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0468 Ancient Khotan : vol.1
Ancient Khotan : vol.1 / Page 468 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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N. iv-.   written, with initial form. Rev. z short line Khar. from

sq. end. 144" x 2iß". Well-preserved. Slightly warped and encrusted with sand.

N. iv. 113. Oblong tablet. Hole at one end. Obv. 4 columns with numerals (?). Each column has 4 II. (top line in one cut off); cursive. Rev. 2 columns, ist, 5 11., 2nd, 3 11., with numerals (?); cursive and faint. 51" x I é". Well-preserved.

N. iv. 114. Rectang. cov.-tablet, fragment. Seal cay. I" sq. Obv. 11. Khar. coarse and distinct to L. p. of cay. Indications of an extra string-groove. Rev. blank. 31" x 2-" X 4". Wood soft.

N. iv. 115. Rectang. under-tablet. Obv. 6 II. coarsely written Khar., much faded. Rev. blank. Stained with Sinatra (?). 84" x 3a". Much stained and bleached by exposure.

N. iv. I16. Rectang. cov: tablet (narrowing slightly to one end). Seal cay. I" x I". Frags. of string. Obv. Transversely above cay., 4 11. Khar., below 7 11. ; faded, coarsely written. Rev. 7 11. Khar., black, cursive. 7-a" x 2-i" x 4". Well-preserved. Centre part of Rev. (heartwood) very dark.

N. iv. 117. Wedge under-tablet. Hole near point. Obv. 3 11. Khar., generally fairly distinct, but faded and cursive ; initial form. Rev. t 1. Khar. from sq. end. 84" x Ir. Wood hard, but appears to be abraded by sand.

N. iv. n8. Stick-like tablet. Hole near one end ; opposite end knotted and rough. Obv. 3 11. Khar., very cursive; some numerals. Rev. blank. One edge notched (cf. N. iv. 36). 151"X I". Well-preserved.

N. iv. 119. Wedge coy: tablet. Hole near point. Obv. Seal cay. r from sq. end. 11. Khar. on both sides of seal cay. Usual char. at hole. Coarse writing. Rev. 2 Il. Khar., upright, black. 9" x Iâ". Wood well-preserved.

N. iv. 120. Double-wedge tablet, complete. Hole near point. Cov.-tablet. Obv. 2" from sq. end, seal cay. containing remains of clay and string. Sides of cay. are decorated by a notch cut in each interval between grooves. Rev. blank.

Under-tablet. Obv. 3 11. Khar., very cursive, stained and faded. Rev. Traces of char. near sq. end. 94"x 2" x Iv". Well-preserved, but stained and sand-encrusted.

N. iv. 121. Wedge cov.-tablet. Hole near point, in which string. Obv. Seal cay. Iâ" from sq. end. Blank. Rev. 4 11. Khar., cursive, irregular and faded in parts. 84" x Iv" x I". Well-preserved.

N. iv. 122. Rectang. cov..tablet. Seal cay. (for two

seals ?) 3iß" x I ".   Obv. 2 11. Khar., transversely ; in-
distinct. Rev. blank. 6g" x 4$" x S". Well-preserved.

N. iv. 123. Stick-like tablet. Hole at one end. Obv. in columns consisting generally of 4 ll. Khar., arranged in groups of 3 and 2 columns divided by strokes. There appear to be nineteen columns in all. Numerals occur frequently. Rev. blank. 29e" x Imo" x r. Well-preserved.

. iv. 124. Oblong tablet. Obv. 2 long columns (to read transversely) evidently written by two hands. 1 1. (longitudinally) from smaller end at top edge. Well written, but cursive and rather faded. Rev. blank. Much scored by a knife, as though used as a board on which to cut leather. 12" x 3a". Wood well-preserved. See PI. CI I.

iv. 125. Oblong tablet, fragment. Obv. Traces of two columns, Khar. much deleted. Rev. Traces of 11. and a column. ar x 2". Soft, stained and encrusted with sand.

iv. 126. Tablet nearly square. Hole at lower L. p. corner. Obv. 3 11. Khar., well written and quite clear, containing numerals. Rev. blank. 5.&" x 4g". Well- preserved.

iv. 127. Rectang. under-tablet (cf. N. iv. 41). Obv. 8 11. Khar., very cursive ; nearly all legible. Rev. blank.


x 3r. Wood hard, much stained.

iv. 128. Rectang. cov.-tablet. Seal cay. I*" sq. Obv. 2 11. Khar., transverse, at L. p. edge ; coarse and cursive. Rev. Traces of Khar. deliberately effaced by chisel cuts. 6" x 3 ". Fairly preserved.

. iv. 129. Oblong tablet. Hole in centre near edge. Obv. 2 columns 5 11. each, Khar., very cursive, generally clear. Rev. 5 11. Khar., cursive, black. Scores made by knife point as though from cutting leather (?). 9" x 24" x TV. Well-preserved.

. iv. 130. Rectang. cov.tablet. Seal cay. Ig" x Obv. 3 11. Khar., coarse, cursive, and black. Rev. 5 11. do. "

7" x 3 x r. Fairly preserved, but cracked ; sensitive to damp.

iv. 131. a, b. Rectang. cov.-tablet ; 2 pieces. Seal cay. I"x 17". Obv. 3 ll. Khar. transversely at L. p. edge. Coarse, black. Rev. 2 11. Khar., cursive, well-written. 6 " x 2 " x r. Wood hard ; much chipped at one end.

iv. 132. Oblong tablet, broken. Hole in centre of one end. Obv. Columns. At top 2 11. (partly missing) ; below, ist column of 4 ll.-; 2nd column (or columns) of

3 11. Khar. cursive, fairly clear.   Rev. 4 IL8r x 28".
Fairly preserved. Slightly sand-encrusted.

iv. 133. Oblong tablet, slightly tapering to one end. Notches on long edges for string, and therefore prob. under-tab., adapted from wedge tablet. Obv. 6 11. Khar., cursive, black, generally very clear. Rev. blank. 7" x 2". Well-preserved.

iv. 134. Wedge cov.-tablet. Hole near point. Obv. 2# from sq. end, seal cay. 11. Khar. on both sides of cay. Usual char. at hole. Rev. 11. from sq. end containing numerals; very cursive. 141" X 2f" x r. Well-preserved.

. iv. 185. Wedge cove tablet. Hole near point. Obv. Seal cay. IN from sq. end. Traces of Khar. on both sides of cay. Usual char. at hole. Rev. Faint traces of char., undecipherable. 8$" x Ij" x ". Wood fairly hard, but stained and abraded.