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0649 Ancient Khotan : vol.1
Ancient Khotan : vol.1 / Page 649 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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doi: 10.20676/00000182
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(G. Fol. I2.)

(Mdo xvi, f. 197 ab.)

Line I. v H yan ma yi[n no H de la ma rig pa gait ze na I teams drug po odi dag nid la ga] gcig pur odu ses pa 1 ril por odu ses [pa da]ln rtag par cdu ses pa2 I brtan bar odu ses pa I tier zug du 3 odu ses pa I bde bar odu ses pa 4 sems can dan srog dan skye ha dan s

  1. gsô 6 ba dan skyes [bu dan ...] I du odu ses pa 7 dan I na zes bya ba dan bdagi I zes bya bar odu ges pa odi lta bu las stsogs 8 pa myi ses pa rnam pa sna ts`ogs pa odi lta bu ni ma rig pa zes byao I de star ma rig

  2. pa yod pas yul [r]na[ms la o]dod c`ags [dan ze sdan dan gti mug pa] I ojug go 10 I de la yul rnams la odod I c`ags dan ze sdan dan gti mug pa 11 gait yin ba odi ni 12 odu byed rnams so I dnos po so sor rnam par rig pa rnam par

  3. ses pao I   m par ges pa dan Than c`ig [sky]e 13 [ba ne bar lend pai] I pun po gzugs myed pa
    bzi po de dag ni 14 I myiri dan gzugs so I myiri dan gzugs la rten 16 pai dbari po rnams ni skye mc`ed drug go c`os gsum odus pa ni reg pao ~

  4. reg pa myon ba ni II ts`or bao ts`or ba las 16 zen [ba ni sred pao sred pa] I cp`eld pa ni lend pao J len p`a las I skyes pa yan srid 17 pa skyed pai las ni srid pao f rgyu de las p`uri po byuri ba ni skye bao f skyes nas p`un po smyind pa ni rgas pao 18

Four fragments (E. i. 26*, 27 a, 35, 32 b), of which the smallest (27 a) forms only the second division of lines 3-5 ; width, c. i 4, 4, 38, and 9. in. ; height 24, ill 21 2g in.

I Pa dan in the Kanjur.

2 In the Kanjur pa dan, and so in the following three categories.

In the Kanjur tu.

' After this follow in the Kanjur the words bdag lu odu les pa dan, corresponding to 14t04414t in the Sanskrit text.

5 In the Kanjur skye pa po.

6 The lengthening of the vowel is noteworthy, the word

being written   See note on A I.

7 These words do not agree with the Kanjur, which reads skyes bu dan l gait zug tu odu ses pa dan l .fed las skyes pa dan led bur odu les pa dan I ha <es bya ba dan I bdag gi zes bya bar odu les pa ste.

6 In the Kanjur la sogs.

9 The Kanjur has merely sna ls`ogs odi ni; odi ni agrees

with the Sanskrit   iF(.

10 In the Kanjur gli mug ojug sie.

II Pa is not in the Kanjur.

12 After ni follow in the Kanjur the words ma rig pai rkyen g,yis, which are not represented in the Sanskrit. Instead

of so the Kanjur has des byao, agreeing with 3-4   of the

13 Byuit in the Kanjur. Note the spelling c`ig.

14 This clause agrees with the words of the Sanskrit

Î9Z11+tEtt ~q~cVlt~S   iti b41ç1'1 kill:; the Kanjur,
however, reads p'uii po bli po odi dag ni. The clause follow-

ing this in the Sanskrit text (mec T q" Rip   ft( y 1.41174

' gi i   NIA   c1t1I+1W4#k in Siksâsamuc-

caya) is omitted here and in the Kanjur.

'S In the Kanjur brlen, agreeing with Hr'if   c1T%i in the
excerpt in the S~iksâsamuccaya.

16 In the Kanjur la.

'7 For this and the next three words the Kanjur gives merely bskyed par.

18 In the Kanjur rga Lao.


Line I.





(H. Fol, 13.)

(Mdo xvi, ff. 197 b-198 a.)

rgas nas p`uri po . . .

myi bde ba myon ba ni sdu[g] .

mrion bar odu byed . . .

skom bai p`yir sred . . ,

smre snags odond . . .

One fragment (E. i. 3o), I s x 28 in., orming the left-hand side of the page immediately following the preceding (G). There are no divergences from the Kanjur.