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0234 Ancient Khotan : vol.1
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in Mongolia, as their original relation tells us, took the unfrequented southern route which led them through the desert to Khotan 30. In Goëz' time, however, the jade of Khotan no longer reached China by the direct route, but through Yarkand and along the foot of the Tien-shan ; and down to the present day that once frequented road via Lop-Nor and the desert to Sha-chou has remained practically unknown to the indigenous trader and the Chinese administration alike 31.

See Yule, Cathay, i. p. ccxi.

Si M. Grenard, Mission D. de Rhins, p. v o, gives an interesting account of the efforts made in 1893 by an enterprising Amban of Keriya to rediscover the ancient route leading from Lop-Nor to Sha-chou and to facilitate travel between Keriya and Lop-Nor. Traffic is still extremely

scanty from Keriya to Châklik, the small Chinese station in the Lop-Nor region. The route through the desert beyond to Sha-chou does not appear to have been followed in modern times by any traveller except J. Martin, who died without leaving an account of it beyond the few notes which M. Grenard recorded from his mouth.

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