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0114 Archaeological Researches in Sinkiang : vol.1
Archaeological Researches in Sinkiang : vol.1 / Page 114 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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doi: 10.20676/00000195
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5: 142.   Basket of the usual type. The pattern longest strings 48.7 cm. The plaiting-threads of

is indistinct but has consisted of the the bands and the strands of the fringe all in one same elements as on other baskets from here, piece. Pl. II : 1.

though more varied. The bottom has a broad three- 5:150.   Piece of large mantle of originally

strand braid, and on the upper part of the wall   yellowish-white wool. Woven in weft

there are three narrow ones. The handle has been rep. Warp firmly twisted, th. I-1.9 mm. 30 made of a string threaded through the wall. H. 16 threads to io cm. Weft looser, th. I-2 mm. 130

cm. Diam. Io cm. Pl. 14:1.   threads to io cm. Selvage with two warps strength-

s : 143.   Basket of same kind as -: 142 but ened by cordlike edge, br. 1.2 cm., made of groups

with only two three-strand braids. H. of intertwined wefts (Cf. 5. A : 2). Th. of cord 7

16 cm. Diam. II cm.   mm. L. of winding 7 mm., weft stripe 2 cm.

5: 144.   Small narrow basket of the usual type wide= II shoots of weft of light wine-coloured

with oblique zig-zag bands and two wool, th. 1.5-4 mm., shoot over two and under three-strand braids. Handle of brown woollen two warps. Pl. 13 : 5.

string H. 14 cm. Diam. 6.5 cm. Pl. 14: 4.   5: 151.   Piece of mantle woven in weft rep of

5: 145.   Fragm. of basket of same kind as the   undyed dark-brown wool (sheep?), in

preceding ones. H. 17 cm. Diam. has warp partly greyish yellow, light brown (camel?).

been about 12 cm.   Warp firmly twisted, th. about 1.5 mm. 5o threads

to 10 cm. Weft loosely twisted, th. 1 mm. 250

5: 146.      Fragm. of basket of same kind as the threads to io cm. Selvage br. 8 mm. at one side,
preceding ones, though larger. The with two warps; weft yarn not made in one, ends handle has been fastened to the wall with separate of each shoot held by the next and so on.

coils. Present H. 29 cm. Pl. 13:2.   In brown fabric weft stripe, 2 cm. wide - 8

5: 147.   Loin-cloth in plain weave and with shoots of weft - of light brick-coloured wool,

fringe, of coarse unevenly twisted partly faded, th. 4 mm. Shoot of weft over two greyish brown wool (camel wool?) Three cross- and under two warps.

stripes of fine red wool, about 2 cm. wide, made 5: 152.   Pieces of mantle woven in weft rep of

in the weft, one in the middle, the others about   light yellow-white wool, fine and soft.

5-6 cm. from the ends.   Two incomplete weft stripes, w. 3 cm., on top of

The fringe partly torn off, consists of extended each other in tapestry weave of reddish brown warps at both ends and extended wefts at lower wool, of same quality as the preceding one. Dist. edge of loin-cloth. L. excl. fringe 76 cm. W. about betw. stripes 17.9 cm.

10.5 cm. The fringe at one end 3o cm., at the other   Warp brownish yellow, firmly twisted, th.
rather uneven, longest threads 66-70 cm.; the 0.9-1.5 mm. 3o threads to io cm. Weft looser,

fringe of the lower edge 3o cm. long.   th. 1-1.5 mm. 16o threads to Io cm. Placing of
Loin-cloth open, joined only by a double knot red stripes on garment indefinable. of the upper selvage's 8 warps, tightly twisted into

a cord. Pl. 11:7.   5 : 153.   Pieces of mantle woven in weft rep of

undyed light brownish yellow wool,

5:148.   Loin-cloth, band-shaped, torn at both fine and soft. Warp tightly twisted, th. 0.9-1.5

ends. Band of fine and even, braided mm. 5o threads to io cm. Weft slightly twisted, th. wool, violet to brown. Inserted fringe consisting about 1.8 mm. 120 threads to 10 cm. Selvage on alternately of narrower parts of the same yarn two fragm. strengthened by a cordlike edge similar

as in the band and of wider and broader parts of thick wool in light brown. W. of loin-cloth 4-5 cm. L. of preserved part 104 cm. Fringe occupies 66.5 cm. in the middle. Only two light-brown threads of the fringe have their original length, about 35 cm. Pl. 12: I (with the extremities excluded).

5:149.   Two fringed ends of a band-shaped

loin-cloth of same braided material as -: 148. Each band divided into six smaller braids, the threads of which continue in the thick strings of undulated wool, forming the ends. Th. of woollen strings at fixtures about 13X8 mm. L. of

to that of 5. A: 2. Th. of cord 6 mm. L. of winding 4 mm.

   5: 154.   Plume from a head-dress, consisting

of five pointed pegs each with a tuft of feathers attached to it with yellow wool. The different plumes are kept apart by a transverse peg bound to them with yellow wool. L. about 21 cm. Pl. 10 : 5.

5: 155-156. Two feathered pegs, plumes from head-dresses. L. 23 and 20 cm.

   5:157.   Large head-dress of dark, greyish-

brown felt. Five pegs stuck through