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0270 Ancient Khotan : vol.1
Ancient Khotan : vol.1 / Page 270 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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a fillet, with vertical ribbing. Between this and a similar fillet runs a plain band about 1" broad, slightly sunk, on which are appliqué elliptical jewel-like bosses, consisting of a convex elliptical centre surrounded by a thin fillet and outside by a border of circular beads. Height width 3r, thickness circ. 4". See Plate XLIV.

Y. ooi6. Fragment of terra-cotta vessel, made on wheel and bearing appliqué enrichments. Between vertical incised lines in pairs, a grotesque human face, of sottish and bibulous aspect, with distorted ears ; round, fleshy nose; heavy, frowning brows over prominent beadlike eyes; a large, coarse, grinning mouth show ing upper teeth and inflated cheeks. The face is surrounded by a narrow fringe of hair. Immediately above the head fragment of a bunch of grapes. Height 24", width 3h", thickness circ. i". See Plate XLIV.

Y. 0017. Circular terra-cotta appliqué ornament, detached. It represents a grotesque Neptune-like head, having deep sunk eyes, arched eyebrows with a kind of tilaka mark between; broad, fleshy nose, inflated cheeks, grinning mouth, with long, flowing moustaches and flowing beard, spreading fanlike as it descends. Prominent, pointed ears, and a flat disk-like object on the head having a ring at each side. Resting vertically on edge, upon this disk, is a kind of ' Cakra' with centre hole in which is a bead, and surrounding this centre, between faintly incised radiating lines, nine holes. The background is composed of incised lines radiating from the centre and running from behind the face, off the edge. Diameter 2". See Plate XLIII.

Y. 0018. Terra-cotta fragment of human face, nearly life size. Only a portion of R. proper eyebrow and prominent circular eye, with a little of face to L. of it, remain. Comp. B. oor. a, C. 004. Height 12", width 2". See Plate XLIV.

Y. ()mg. Fragment of terra-cotta vessel, showing wheel marks. In the centre is an appliqué figure fully dressed in boots, trousers, long-sleeved tunic reaching below the knees, and a kind of cape in points, one of which falls over each shoulder and the third over breast. This cape, the hem of the tunic, and the bottoms of the trousers are decorated with an incised line, above which a row of little dots. At each lower side of the tunic hangs a globular object—perhaps a bell. In the L. hand is an object like a scroll, upon the end of which the R. hand rests. The chin is visible, and portions of large, massive, round earrings.

To the R. of this figure is a small, squatting figure, cross-legged, playing a syrinx. To the left a standing figure to same scale, the weight of the body on the R. leg, the left being slightly bent. This figure appears to be nude, with the exception of a cap on the head. It is playing the sitar. On all these figures the potter's finger marks appear. Three incised parallel lines run round the object. Clay of fine texture. Height 31", width 34', thickness I" to iTM. See Plate XLIV.

Y. 0020. a. Terra-cotta whorl, decorated on the upper surface with a circle of small incised rings. The form of the whorl is circular, with sides and under surface elliptically convex, the upper surface slightly concave. Diameter It", thickness r, diameter of hole 4".

Y. 0020. Terra-cotta whorl, similar to Y. 0020. a, in dark grey clay. No decoration. Diameter 14', thickness diameter of hole 4".

Y. 0021. Four fragments of plain pottery, showing marks of the potter's wheel. The clay is fine and baked to a good red. Length of pieces from i" to 3".

Y. 0022. Fragment of coarse terra.cotta vessel, consisting of mouth, neck, and part of shoulder of large vase. On one side of the neck is the broken stump of a handle, and opposite a hole and surrounding scar where probably another handle was attached. The rim is simply moulded and turns onwards in a gradual curve which begins about half-way up the neck. Length of neck 4". At the junction of neck and shoulder is a fillet moulding, ~~" broad, channelled on its face. Above this roughly incised, double nebulée, about 1" broad, then a pair of incised lines, then a 1" band of roughly incised lattice lines, and finally two more parallel incised lines. All these details encircle the neck, but break off where the handles have been. Round the shoulder, immediately below fillet is a repetition of the nebular pattern, below which a pair of incised lines, then a band of lattice, two more incised lines, and the nebulée again. On the shoulder, and nearly 3" below the hole in the neck (centre to centre), is a similar hole, obviously the other point of insertion of this handle. There is a considerable piece broken out of the rim and neck.

Height of fragment 6,1", external diameter of mouth 58", width of narrowest part of neck 34", greatest width of shoulders 7r. Thickness of material about h". See Plate XLIII.

Y. 0023. Neck and mouth of large terra.cotta vessel. The fragment is circular and trumpet-shaped, but curving outwards also at the lower end to meet the shoulders. The rim is turned over outwards and worked into a flat fillet on its outer aspect, slightly overhanging. Just within the mouth is an incised line. The neck has round its middle five parallel incised lines. At equal intervals are the broken stumps of three broad handles (about 11" broad). In each of the spaces between these stumps is an appliqué moulded upper half of a female figure carrying in uplifted hands a heavy garland of pearls (?) and probably representing a Gandharvi (comp. for similar figures in stucco D. r. oz, D. )(tr. 5, &c., in Plate LVI). The eyes are large, the other features small and refined. The hair is dressed loosely on the top of the head in a manner resembling the fashion of to-day in Europe and of ancient Greece. A heavy necklace surrounds the neck and another hangs on the breast. On the wrists are bangles. All these figures have been cast in the same mould. Diameter of mouth 68.", height 4", narrowest part of neck about 3r. See Plate XLIII.