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0361 Ancient Khotan : vol.1
Ancient Khotan : vol.1 / Page 361 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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to R., effeminate, white, black hair, simple jewelled diadem. L. p., grotesque head, ferocious, dark flesh, eyeballs white, eyebrows thick and black, large mouth open. On head, close-fitting, pink Pagri. R. p. front hand at breast holding white object (drum, damaru ?); R. p. back hand raised to level of head, cakra ; L. p. lower hand on thigh, grasping va, jra ; L. p. upraised hand .Sai kha (?). Nimbus behind all three heads, rich green ; vesica, fine vermilion field, yellow border, divided by white and Indian red lines ; background of upper part of panel appears to have been tinted with white three-pointed leaves. Background of lower part white. All contour lines Indian red. REVERSE: Seated four-armed figure, cross-legged on red cushion, decorated with large four-petalled flowers, highly finished; petals, alternate pink and green, and red centres, and in some cases a black spot in each petal near centre. Costume : yellow undergarment ornamented with large flowers described, and covering legs. Over this a coat, green, with large flowers in black. Round waist a narrow belt, to which is slung, by two double slings, a short, broad sword in ornamented sheath ; handle set at angle with blade. On feet, and rising to just below knee, high boots (resembling Hessians), black, embroidered in yellow. Ornaments in yellow encircle ankles. Uttariya yellow,

hangs over arms falling to thighs. Head three-quarter D. vu. face to R. p., purely Persian. Black, almost straight hair ; black, bushy eyebrows; thick, short beard ; thin moustache, trained to sharp points. Lips full and sensuous, mouth smiling, slightly open, showing upper teeth. Eyeballs white, pupils black. Large, heavy rings in short ears. Ornaments in yellow on upper arms. Headdress in yellow, resembling a Persian tiara, retaining indications of diagonal pattern on front. Round lower edge of headdress is tied the Uttariya in a loose knot at back of head, the ends falling over arms in usual way. R. p. hand front, clenched, rests on thigh ; R. rear, upraised, holds flower (?). L. p. at breast, Vajra ; L. p. rear, upraised spear-head. Flesh deep pink. Nimbus green, outlined white. Vesica, field red, border pale green, divided by white line. Sleeves on rear arms purple with white diaper; cuffs pink with large green flowers. In top spandrils conventional four-petalled flower and leaves, pink on white ground. Whole character of this side of panel essentially Persian.

Wood in good condition. i 24" high, 8" wide,   thick.
See Plates LX, LXI.

D. vu. 7. Chinese document on paper, from Hu-kuo Convent, translated in App. A. See Plate CXVI.


D. vat. I. Fragment of Chinese document on paper, in two pieces; translated in App. A. See Plate CXVI.

D. vii. 2. MS. on paper ; Brâhmi ; No. 3r.—Note xvii. Two fragments of (apparently) one document, forming

its upper right-hand quarter, in non-Sanskritic (Eastern D. vin. Iranian) and cursive Brâhmi ; measuring 6" x 4"; hence full size probably i a" x 8". Inscribed on one side only. Contents unknown. [Dr. Hoernle.]


D. xx. I. Fragment of a Chinese document, dated 790 A.D.; translated App. A. See Plate CXVI.

D. ix.


D. x. I. Painted wooden panel; rectangular. Painted one side. Very indistinct. Seated figure wearing Uttariya (deep red); flesh white. Vesica light. R. p. hand raised to breast. 4" by 7", g" thick.

D. x. 3. Painted wooden panel. Oblong. OBVERSE : Three seated Bodhisattvas. First (R. p.) : Head to R. p. three-quarter face. Six-pointed diadem. Top-knob.

Hair long, flowing on shoulders.   R. p. forearm bare,
bracelet. R. p. hand at breast holding Vajra. L. p. hand on thigh. Upper garment close fitting ; scarf round arms and behind back. Girdle yellow. Long loincloth. Nimbus yellow. Vesica blue. Hair and all contours, black ; costume, flesh, and diadem, white (or pink). Vajra yellow. Second : Head three-quarters to R. p. Wide-sleeved, long, yellow robe, blue bands, edged white at arm-holes ; deep red, long-sleeved under-coat ; hair long, curling on

shoulders, black ; diadem white ; long-flowing blue (?) D. x. drapery from beneath figure falls over front of seat (cushion ?). Four arms : ist R. p. at breast, holding Vajra ; and R. p. with Cakra; ist L. p. rests on thigh ; and L. p. holds round object (lotus or fruit, or holy water vessel). Contour lines all black. Vesica yellow. No nimbus. Third: Three heads, on each yellow peaked diadem ; hair black, long, waving on shoulders ; long, narrow eyes ; thin Chinese moustache to front face ; front face three-quarters to R. p. ; R. p. face to R. ; L. p. face to L. Four arms : i st R. p. at breast, holding cup ; and R. p. double object, looking like small tongs, with Vajra-shaped ends; Ist L. p., hand on thigh; and L. p., bow. Short-sleeved garment (white or yellow), with wide arm-holes, having yellow band to each ; girdle crossed at back and ends brought to front (pink); under-coat with long

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