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0520 Ancient Khotan : vol.1
Ancient Khotan : vol.1 / Page 520 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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E. i. E. I. 02g. Knot-dyed fabric. Blue cotton cloth. Seems to have been a small bag, made up of a roughly circular piece hemmed all round for a drawing string, part of which remains. The cloth is ornamented with flower-like


E. ii. E. ii. z. Painted panel. Seated Ganda, crowned (yellow). Arm, wrist, and ankle ornaments (yellow). Tiger skin Dhoti (yellow), tight Paijâmas (dark brown), feet bare. Head three-quarters to R. p., yellow. Rest of flesh—pink.

Outlines red.   Eyebrows, eyelashes, and pupils black.
Cushion red and dark-brown vesica; field green; outer edge deep red with fine black line outside, and border of

patterns executed in knot-work, being white on blue ground. Torn. Diameter of circle about 64". See Pl. LXXVI.


white dots inside, next green. Rosary of white dots. Four arms. R. p. front in lap holding bowl of fruit (?) ; back, upraised holding spear-head (?). L. p. front, at breast holding long-shaped turnip; back, upraised holding axe. Background of panel white with a few small ornaments. Height 4", width 51". Wood and painting well-preserved. See Pl. LXXVIII.









Miscell. E. ooi. a. Piece of Chinese writing ink, drilled at one

objects.   end for a string. Length of piece i". See Pl. CV.

E. ooi. b. Cubical bone die with spots shown by circles with centre dots. The sum of the spots on any two opposite sides is 7. Length of edges -i". See PI. LII.

  1.  Glass and pottery fragments. 7 fragments of pale green-tinted glass with raised pattern. 2 fragments of pale pink-tinted glass with raised pattern. 3 pieces pale green-tinted glass, plain. r thick piece pale green-tinted glass, showing cut or ground surface. i" x I". I short stick of glass with twist in the grain, r4" long. 2 fragments of coarse terra-cotta, glazed green. Found near Endere Fort ruins. See Pl. LII.

[E. 003. Miscellaneous small objects found within or near Endere Fort.]

  1.  a. Rectangular bronze tag, hollow, to take leather or other material, and having 3 rivets remaining in position. One end shaped in a sort of double Ogee ;

other sides straight.   Length ", width . ", thickness
(external) i-". See Pl. LII.

E. 003. b. One side of bronze hinge or clasp, probably from armour. It is slightly concave at its two long edges, convex at the narrow end and straight at the broad end where portions of links of hinge remain. There are three rivet holes, one at narrow end and two at broad end. Whole plate slightly convex on its anterior aspect. Length r ", width r to -i". See Pl. LII.

E. 003. c. Bronze plate, oblong, pierced for a rivet at each end. Probably piece of jazarine. r i" x

E. oo3. d. Bronze object resembling a spatula. At one end it opens out into a ring, the upper edge of which shows signs of wear, as though from friction with a ring to which it has been suspended. The opposite end broadens and then turns to an obtuse point. Length width above point r. Thickness at ring end A". See Pl. LII.

  • 003. e. Fragment of green-blue glass ; portion of edge circular, remainder broken. Pattern incised on one side, the lines having been filled with some metal or pigment (part of which remains) in manner of niello. Diameter $", thickness h". See Pl. LII.

  • 003. f. Piece of yellowish glass ; elliptical piano-

convex, probably made as a jewel for an ornament. See Pl. LII.

003. g. Fragment of glass vessel, showing cut or ground surfaces.

  • 003. h. Fragment of glass vessel, showing cut or

ground surfaces.

003. i. Piece of pink coral or shell, pierced in two places for a cord, and showing a groove worn by the thread between the two piercings. Length I".

005. Miscellaneous beads, bronze rings, &c. (found near Endere Fort). On a woollen string are threaded I small coin ; 2 blue glass beads ; 2 stone or pottery beads ; I bright yellow glass bead, the glass surface being over some lustrous core ; I yellow glass or stone bead ; 2 fragments of flat bronze ring; 6 fragments of coloured glass and pottery beads; fragment of r bronze ring; r bronze rivet (length Ay", thickness $"); r bronze, hollow, dome-headed stud (length A", diameter h"); I oblong piece of bronze, with lightly incised decorative pattern.

a /,   s /I

iS 1U

oo6. Terra-cotta fragments, &c., found on eroded ground near Endere Stûpa.

  1. Fragment of green glazed terra-cotta vessel ; 24" x

  2. Fragment of neck of vessel, of black terra-cotta; X r 4ii

  3. Fragment of lips of unglazed terra-cotta vessel ; I*" X I$

d, e. Fragments of coarse terra-cotta.

f. Piece of uncut green jade. I x