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0489 Ancient Khotan : vol.1
Ancient Khotan : vol.1 / Page 489 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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N. 00x2. a. Small bronze bell, with attached ring; evidently cast in a mould. See PI. LXXIV.

N. 0012. b. Portion of hinge, slightly tapering towards end opposite working end. Two holes are drilled in plate—one at each end. At working or hinge end, a tongue of metal, rather more than A of whole width, and about z" long, has been doubled under to form loop through which hinge pin passed. Space between tongue and back of plate to take thickness of metal, leather, or other material to which hinge was rivetted. Plate slightly convex in its length. Length 4", width at wide end 4", at narrow end A". Thickness of metal about gâ'. See Pl. LXXIV.

N. 0012. c. Elliptical bronze split ring, made of wire about r thick. In centre of one long side on its internal surface is a depression to extent of nearly half the thickness of the wire, and split in ring occurs in the middle of this thin portion. The ring was evidently intended to be attached to some object which it would hold in this depression, as the ring of a watch holds the knob to which it is attached." x". See PI. LXXIV.

N. 0012. d. Bronze split ring, made of round wire, beaten flat at side opposite split. In this flattened part are remains of small rivet, or piece of wire passing through a hole.

18" x 11N.

N. 0012. e. Portion of bronze ring made of a flat band of metal, â" wide. Diameter about

N. 0012. f. g. h. Fragments (3) of small bronze Chinese mirror. On each fiagment are traces, on one side, of decoration in relief. Frag. h. has one edge thickened and of a circular curve, and is therefore evidently part of the edge of object. Cf. N. 009. See Pl. LXXIV. Fragment f. shows a flat circular band, raised from inner edge of which proceed short rays to another band parallel to the first but quite narrow. Beyond outer edge of broad band is part of an ornament, which seems to be designed to fill a spandril shape. f. r" in diam. ; g. A" ; h. g ".

N. 0013. Objects in metal and glass, found in sand west of Camp 93. 4 small blue glass beads (one broken). I fragment of a straw-coloured glass bead. r pink pebble or jade bead. Small portion of a thin bronze plate, containing bronze rivet. Small portion of cast bronze plate covered on both sides with closely placed small blunt points, forming a surface something like shagreen. See Pl. LXXIV.

Hemispherical head of a stud. Bronze. See Pl. LXXIV.

Bronze seal, having device on each side, countersunk, too corroded to make out. Pierced longitudinally."

7 " 8 " xir; xT .

N. 004. a. Fragment of clay slab, hard-burnt, coarse, pierced with holes. Probably used in building to fill window openings, &c., as similar slabs are now used in India.

N. 0014. b. Fragment of pottery, on which a horn-like

excrescence, glazed with rich and varied green glaze. Coarse clay.

N. 0014. c. Bronze arrow-head, cast, having three fine blades set round the centre hollow ferule. The blades are finely curved for cutting and piercing, and extend slightly back from the open end of ferule. Ferule itself pierced by hole in each division between blades, probably to enable a pin to be inserted to hold shaft securely. See Pl. LXXIV.

N. omit. d. String of beads of various shapes and sizes ; of glass, pebble, shell, and pottery. See Pl. LXXIV.

N. 0014. e. Small bronze bell, of kind used on dog-collars to-day. Metal bead is still inside and free. See PI. LXXIV.

N. 0014. f. Bronze ring bearing seal cut in the metal, representing a deer. See Pl. LXXIV.

N. oox4. g. Two bronze rings (one imperfect) with roughly engraved characters. See Pl. IL.

N. oox4. h. Fragment of bronze, miniature spoon or spatula. See Pl. LXXIV.

N. oox4. i. Bronze ornament, cast, in form of conventional bull's head, horns forming a crescent, with two depressions perhaps for jewels. A hole in forehead seems to have been for fastening. See Pl. LXXIV.

N. 004. j. Convex ornamental bronze disk with scalloped edge. See Pl. LXXIV.

N. oox4. k. Bronze pellet, pierced.

N. 004. 1. Bone object, oblong, rectangular. Flat on one side, where it is partially corroded or eaten by insects. On Rev. a channel is cut, i" broad in widest part. At one end two holes are drilled obliquely, so that they run from the end surface to the concave surface. At opposite end one hole is drilled from obv. to rev., a few irregular notches are cut in one edge. Length 4â", width IA", thickness â".

N. 0015. Bronze seal ring, countersunk, broken at thin side. Device perfectly preserved, on a well-shaped elliptical cartouche, held at ends between two broadened knob-like ends of ring. A lion statant to L. with tail recurved over back. A bird clings to his chest and appears to be looking into his open mouth. Extreme R. and L. are two S-shaped objects, probably snakes. Elliptical surface 14" x i °~". See Pl. IL.

N. oox6. Bronze signet ring, having crude design engraved. Perhaps intended to be representation of a face. See Pl. IL.

N. 004. Gold ornament ; made of thin gold plate and filled, or ` loaded ' with lac or wax, perhaps portion of a pendant or earring. From thick ring-like body (half missing) projects an elongated knob, joining body by a slightly narrowed necking, round which are two slightly raised fillets. From this the form is ellipsoidal, and

Miscell[. finds.