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0650 Ancient Khotan : vol.1
Ancient Khotan : vol.1 / Page 650 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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doi: 10.20676/00000182
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(J. Fol. 14.)

(Mdo xvi, f. 198 a-b.)

Line I. v II de ltar ma rig pa yod na odu byed rnam gsum muon bar ogru[b ste] J bsod namsu ne bar ogro ba dan J bsod [nams ma yin bar] I fie bar ogro ba dan J myi gyo bar fie bar ogro bao 1 J de la bsod na[ms su ne bar ogro bai odu byed rnams las bsod]

  1. nams su ne bar cgro bai rnam par ses pa nid du ogyur ba dan J b[sod] nams ma yin bar ne bar ogro [bai odu byed rnam]ls las bsod nams ma yin bar ne bar ogro bai rnam [par ges pa nid du ogyur ba dan J myi gyo bar ne]

  2. bar ogro bai odu byed rnams las myi gyo bar ne bar ogro bai [rnam] par ses pa nid du ogyur ba o[di ni odu byed kyi] I rky[e]nd kyis rnam par ses pa ies byao I de biin du 2 rnam pa[r ses pai rkyend kyis myin dan gzugs ges byao' J]

  3. myin dan gzugs rnam par op`eld pas skye mc`ed drug gi sgo nas bya ba byed pa rnams obyun ste o[di 4] 41] myi[it dan gzugs ky] [rky]e[nd ky]i[s] skye mc`ed drug ces byao J skye mc'ed drug [po dag la reg pal tstogs drug obyun ste J odi ni]

  4. skye mc`ed drug gi rkyend kyis reg pa zes byao J ji lta bur reg pa obyun ba de Ita s bur ts'or myon ste6 de ni reg pai rkyend kylis tscor bai 7 [by]e brag de dag myon ba dan .. .

Two fragments (E. i. 26,14), forming the greater part of the folio which directly followed the preceding (H) ; width 9 and 4 in. ; height, 21 in.

I In the Kanjur ogroo.

2 These three words are not in the Kanjur or Sanskrit.

3 Such appears to have been the original reading of our text, and it nearly agrees with the variant quoted in Prof. Bendall's note to the §iksäsamuccaya, viz. wter fqm t' «ei4t ITTRIFTK, the other variant being simply. The Kanjur gives rnam par les pa. dan Than cig skyes pa p'ui: po gzugs can ma yin pa bii dan I gzugs gahyin pa de ni rnam par ,l'es pai rkyen gyis min dan gzugs ires byao, representing

fRilTettirmillicgt~1PORT: WRTT ;Mint gt+tge4f.i+f1, as in the tikâsamuccaya. Hence it

would seem that the original reading was simply 1r4 (or ?MT)

find   muck t+cqeifftfet.

4 In the Kanjur de; and so in the next sentence.

5 The Kanjur gives wrongly liar bur.

6 For 'J? The Kanjur has ls'or ba obyui: sie (A), agreeing with the Sanskrit.

? In the Kanjur ls'or ba des byao II ls'or bai, &c. This

points to ZIT   gtificeigtqi dvhtytgrtq MAT-
ti or the like; but the actual Sanskrit has ViVT

a~wfet fgW4441ki   e{eafct•

(K. Fol. '5.)

(Mdo xvi, ff. 198 b -199 a.)

Line 3.


  2. One small fragment, i in. high x â in. wide.

. . . ba de ni . . ...yin...

. . . su zug[s] . .

(L. Fol. 16. See PIate C X V I I.) (Mdo xvi, f. 199 a-b.)

Line 1. II g rkyend gcig 1 J rtag pa ma yin myi rtag pa ma yin J odus byas ma yin odus ma byas ma yin 2 J myon [ba yod pa ma yin J rgyu myed pa las byun ba J] rky[e]nd myed pa las byun ba ma yin J zad pai ctos ma yin I ojig pai ctos ma yin J ogog pai c`os ma yin

  1. te t`og 3 ma myed pai dus nas klun gi rgyun biin du rgyund ma clad par tugs pai rjesu tugs mold kyi J oond kyan yan lag bii] I po odi dag ni 4 • de bsdu bar bya bai rgyur ogroo a J bii gan ie na odi lta ste J ma rig pa dan J. sred pa dan J las dan

  2. rnam par ges pao I de la rnam par ges pa ni sa bon gyi ran biin gyis rgyu byed do I la[s ni gift