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0672 Ancient Khotan : vol.1
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d. Copper coins purchased at Yôtkan, April 29, 1901.

6 Sino-Kharosthi coins, with traces of Kharosthi legend. 1 coin of Kaniska (MAO); see Brit. Mus. Cat., No. 45. 3 Chinese coins, ancient, uninscribed.

6 Chinese coins of Chien-yüan period (758-759 A.D.). See Pl. XC, No. 3o.

2 small coins, probably Muhammadan, but quite indeterminable.

3 coins illegible.


Most of them probably coming from Yôtkan (see above, pp. 203 sqq.)





a. Copper coins, batch Y. ooi.

2 Sino-Kharosthi coins, large. The Chinese legend reads Chung nier ssü chu Ir1 chien ' Engraved money weighing twenty-four chu.' For the Kharosthi legend, illegible on one coin, comp. Hoernle, Report, i. pp. 5 sqq. See Pl. LXXXIX, No. 3.

1 Sino-Kharosthi coin, small. For the Chinese legend, see Hoernle, Report, i. p. ro. Khar. legend obliterated.

b. Copper coins, batch Y. 0025.

2 Sino-Kharosthi coins, large. One (see Pl. LXXXIX, No. 2) shows the Khar. legend [.... sa]' ra[ jaitirajasa [I// /// III] sa 2 Gug'amo[ya] sa.

c. 2 Sino-Kharosthi copper coins, large, batch Y. 0026. Traces only of legends on both.

d. Copper coins, batch Kb. 004.

2 Sino-Kharosthi coins, large ;

4 Sino-Kharosthi coins, small ; fragments of Khar. legend. 2 coins undeciphered.

e. Copper coins, batch Kh. 002.

I large and 14 small Sino-Kharosthi coins, with fragments of Khar. letters.

f. 6 Sino-Kharosthi coins, 2E, bought Nov. 1 i, 1900. Traces of Khar. legend.

g. Copper coins, presented by Wang•Daloi, Nov. 23, 1900, as coming from Yôtkan.

3 Sino-Kharosthi coins, small. See Pl. LXXXIX, No. 4.
I coin of Kaniska (MAO) ; comp. Brit. Mus. Cat., No. 45.

Copper coins, batch Y. 005.

1 coin of Kaniska, reverse undetermined.

I Muhammadan coin, probably of Muhammad Arslân.

i. Copper coins, batch Y. 007.

2 Chinese coins of Chien-yüan period (758-759 A. D.).

I Chinese coin of Shao-shêng period (1094-97 A. D.) ; see Pl. XC, No. 38.

r Chinese coin of Sung Hui tsung Shêng-sung (i i o i A. D.) ; see Pl. XC, No. 39.

Copper coins, batch B.D. ooi.

I large Sino-Kharosthi coin.

I small Sino-Kharosthi coin.

I Chinese coin of Hsi-ning period (1068-77 A.D.).

1 Chinese coin of Shao-shêng period (1094-97 A. D.).
I Chinese coin of Tsung-ning period (l 1o2—o6 A. D.).

2 Muhammadan coins of ' Sulayman Khâgân'; see PI. XC, No. 44.

I coin of Muhammad Arslân.

I Muhammadan coin, of Yarkand (see Hoernle, Report,

i P. 35).

7 Muhammadan coins, uncertain.

Copper coins, batch Y. 006.

5 Muhammadan coins, uncertain (' Sulaymân Khâgân' ?).

13 Copper coins said to come from Halâl•bâgh.

All in very poor preservation. Perhaps 4 large SinoKharosthi, 7 small Sino-Kharosthi, 2 Chinese.

(See above, p. 234.)


a. Copper coins presented by Wang-Daloi, Nov. 23, 1900.

2 Chinese coins of K`ai-yüan period (713-741 A. D.) ; see Pl. LXXXIX, No. 26.

3 Chinese coins of Chien-yüan period (758-759 A. D.).

2 Chinese coins of Ta-li period (766-779 A.D.); see Pl. XC, No. 33.

I Chinese coin of Chien-chung period (78o-783 A. D.) ; see Pl. XC, No. 34.

I From Sir D. Forsyth's coin the first two words of the inscription maha° and raja° are certain.

2 Traces of three or four Aksaras. tralarasa seems to

I Chinese coin of Tsung-ning period (i ion-06 A. D.) ; see PI. XC, No. 4o.

Copper coins sold as coming from Chalma•Kazan, batch C. ooi.

4 large Sino-Kharosthi coins. 3 small Sino-Kharosthi coins.

2 Muhammadan coins, apparently of Muhammad Arslân.

I Muhammadan coin, uncertain.

be a very probable restoration.

On the other coin only traces of legend.

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