HUNTINGTON is the first to mention the presence of Buddhistic ruins here (Huntington p. 243). STEIN was the first archaeologist to examine these highly interesting remains. From the imposing mud-fortress he excavated many Tibetan records on wood, dating from the eighth and ninth centuries, and from the surrounding temples and stupas marvellous fresco paintings of an Indian character were recovered and saved from destruction ; they date from the third to the fifth centuries A. D.