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0269 Ancient Khotan : vol.1
Ancient Khotan : vol.1 / Page 269 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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Y. 0012. p. Terra-cotta grotesque dog (Chinese pug). L. fore leg missing. Roughly modelled. The tail is curled over the back. The R. ear is directed forward (the L. ear missing). A series of dots made with the modelling tool decorate the back, from the neck to the waist. Length I", height 4'. See Plate XLVI.

Y. 0012. q. Terra-cotta bull's head, much worn. L. horn missing. The form of the head is very natural, but the ears are placed above and before the horns. The horn that remains is very thick and directed backwards and upward. Length from tip of nose to level of points

of horns 1". See Plate XLVII.

Y. 0012. r. Grotesque seated figure in seems to be human; head missing. The knees. Abdomen rather distended. The stumps and on the shins are leaf-like mar

width 1 3", depth r â". See Plate XLI

Y. 0012. S. Terra-cotta mask, human face, cast from a mould. The eyes are large and long. Eyebrows, indicated by dots, well arched. Cheeks full and round. Nose small. Small drooping moustache. Lower lip full. Chin small and round. Forehead receding. Top of head bald. Between eyebrows two small parallel curved marks. Hair indicated on the R. proper side of head. The L. side is broken away. The whole face is very weak, but of natural propoi tions excepting the eyes, which are too large. Height r s", width r". See Plate XLVI.

Y. 0012. t. Terra-cotta grotesque Bactrian • camel. Harnessed as, and generally similar to, Y. 009. 1. No tail and no conical protuberance on head. Height 14', length r 1". See Plate XLVII.

Y. 0012. u. Terra-cotta grotesque horse's head and neck, used as the spout of a vessel. The mouth is open showing a row of small top teeth, and from between the lips issues a round tube through which the liquid was poured. The upper lip is recurved and the nostrils placed on the front of the nose. Hair is indicated on the edge of each lower jaw-bone. Mane erect, neck well arched. On that part of the fragment which joined the body of the vessel are several deeply indented holes, evidently to give tooth for the connecting clay. The colour is a good red and the material fine. Length 23", width 1". See Plate XLVI.

Y. 0012. V. Small terra-cotta grotesque monkey. L. leg broken away; also arms. Naturalistic type.

Hairy ; obviously male ; seated.   Height s".   See
Plate XLVI.

Y. 0012. W. Miniature terra-cotta vessel, amphora-shaped, but without the handles. It has on one side a projecting ring by which it was suspended. It has a band of simple zigzag ornament round the shoulder. The body is conical, point downwards, and the shoulder rounded. The neck is narrow and trumpet-shaped. Height â", diameter a". See Plate XLVI.

Y. 0012. X. Miniature terra-cotta vessel. Handle broken away. The body, in vertical section, is elliptical, the foot short and conical ; the neck long and conical, broad end uppermost. Height I", diameter h". See Plate X LVI.

Y. 0012. y. Terra-cotta grotesque. Two monkeys, owl-like type, embracing amorously. One head is missing, the other has pigtail. Pose similar to Y. 009. r. Modelling very crude. Height 1g". See Plate XLVII.

Y. 0012. Z. Terra cotta grotesque, similar to Y. 0012. y, and similarly broken. Height 1-3". See Plate XLVII.

Y. 0013. a. Terra-cotta grotesque seated monkey. Naturalistic type ; no arms, and legs mere stumps. Hair on head represented as very thick. Hair also indicated on front of body, and over middle an apron. On breast are ends of what appear to have been ribbons of some kind. Through stump of one leg a hole pierced right through to back of figure ; and at this part a roughened depression (exhibiting potter's finger marks) as though the figure had been attached to something. Height 2". See Plate XLVI.

Y. 0013. b. Terra-cotta grotesque monkey, naturalistic type ; seated on his heels, he supports with both hands in his lap a shallow bowl. Head tilted slightly to L. proper. Hair only on head. Height 23", width r$", depth rr. See Plate XLVI.

Y. 0013. c. Terra-cotta grotesque monkey ; naturalistic type. Hairy ; squatting with R. hand raised to breast, one finger on chin, the other missing, but probably pose was similar to Y. 0012. a. iii. Height 18", width I". See Plate XLVI.

Y. 0013. d. Terra-cotta grotesque Bactrian camel. Similar to Y. 009. 1, but more roughly modelled. A band goes across between the humps, and supports a load on each side. No other trappings are shown. Height 18", length r$". See Plate XLVI.

Y. 0013. e. Terra-cotta grotesque miniature monkey, Naturalistic type. Wearing apron, and playing syrinx. Height 3". See Plate XLVII.

Y. 0014. a. Terra-cotta grotesque monkey. Naturalistic type ; hairless, top of head conical. It is seated and has R. hand resting on R. knee, the L. hand to mouth apparently to hide a laugh which is cleverly indicated. Height I", width 1". See Plate XLVI.

Y. 0014. b. Terra-cotta grotesque monkey, seated, resting with elbows on knees, its head between its hands. Naturalistic type ; hairy; head conical. Height â". See Plate XLVI.

Y. 0015. Fragment of terra-cotta vessel, having moulded appliqué enrichments, consisting of grotesque lion's head, with large round ears, projecting eyes and heavy moustache-covered upper lip. Surrounding the face is conventional closely curled hair. Below this runs

terra-cotta; hands rest on feet are mere kings. Height