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0519 Ancient Khotan : vol.1
Ancient Khotan : vol.1 / Page 519 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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green I:ne round it, and outside this is a broad Indian red line. Work seems freely and easily executed, and shows complete knowledge of the process. 5â" x 4". See Pl. LXXIX.

E. i. 012. a. Fresco on stucco fragment. Grey clay mixed with coarse vegetable fibre. Surface of clay only covered with thin layer of fine stucco. Conventional floral design painted with great freedom. Colours—green, yellow, orange, deep brown. Appears to be water-colour, and adheres perfectly to the stucco, which was probably wet when paint was applied. Surface much cracked. 5i" x 5k'.

E. i. oi3. Stucco relief fragments.

  1. Red clay mixed with fine vegetable fibre, a coarse string passing through length of fragment. Portion of robe from south-west statue showing corner and hanging folds. Robe coloured liver-brown, with border about I" wide, bright red. 9" long, 24" widest part. See Pl. LXXVIII.

  2. Clay as above, red wash and traces of white ; coarse string forms centre, the two ends appearing at upper side of fragment. Pierced portion of lobe of ear; colossal. From north-west statue. 5i" length, x " at widest part. See Pl. LXXVIII.

E. i. 014. Stucco relief fragment ; ornament. Red clay, traces of pink wash. Portion of tiara, or arm ornament ; from a band about â" wide, jewelled with square raised jewels at intervals ( x remains), rises a half lotus, from which radiate six ostrich feather-like leaves at regular intervals, forming a semicircular ornament. In centre of outer edge a small round jewel composed of a bead (pearl ?) surrounded by a single row of smaller pearls. This jewel is connected with lotus by a row of 4 pearls. At back, a portion of wood support remains. Height 2g", width 3". Very friable. See Pl. LXXVIII.

E. i. 015. Stucco relief fragment (3 pieces). Red clay, traces of colour. Jewelled amulet, clasped on arm (?), ends of band hanging from jewels. Fragment exhibits on one piece, a square-contoured four-petalled flower, adjoining similar flower, but smaller, within double square moulding; on another piece one flower only; on the third, end of band, hanging against arm (?). Width 24", depth 3" (approx.). Very friable. See PI. LXXVIII.

E. i. ox6. Silk fabric. Consists of a kind of pennon composed of four rectangular pieces of silk, joined edge to edge by some kind of paste. To lowest piece are pasted three narrow streamers, the centre one straight and the two side ones at divergent angles. The pennon was originally longer, as is indicated by the paste adhering to the upper edge of the topmost piece. Silk is of usual oriental kind, some pieces being more strongly ribbed than others on account of the warp threads being rather thicker. Length 14", width about 2k". See PI. LXXVII.

E. i. oil. Silk fabric. Three pieces of silk made into kite-shapes by being doubled over wooden (cane ?) stiffeners, and neatly sewn. They are attached to each other, point


to tail, by sewing. The silk is of good quality, rather E. i. strongly ribbed, the upper one having a kind of chevron pattern woven into it. Colour of upper one is drab ; that of middle light cream, and of lowest a rich soft pink. Size of each piece about 34" x râ". See Pl. LXXVII.

E. i. oi8. Silk fabric. Heavy silk brocade, showing absolute mastery in the art of weaving this class of fabric. It appears to be what is technically known as a double cloth, i. e. it has two warps and two wefts. Texture fine and even ; design, a small portion of which is seen, skilfully worked out in diagonal weaving; arrangement of colours most artistic. E. g. the dark pattern is in green, but upon examination the threads used are found to be three or four different shades ' broken' one into another. The ground was originally a rich flesh-pink, the pattern in soft greens and creamy white, and in the ravellings at one corner occurs a cobalt blue. Size 3" x 2 ". See Pl. LXXVII.

E. i. oig. Silk fabric. Heavy brocade similar to E. i. or8. Size 34 x 2". See Pl. LXXVII.

E. i. 020. Silk fabric. Piece of silk brocade. Similar in make to E. i. o18 but perhaps not quite so carefully worked. The pattern, of which a very small portion is visible, appears to 'have been more free and less ' square' than in E. L o 18. The ground appears to have been a deep gold colour, and the pattern in white, red-brown, pale blue, and green. Size 3" x ii". See Pl. LXXVII.

E. i. 021. Silk fabric. Loosely woven fine silk fabric, with satin diagonal lines crossing, forming lozenge shapes ; in centre of each a flower. Pale steel-blue. r6" x I". See Pl. LXXVII.

E. i. 022. Silk fabric. Thin silk ; faded green-blue. 6" x 1". See PI. LXXVII.

E. i. 023. Woven fabric. Firmly and finely woven white cotton or linen in a lozenge diaper pattern. Still quite strong and beautifully even in workmanship. 5" x 2$". See Pl. LXXVII.

E. i. 024. Silk fabric. Piece of loosely woven and very flimsy plain muslin dyed pale blue. 94" x 2". See Pl. LXXVII.

E. i. 025. Silk fabric. Plain silk; has formed part of pennon similar to E. i. o0, and may in fact be part of that. Mucilage visible on two edges. Dull pale brown. 2h" x 2g". See Pl. LXX VII.

E. i. 026. Cotton fabric. Coarse, loosely woven plain cotton cloth. Dyed dull violet-brown. 14" x I4". See Pl. LXXVII.

E. i. 027. Silk fabric. Loosely woven silk, with slight pattern in satin stitch. Colour, pale cream. 5" x 4". See Pl. LXXVII.

E. i. 028. Woven fabric. Cream coloured ; not determined. See Pl. LXXVII.