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0460 Ancient Khotan : vol.1
Ancient Khotan : vol.1 / Page 460 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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doi: 10.20676/00000182
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N. I. N. I. 001. c. Fragment of dark grey pottery, portion of neck and rim of vessel; prism-shaped rim. Width 3 Ç, height r I".

N. I. 002. Stone bead (jade 1) pierced with small hole.


N. i. N. i. I. Wedge under-tablet (belongs to N. i. 8). Obv. 3 11. Khar. ; initial formula. Rev. blank. Well-preserved. 916 "

7g 5" X r

N. i. 2. Takhti-shaped tablet, portion of hole at edge 3a" from end of handle. Obv. Very faint traces of characters. Rev. 3 11. Ichar. ; indistinct, in parts deleted. z i i" x Broken and warped.

N. i. 3. Wedge covering-tablet. Obv. Depression for seal r$" from sq. end. Seal missing. 3 string grooves, in which fragments of string. At sq. end a few Khar. char., longitudinally; and on opposite side of seal-place a few more, rather indistinct. Rev. Single line of Khar. Well-preserved, 88"x zg" x g" at thickest part where seal socket.

N. i. 4. Wedge cov.-tablet (belongs to N. i. 21). Obv. Seal cavity I8" from sq. end. Remains of clay seal. Cavity i " x s ". 3 string grooves, in which fragments of string. At sq. end a line of Khar., legible. At point end traces of characters. Rev. Faint traces (?) of characters at L. pr. edge. Wood well-preserved, slightly warped ; splitting at sq. end. Ili" X 2" X â" at seal cay.

N. i. 5. Wedge under-tablet (belongs to N. i. r I). Obv. 3 11. Khar., very faint ; initial formula. Rev. r short line Khar. at sq. end. Well-preserved. Portions of fibre of bark on each edge. re X I" X

N. i. 6. Wedge cov.-tablet (belongs to N. i. 62). Obv. Seal cay. in which portions of clay and strings placed diagonally. At sq. end single line Khar. distinct. Opposite side of seal cay. a few characters faintly traceable. Rev. At upper edge, single line of Khar., very distinct. 8*" x r 8" .r. Warped slightly transversely. Wood well-preserved.

N. i. 7. Wedge under-tablet. Short string cut with knife (?) on obverse side. Obv. 4 11. Khar. written with broad pen. Initial formula; fourth line short. Generally quite legible. Rev. blank. Mark of red paint ." from sq. end. 13 " x z $" x i". Wood well-preserved.

N. i. 8. Wedge cov.•tablet (belongs to N. i. r). Hole at point containing string cut by knife at reverse side. Obv. Ii" from sq. end, seal cay. String grooves clumsily cut ; string adhering. One 1. Khar. between sq. end and seal cay.; 3 char. at hole ; all clear. Rev. Few characters at

upper edge, sq. end. 7i" x 14" x    Well-preserved.

N. i. 9. Wedge tablet complete, coy.- and under-tablets, with string and seal partly broken. Obv. of cov.-tablet. Seal cay. with seal, 1*" from sq. end. Seal broken at top R. p., but device remains (see Pl. LXXI). Standing figure either winged (Eros ?) or wearing chlamys, 4 to R. p.

head, profile to R. p., in cameo, deeply impressed in clay, surrounded by 3 mouldings (intaglio), shape finely proportioned ellipse. Strings remain intact under seal. Between seal and sq. end r line Khar. and on opposite side of seal' I short line Khar. Near hole at point few characters. Rev. of under-tablet, a short line Khar. near sq. end.

9" x   x +" (combined thickness of coy.- and under-
tablets). See PI. C.

i. 9. a. Oblong tablet, broken at R. p. end. Writing on one side. Near top edge 1 line Khar., well-written, and at R. p. end, below this line 3 very short lines in columns. I5 ' x 24". Well-preserved.

i. 1o. Wedge cov.-tab. Obv. Seal cay. 18" from sq. end ; cay. r x IT". Clay adhering but device of seal quite gone. String is like coarse cotton fibre. Between cay. and sq. end r line Khar. Near hole few characters. Rev. r line Khar. 9"x 18" x r.

i. II. Wedge cov.-tablet (belongs to N. i. 5). Obv. Seal cay. with string (seal missing) ri" from sq. end. 1 1. Khar. between cay. and end, faint. Few characters near hole. Rev. 2 11. Khar., much faded, especially towards point. Io" x Ii" x e". Wood well-preserved. Fibre of bark adhering to parts of obverse.

. i. 12. Wedge tablet complete, broken as to both tablets at point. Seal deleted. String intact round thick part.   Cov.-tab. : Obv. r 1. between cay. and sq. end;
cay. rather roughly cut and not ' square ' with length. Rev. blank. Scored by insect borings. - Under-tablet : Obv. 3 11. Khar. Rev. r short line Khar. near sq. end. Wood fairly hard, but broken and much eaten by insects. 7a" x " X I 8" (over both tablets).

i. 13. Wedge cove tab. (belongs to N. i. 54). Obv. 1 8" from sq. end, seal cay. I. " x s". 11. Khar. between seal and sq. end. Seal deleted, string remains. Few characters Khar. on other side of seal cay. A few also within about 11" of hole. Rev. I straggling line Khar., very cursive, along upper edge, and a second short line from sq. end. 9" x Ii" x ". Wood well-preserved. Writing much faded.

. i. 14. Wedge cov.-tablet. Obv. r" from sq. end, seal cay. with seal (poor impression, but appears to represent standing figure) in cameo ; deeply impressed. String under seal is triple instead of double as usual. Quality of string poor, which may account for this variation. In space between seal and sq. end, I line Khar., very clear. Near hole a few characters. Rev. 3 11. Khar., very distinct excepting at top R. p. corner ; top. 1. follows curve of edge of wood, znd 1. follows first, 3rd 1. short. 7â" x 1*" x g". Wood well-preserved.

. %. 15. Wedge cov.•tablet (belongs to N. i. 107). Obv. Jr from sq. end, seal cay. with remains of seal, quite deleted. Cay., which is cut carelessly, r" x r". 1 I. Khar. between cay. and sq. end. Characters near hole. Rev. 11. (short) at upper edge, very distinct. 8.4" x I ~" x r. Wood hard, but broken towards middle.