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0352 Ancient Khotan : vol.1
Ancient Khotan : vol.1 / Page 352 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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[Chap. IX

D. i. D. I. 87. Stucco relief fragment ; ornament. Chunam, coloured. Tongues of flame, broken at second wave, coloured respectively emerald green, bright pink, and bright blue. Reeded into five divisions. Cf. D. n. 24. 4" by z â". See Plate LVII.

D. z. 89. Stucco relief fragment; head, female (Gandharvi). Pink chunam, coloured. Nimbus dark grey-blue, hair black, flesh pink. Replica D. i. z8. Height zr, width zi".

D. z. go. Stucco relief fragment ; female head (Gandharvi). Pink chunam, traces of colour. Hair black, nimbus dark grey or green. Three beads of garland. Replica D. r. 89. Height ii", width 2g". See Plate LIV.

D. z. 94. Stucco relief fragment; seated Bodhisattva, on half-open lotus. Flowing robe concealing feet. Hands resting in lap. Face and hair indistinct. Top-knob. At back, extending upwards from knees a vesica (broken above head). Centre portion, consisting of radiating lotus-petals, was coloured pink. Outer ray and robe of figure show traces of a dark colour, probably blue. Lotus seat white. The whole, an ornament from aureole round large figure ; moulded separately and affixed to background by chunam. Replica D. z. 69. 3r from top-knob to below seat ; 2i" broadest part of vesica.

D. z. 95. Stucco relief fragment ; ornament. Replica D. T. or z. Pink chunam. Portion of two rows of lotus-petals overlapping, the centre of outer petal lying under point of second petal. Convex in direction of mid-rib. Concave below (at back); impression of fine canvas backing. Cf. D. z. 29. Width of fragment 4", depth 3".

D. z. g6. Stucco relief fragment ; ornament ; leaf. Pink

chunam, traces of dark colour. Replica D. r. 4o.

D. 1. 97. Stucco relief fragment ; head of Buddha. Replica D. z. 55. Black hair, pink nimbus.

D. 1. 99. Stucco relief fragment ; seated Boddhisattva. Replica D. i. 94, but with piece of background. Hair black, flesh white or pink, robe purple brown, lotus seat white, inner part vesica bright pink, outer ray emerald green. Traces of red on background. Raised fillet moulding on background to R. p. of figure; on side furthest from figure trace of blue. 4" across length of vesica, 6r greatest width. Surface soft. See Plate LV.

D. 1. 105. Stucco relief fragment; head of Buddha. Replica D. z. 71. Much worn.

D. 1. X07. Stucco relief fragment ; portion of lower part of standing Buddha. Robe bright pink, Sanghâti grey. L. p. hand hanging straight at side lightly grasping loose end of robe. Hand pink. Feet missing. Replica D. z. z z. Height 3".

D. 1. no. Stucco relief fragment ; Gandharvi figure rising from centre of lotus. Draped in close-fitting vest, open low at neck, fastened by jewel (?). Loose girdle of beads at hips. Lotus is circular and completely modelled

except where covered by figure. Garland of beads supported in upraised hands. Lotus coloured pink. Head and hands missing. Replica D. r. 014. Height 3A", width 3". Broken.

D. 1. 114. Stucco relief fragment ; ornament. Portion of curved border consisting of an inner part II- broad, a raised fillet 1", and an outer part in same plane as inner part, about z" wide. On inner part, in low relief a long (I) scroll, at each end a half vine leaf. This arrangement appears to be repeated on each side of scroll but reversed. Between half leaves in each case a bunch of grapes. Colouring in alternate sections of blue and pink. Fillet quite plain. The outer part appears to have fragment of chrysanthemum leaf. Cf. D. I. 53. 38"x 3s". See Plate LVII.

D. z. 118. Stucco relief fragment ; head of Buddha. Replica D. z. 7z. Much defaced.

D. z. r19. Stucco relief fragment; standing Buddha (three pieces). From neck to middle. Chunam ; traces of dark colour (black 1) on robe. Replica D. r. 84. Height a ", width 21".

D. z. 127. Stucco relief fragment ; head of Buddha. Replica D. z. 71. Hair black ; nimbus with traces of red. Height ii".

D. z. 128. Stucco relief fragment ; feet of standing figure in relief. Pink chunam, traces of pink paint. Feet rest upon base formed of half-open lotus. Replica D. z. 03. Height of fragment 2i", width ri".

D. z. 03. Stucco relief fragment ; feet of standing figure. Replica D. z. 128. Pink chunam, traces of pink paint.

D. 1. 04. Wooden post ; rectangular, upright, painted. Back recently sawn. FRONT : standing Buddha on blue lotus with yellow centre, seed-cells indicated by rings of red. Surrounding centre of flower, ring of white dots. Entire figure three-quarter to R. p. Pose, R. p. hand to breast palm out, L. p. hand pendant holding robe (?). Feet close together inclined to R. p. Head inclined slightly down, eyelids drooped. Tilaka red. Contour lines of flesh red, flesh light. Robe deep purple bordered white. Contour lines black. Under-garment white or pink unusually high above ankles, ornamented (?) with broad vertical stripes which may represent vertical folds. Background dark pink. Hair deleted and all around head and shoulders. Below lotus, separated by white line, a band of deep purple, on which three rosettes in white. R. p. edge of post, deep purple or black, with similar rosettes at intervals. Colours remarkably preserved where visible. Wood perishing from damp at edges, but section shows it perfectly sound inside. Appears to be part of an upright post, pilaster or jamb, as three sides were evidently visible. Length 26", width 41", thickness IV' (originally 4i" before removal of plain portion). See Plate LXV.