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0355 Ancient Khotan : vol.1
Ancient Khotan : vol.1 / Page 355 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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D. u. 7r. Stucco relief fragment ; Buddha standing on half-open lotus. White chunam. No colour. Replica D. r. ror, but superior modelling. Neck short. Nimbus. Knees slightly bent ; L. p. foot advanced. Surface much worn. Extreme height 7k", width 2".

D. n. 74. Stucco relief fragment. Replica D. n. ror ; standing Buddha (in three pieces). White chunam, coloured. On background to R. p. of figure a device in red and white resembling a lotus. See Plate LIV.

D. u. 76. Stucco relief fragment. Replica D. II. ror. Chunam. Figure of Buddha ; feet missing. Robe pink ; flesh light pink ; nimbus light green ; traces of red contour lines on face ; black eyebrows, eyelashes, and pupils. Eyes wide open. Figure adhering to large slab of background coloured dark. Roughly scored at back. Height 7", width 5a".

D. n. 79. Painted wooden panel ; oblong, rounded at ends. OBVERSE : Dancing figure (Gandharvi ?). Much deleted. L. p. breast, shoulder, and arm ; neck, part of face, hair and sash visible. Traces of L. p. leg. Head thrown back, quantity of hair flowing backwards (probably to assist in expression of vivacious movement). L. p. hand raised grasping loop of sash, which is poised over head and probably is held by other end in R. p. hand ; a loose end falls from L. p. hand appearing to swing by dancing movement. Eye large. Two parallel curved black lines forming double point in forehead, probably an ornament. Ear pierced and ringed about half-way up. Necklet appears to consist of three large jewels on hoop, and pendant. Ornament on upper arm, consisting of band and large semicircular ornament. Bracelet near hand. Figure so far as visible appears to be nude (excepting ornaments) and has traces of pink, shaded by darker washes. Sash ochre. All outlines black. Background light. Much freedom in execution.

REVERSE: Much deleted. Seated figure with head ornament ; black hair ; nimbus ; scarf round L. p. upper arm. Three-quarter face to R. p. Wood perished by damp and very soft. 81" high, 41" wide, i" to i" thick. See Plate LXVI.

D. n. 81. Stucco relief fragment. Replica D. Ir. ror. Standing Buddha. Chunam coloured. Feet missing. Painted on background to lower R. p. a flower (lotus ?), red with white tipped petals, stem and two leaves white. Red robe, grey Sanghâti ; pink flesh ; hair, eyebrows, lashes, and pupils, black ; nimbus green ; background black (?). Height 61".

D. n. 8g. Stucco relief fragment ; ornament. White chunam, no colour. Triple row of tongues of flame (rising from border of large nimbus ?); each tongue is cast separately and affixed singly to background, which is in three planes, each plane slightly in advance of the one above it, so that the tongues overlap about one-third of their length. Each tongue is about 3*" long and $" wide at root. It has three waves in its length and two deeply scored lines running from root to point, Lowest row

missing excepting small portion of one tongue. Cf. D. n. 24, 55. Width about 51", depth 44". See Plate LV.

D. u. ror. Stucco relief fragment, in two pieces. White chunam, traces of red colour. Buddha (?) standing on half-open lotus, L. p. foot advanced, R. p. drawn back. R. p. knee slightly bent. R. p. hand raised to level of chest, palm outward. L. p. hand slightly raised supporting loose end of long flowing upper robe. Ears elongated. Eyes wide open. Top-knob. Nimbus. Figure with lotus and nimbus moulded in one piece, and affixed to background (part of which remains attached). Cf. D. Ir. 26. Height from below lotus to top of nimbus 6r, width at shoulders 22g".

D. n. or. Stucco relief fragment. Replica D. tr. ror. Head. Chunam, traces of colour. Height 2i".

D. u. 02. Stucco relief fragment. Replica D. ii. ror. Head. Chunam, traces of colour. Height Ii".

D. u. og. Painted wooden panel. Rough panel, uneven thickness, painted one side. Two seated figures, each holding an infant which appears to be swathed, and has a headband. Drapery contours and flesh contours in red. Eyes of all figures, hair of seated figures, headbands of infants black. Seated figures have haloes round heads. Painting badly defaced. Between the two figures, running transversely to top, paper on which three lines of thick upright Gupta characters can be traced. On top edge beginning of five lines in same characters. Paper with writing a subsequent addition, as it covers lower part; of left figure. Perished and very soft. 81" wide, 5-a" high; thickness varies from i. " to r.

D. n. 04. Stucco relief fragment. Replica D. n. tot. Standing Buddha. White chunam, coloured.

D. u. o5. Stucco relief fragment. Replica D. II. roi. Standing Buddha. White chunam, coloured. Upper half of figure only ; L. p. arm missing.

D. n. o6. Stucco relief fragment. Replica D. Ir. ror. Standing Buddha. White chunam, coloured. Head and feet missing.

D. n. 07. Stucco relief fragment. Replica D. ri. roi. Standing Buddha. White chunam, traces of colour. Lower half of figure only. Height 3 ".

D. n. o8. Fresco fragment on stucco. Grey clay mixed with coarse straw and grass; stiffened with wood. Surfaced with same clay mixed with finer grass and fibre; distempered. Subject of painting : Seated Buddha, dark red robe, buff Sai ghâti, pink flesh, red contour lines, black hair. Head inclined slightly to R. p. Hands upraised in front of breast in Nyâyamudrâ attitude. Feet crossed and bare. Cushion or mat as seat. Oval vesica, white shaded to buff, then black line, border of white, and second black line. Vesica-shaped nimbus, pink. To R. and L. of figure, portions of adjoining large aureoles. In front and below feet an inscription in black, consisting of seven characters in cursive Brâhmi. Below this, conventional tufts of grass and foreground outlined black and red. Ground white, to pink behind vesica. Stucco friable. Width at lower

D. II: