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0474 Ancient Khotan : vol.1
Ancient Khotan : vol.1 / Page 474 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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doi: 10.20676/00000182
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N. xv.   hole at point. Obv. 3 (?) 11. Khar., well written ; faded.

Rev. blank. 3k" x x ". Perished.

N. xv. 7. Wedge cov.-tablet ; hole at point. Obv. Seal cay. 2A" from sq. end. 11. Khar. between sq. end and cay. Usual char. at point. Rev. z 1. Khar., cursive.

8" x I$". Well-preserved.

N. xv. 8. Wedge cov.-tablet, frags. of string in cay. Obv. Seal cay. 2" from sq. end. z 1. Khar. between sq. end and cay. Rev. blank. i 2$" x 2h". Well-preserved ; much encrusted with sand.

N. xv. xo + 86 + Igo. Rectang. tablet, complete, found in

3 pieces. Cov.-tablet (N. xv. 190). Obv. Seal cavity zr x 2" x g". At L. p. edge 2 11. Khar. transversely, finely written. Traces of 2 11. on R. p. edge. Rev. 5 11. Khar., well-written. 71" x 4" X r. Soft, discoloured, and sand-encrusted.

Under-tablet broken into 2 pieces (N. xv. z o + 86). Obv. 13 11. Khar., with several numerals, cursive, black, neatly written. Rev. Transversely, 8 11., and after interval 8 more 11., Khar., very cursive and badly written by different hands. 9i" x 4". Hard and well-preserved.

N. xv. n. Wedge tablet ; hole near point. Obv. 3 II. Khar., cursive, partly deleted. Rev. blank. 7-" x I3". Much perished.

N. xv. 12. a, b. Wedge tablet, complete ; hole at point. Cov.-tablet. Obv. Seal cay. 2$" from sq. end; remains of seal clay and string. x 1. Khar. between sq. end and cavity, very cursive. Usual char. about z" from hole. Rev. 3 11. Khar., very cursive.

Under-tablet. Obv. 4 11. Khar., very cursive, distinct, with initial formula. Rev. blank. 9i" x I$" x I" (both together). Well-preserved.

N. xv. 13. Wedge cov.-tablet, broken at sq. end ; hole at point. Obv. Seal 2" from sq. end ; seal clay and string remain. Khar. char. at square end ; fragmentary ; char. traceable on opposite side of cavity. Rev. 2 ll. Khar., cursive, faint, 2nd 1. partly deleted. 9 " x 2iß" x Well-preserved.

N. xv. 14+27. Oblong tablet, tapering to one end, in two fragments. Obv. Traces of about 5 11. very cursive Khar., mostly illegible. Rev. Traces of several 11. Khar., cursive, fragmentary ; one 1. partly legible. 9r x 3" x Surface perished by damp in N. xv. x 4 ; one side hard in N. xv. 27.

N. xv. 15. Wedge under-tablet ; hole at point. Oh.

4 II. Khar., cursive, part faded ; with initial formula. Rev. Few char. at sq. end. 91" x I W. Well-preserved.

N. xv. z6. Wedge under-tablet (belongs to N. xv. 26); hole near point. Obv. 3 11. Khar., very cursive, faded ; with initial formula. Rev. Few char. from square end.

9" x Ij". Well-preserved.

N. xv. x7. Wedge cov.-tablet ; hole near point; square end chipped. Obv. Seal cay. zr from sq. end. Few

char. Khar. at sq. end. Rev. z 1. Khar., cursive, fine, faded, towards sq. end. Io" x 22ß" x i". Well-preserved, but appears to be sand-abraded.

N. xv. 17. a. Wedge under-tablet ; hole near point. Obv. 4 11. Khar., very indistinct and in parts quite faded; probably initial formula. Rev. Traces of 2 or more 11. from sq. end. Near centre incised Svastika, about z" x â". 8" x 2â". Bleached and abraded.

N. xv. 18. Wedge cov.-tablet ; broken at point. Obv. I" from sq. end, seal cay., z 1. Khar. at sq. end, cursive,

fine, faded.   Rev. z 1. Khar. from sq. end, similar.
7r x x" x i". Perished and very soft.

N. xv. 19. Wedge cov.-tablet ; fragment. Obv. Seal cay. I" from sq. end, contains clay and string. z 1. Khar. at sq. end, cursive, fine, faded. Rev. blank. 538'" x 2. " x r. Soft.

N. xv. 20. Rectang. cov.-tablet ; fragment. Obv. Seal cay. I" x I r. Traces of Khar. char. transversely at L. p. edge. Rev. 5 11. Khar. (rst has upper portion broken away), fine, cursive, faint. Lower edge and corner burnt.

Rather soft.

N. xv. 20. a. Oblong tablet ; hole at one end. Obv. Traces of Khar. characters, faded. Most of surface bleached. Rev. Traces of 3 I1. Khar. at one end, cursive, faint. 7r x z". Hard, but bleached and abraded.

N. xv. 22. Wedge cov.-tablet, fragment ; broken at point. Obv. Seal cay. IA" from sq. end. A few traces of characters. Rev. Traces of z 1. Khar. (?); surface split

and perished.   51" X zâ" X iz,".   Perished, soft, and

N. xv. 23+150. Oblong tablet, broken in two pieces. Obv. 3 11. Khar., well written, faint in N. xv. 23, and almost entirely faded in N. xv. x5o. Rev. blank. 5ra" X 2j". Soft.

N. xv. 24. Wedge tablet, complete. Cov. tablet remains intact, clay seal and strings in cavity I " from sq. end. Seal (see PI. LXXI), I" x ti-", shows, deeply impressed from intaglio, profile figure of Athene Promachos standing to L. p. On sq. setting remains of Khar. legend in relief. z 1. Khar., black at sq. end. Rev. 3 11. Khar., cursive, nearly all very clear and fresh. Surface badly smoothed and knotty.

Under-tablet. Obv. 3 11. Khar., cursive, but clear, with initial formula. Rev. A few char. near sq. end. Wood hard and well-preserved. Rather sand-encrusted outside.

9r" x 2." x r (covering-tab.),   " (under-tab.).   See
Pl. IC.

N. xv. 26. Wedge cov:tablet (belongs to N. xv. z6); hole at point. Obv. Seal cay. xi" from sq. end. Clay and string remain in cay. r 1. Khar. at sq. end, very cursive. Traces of char. at opposite side of cay. Usual char. about z" from point. Rev. z 1. Khar. from sq. end very cursive and blotted. 'off x 1$" x â". Perfectly preserved.