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0272 Ancient Khotan : vol.1
Ancient Khotan : vol.1 / Page 272 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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[Chap. VIII

two cinctures surrounding its junction with head. The narrow part is about .1" in diameter and widens out, trumpet-shape, towards the mouth, where it is much broken. Foot broken off, leaving a hole in bottom of vessel. Vessel moulded in two halves stuck together. Height 3", width 2â", depth (face to face) z1". See Plate XLIII.

Y. oo3x. Terra-cotta female head. Very oblique eyes, small mouth, slightly protruding chin. The hair is brought low on forehead, is parted in centre, brushed gently R. and L. and clipped quite even, level with eyebrows, with


B. oox. a. Terra-cotta fragment of mask of human face. Top of head, ears, and chin missing. Nose strongly aquiline and large. Bushy eyebrows, well arched, spring from above the nose. Eyes large, near together, slightly oblique, but too full to suggest a Mongolian type. Between curves of eyebrows a deeply indented tilaka mark, and the forehead around and above it is wrinkled. Nostrils parallel and narrow. On upper lip, which is extremely short, the bushy moustaches are brushed upwards, right and left. Lower lip, narrow. Cheeks full and rather high. General form of face long and narrow. On the back are potter's finger-marks. The nose appears to have been worked upon after it left the mould. Length 21", width z1". See Plate XLIV.

B. ooz. b. Terra-cotta grotesque monkey, squatting upright ; hairy ; naturalistic type ; legs merely short stumps. Arms broken away. Navel strongly marked. Fragment of R. proper hand remaining, apparently veretrum tenens. Height 2r, width W. See Plate 36.

B. ooz. c. Fragment of terra-cotta vessel, bearing appliqué moulded half-length figure. The face, which is a good deal worn, is oval, and the eyes horizontal. On the head is a curious bag-like cap the end of which hangs down to L. proper shoulder and has a tassel or bell attached. In the hands, in front of breast, are held a pair of cymbals connected by a cord. Sleeves enveloping the arms heavily quilted. Round neck are necklaces. Height xi", width z$", thickness about â". See Plate XLV.

B. oox. d. Terra-cotta appliqué figure, Gandharvi, broken away at middle. It closely resembles those on Y. 0023, the principal difference being that this example wears a rich tiara, and folds of drapery hang down on either side of face. The type of face recalls that of Rawak stucco heads. Height about zTM, width zg". See Plate XLV.

B. oox. e. Terra-cotta grotesque, probably handle of a jar, representing nondescript animal's head and neck. It vaguely resembles a goat's head, and the neck seems to be covered with close woolly hair. It has been moulded in two halves and stuck together before burning. Height z", width :", depth xi". See Plate XLVII.

slight break at the parting. Long hair hangs straight down at back and behind ears. There seems to be a small turban on the top of the head, the embroidered and shaped ends of which hang down on front fringe. Moderately long earrings adorn the well-formed ears, and a large and well-modelled rosette, with two dependent streamers, is placed at the back of the head. There is a round hole immediately above this rosette about g" in diameter, and there is another about the same size at the neck. Inside of head hollow. It was evidently joined to something at the neck. Height 3i", width z$". See Plate XLV.


B. oox. f. Terra-cotta grotesque head, in archaic style, probably part of a vase decoration. Face very broad and short. Eyes very long and prominent ; nose broad; lips thin ; chin round and prominent. Eyebrows (emphasized by a series of small indentations suggestive of hair) very arched. Hair quite conventional. It is sharply defined round the face like a lawyer's wig, pointed between the eyebrows, and following the curve of the brows sweeps round outer angles of eyes and forward to just below malar bone where it is cut off square to the ear lobes. A centre parting is indicated by an incised line, and the growth of the hair R. and L. is indicated by incised lines perfectly hard and straight. That part which covers cheek is shown as brushed forward. At back of head the hair hangs perfectly straight to nape of neck, from each side of which it is cut in a sloping line to about middle of ears. On the nape is the broken stump of a handle (?), the other end of which is probably shown by a broken crown-like fragment on the top of head. The neck portion is quite a rough tenon-like piece, which evidently fitted into a socket. Ears moderate in size, but projecting and roughly formed. The example is cast in two halves. Cf. Y. 0012. o, Y. 0031, B. oo z, g. Height 2A-", width z1", depth II". See Plate XLV.

B. oox. g. Terra-cotta head very similar to B. ooz. f but not so carefully finished. The back half is missing, and the reverse of fragment shows scorings for the purpose of giving a tooth for connecting clay. Compared with B. oor. f, the features are more pronounced and the eyes more oblique. Height z ", width zi". See Plate XLV.

B. oox. h. Terra-cotta grotesque head somewhat resembling B. oor. f, but not so archaic, and coarser. The eyes are nearly horizontal, nose retrousse chin receding, eyebrows very pronounced. The wig-like hair is open slightly in the centre of forehead, and round the head is a garland of roundels which may represent curly hair or flowers. Above this is a plaited band running round the head. From lower part of back of head issues a handle-like tail, which curves upwards to just above the level of plaited band. Near the upper end it is tied round with a band. Between end of tail and back of head rises a