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0475 Ancient Khotan : vol.1
Ancient Khotan : vol.1 / Page 475 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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doi: 10.20676/00000182
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N. xv. 28. Oblong tablet, obtusely pointed at one end ; hole near pointed end. Obv. r 1. + 2 11. + 11. Khar., very faint ; part faded. Rev. 2 11. in several separate items ; faint. 51" x W. Bleached and split at one end.

N. xv. 29. Document on leather, in 2 pieces; fragmentary. Obv. blank. Rev. Date in i short 1. Khar., with numerals, cursive, clear. 61" x z".

N. xv. 3o. Wedge under- (?) tablet ; hole near point. Obv. Bleached and surface perished ; no writing visible. Rev. Traces of char. at sq. end. iii"x 2*". Hard, but surface perished in part; bleached.

N. xv. 31. Wedge cov.-tablet broken at point. Obv. Seal cay. i" from sq. end ; string in cavity. Bleached, perished, and cracked all over. Rev. 2 lI. Khar., cursive, fine, clear. Part towards point bleached and deleted. 7: X r " X 19z-". Portion of Rev. seems to have been screened from damp, sun, and sand, which have warped, bleached, and abraded the Obv. and part of Rev.

N. xv. 32. Wedge cov, tablet ; hole at point. Obv. Seal cay. if" from sq. end. All surface bleached and peeling. Rev. 11. Khar., very cursive. Surface part bleached and peeled. 84" x ii" x A". Hard.

N. xv. 33. Oblong tablet, tapering to both ends. Obv. 2 columns of 3 11. each, and x 1. in addition ; very cursive Khar., distinct. Rev. 2 columns of 3 11. each + r I. + i 1. Khar., very cursive. 7r x ,r. Well-preserved. Broken at one end.

N. xv. 34. Slip of wood, Chinese char. on Obv. ; burnt at one end. 3" xi-. Well-preserved. See Pl. CXII.

N. xv. 35. Rectang. cov.-tablet. Obv. Seal cay. "" x k ", with one string-groove only. Blank. Rev. blank. 31" x i" x". Perfectly preserved. See Plate CV.

N. xv. 36 + 170. Wedge under-tablet broken in 2 pieces

(belongs to N. xv. i i 9); hole near point.   Obv. 4 11.
Khar., very cursive and indistinct. Rev. i 1. Khar., faded. 8" x 2r. Surface soft.

N. xv. 37. Slip of wood, Chinese char. on Obv. ; fragment. 51" x e". Well-preserved. See Plate CXIII.

N. xv. 38. Rectang. cov.-tablet ; cracked at one end. Obv. Seal cay. with seal intact (see Pl. LXXII), representing rude head in profile to L. p. Mane-like hair, high cheekbones, moustache. Above seal z 11. Khar., black, cursive. Below seal and reverse way up, i 1. Khar. Rev. 4 11, Khar., very black and clear. 4" x 2" X ". Well-preserved.

N. xv. 39. Rectang. under-tablet, fragment. Obv. 4 11. Khar., cursive, clear, lowest line partly broken away. Rev. blank. 6f " x i r ". Wood well-preserved.

N. xv. 40. Wedge cov.-tablet ; broken at point. Obv. z" from sq. end, seal cay., i 1. Khar. at sq. end ; well written and very clear. Few char. at opposite side of cay. Usual char. towards pointed end. Stained with


pink. Rev. blank.   ion x if" x i". Wood perfectly N. xv.


N. xv.41. Rectang. cov.-tablet. Obv. Seal cay. r" X IA". Transversely at top, 2 11. Khar., very cursive and clear. Rev. 7 1I. Khar., very cursive, fairly clear. 4i" x 3" x a". Perfectly preserved.

N. xv. 42. Document on leather ; complete. Obv. 5 II. Khar., very cursive, very black. Rev. 3 items in Khar. l o" x 2" (average). Much discoloured and rotted.

N. xv. 43. Document on leather, fragment. Obv. 8 11, Khar., cursive, black, part deleted. Rev. blank. z*" x 3r.Rather buckled and perished.

N. xv. 45. Rectang. under-tablet ; unusually thick. Obv. 5 11. well-written Khar., clear in places, but in some quite deleted. Surface bleached and cracked at one corner. Rev. bleached, cracked, and partially peeled. 5â" x i~" x r. Perished at Rev. from exposure.

N. xv. 46. Wedge cov: tablet; fragment. Obv. Seal cay. ice" from sq. end. String in original arrangement remains. Traces of Khar. char. at sq. end. Rev. Traces of numerals along lower edge. 6r 2 " x r. Bleached, perished, and cracked. Portions of bark round cay. show method of crossing string.

N. xv. 47. Wedge under-tablet(?); fragment. Obv. 3 11. Khar., cursive, fairly clear, with initial formula. Rev. r 1. from sq. end. 6" x Ir. Fairly preserved.

N. xv. 48. Wedge under-tablet (?) ; fragment. Blank both sides. 9" x i â". Sand-encrusted, soft and much broken.

N. xv. 50 + 200. Rectang. under-tablet ; fragment in two pieces. Obv. Seal cay. i" sq. Upper portion missing. Lower transversely 6 11. Khar., cursive, fine, black. Rev. 4 II. Khar. (imperfect), very cursive, black and clear. 31 x 31" x". Well-preserved.

N. xv. 51. Wedge cov.•tablet ; fragment. Obv. x 1. Khar. between sq. end and seal cay.; fine and black. Rev. z Il. Khar., cursive, fairly distinct. 2 " x ig" X fg". Discoloured and susceptible to damp.

N. xv. 52. Wedge under-tablet ; fragment. Obv. 4 11. Khar. (incomplete), cursive, black and clear; with initial formula. Rev. 2 11. from sq. end ; probably written by different hands. 4" x zâ". Wood perfectly preserved.

N. xv. 53. Slip of wood, Chinese char. on Obv. 4$"x -k". Well-preserved. See Pl. CXIII.

N. xv. 54. Oblong tablet ; hole at one end. Obv. 3 11. Khar., cursive, faded but fairly clear. Rev. 2 11. Khar., cursive, faded and part deleted. 4,1" x I ". Wood perfectly preserved.

N. xv. 55 + 8z. Oblong tablet, fragment in 2 pie

Obv. 5 11. Khar., cursive, part deleted.   Rev. bl
N. xv. 55. 9" x ,r; wood perfectly preserved. N. xv. 6" x ". Warped and bleached.


ces. ank. 8x.