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0041 Serindia : vol.1
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  1. Mazar of Imam Ja`far Sadiq, seen from south-east   157

  2. Remains of ruined dwelling Kha. iv, v, Khadalik, seen from north-west, after excavation   •   157

  3. Interior of room Kha. iv, Khâdalik, showing fire-place and sitting-platform .   .   157

  4. South rooms of ruined dwelling N. XIII, Niya Site, after excavation .   .   2 i 6

  5. Ruined dwelling N. xx, Niya Site, seen from east, in course of excavation   .   216

  6. Remains of hall of ruin N. xiv, Niya Site, seen from S.W. .   217

5o. Eastern portion of ruined dwelling N. xIx, Niya Site, before excavation, seen from south   .   217

5I. Dead mulberry trees in ancient orchard, S.E. of ruin N. xviii, Niya Site   217

  1. Remains of household furniture and implements excavated in ruins N. XIII, xv, Niya Site   .   217

  2. Ruined dwelling N. xx, Niya Site, seen from south, before excavation .   224

  3. Rooms iii, iv of ruin N. xx, Niya Site, seen from east, after excavation   224

  4. Remains of ancient tank to south of ruin N. xxIi, Niya Site .   •   224

  5. Ornamented wooden door frame from ruined house, N. XII, Niya Site   .   224

  6. Ancient cupboard excavated in room viii of ruined house, N. xxvi   224

  7. Room viii of ruined residence N. xxiv, in course of excavation   .   224

  8. Ruin of ancient residence, N. xxiv, Niya Site, after partial excavation, seen from remains of dead

arbour on east   .   225

6o. Western rooms of ancient house, N. xxvi, Niya Site, in course of excavation   .   225

  1. Central hall, vii, and office room, viii, in ruin N. xxiv, Niya Site, after excavation   226

  2. Central hall, vii, of ruined residence N. xxiv, seen from south-east   .   226

  3. Hall iii of ruined house N. xxvi, Niya Site, after excavation, with decorated double bracket in wood,

raised on pillar   .   .   .   .   .   .   227

  1. Hall iii of ruin N. xxvi, Niya Site, after excavation, with double window opening into passage iv   227

  2. Ruined Stupa, Niya Site, seen from south-east   .   236

  3. View from south-west towards ruin N. xxvIiI, Niya Site   236

  4. Remains of ancient cattle-shed, N. xxxrir, Niya Site   .   .   236

  5. Ruined dwelling N. xxxvr, Niya Site, in course of clearing, seen from south   .   236

  6. Wooden pillar excavated in ruin N. xxxvirr, Niya Site   .   .   237

7o. Wooden pillars excavated in structure E. III, Tang Fort, Endere Site   237

  1. Fire-place and bench in room vi of ruined dwelling, N. xxvr, Niya Site   237

  2. Interior of underground room, E. viii, Tang Fort, Endere Site   .   .   .   237

  3. Panoramic view of interior of fortified village at Bilel-Konghan, from circumvallation on north-east .   240

  4. Panoramic view of ruin L.B. iv, Lou-lan, seen from east   .   .   240

  5. Panoramic view taken from sandy ridge to west of ruined dwelling N. XLI, Niya Site, showing remains of N. XLI after excavation, ancient tank with surrounding arbour, footbridge

   stretched across dry river-bed, and dead orchards beyond   .   .   240

  1. Ruined dwellings within circumvallation of Bilel-Konghan, near gate, partially cleared   278

  2. South segment of circumvallation of Tang Fort, Endere Site, with gate, seen from outside   278

  3. Interior of ruined Tang Fort, Endere Site, seen from north-east .   .   .   279

  4. Ruined tower, E. vii, with remains of wind-eroded dwelling in foreground, Endere Site   279

  5. Erosion ' witness ' with masonry remains on top, Endere Site   .   .   282

  6. Remains of rampart at N.W. corner of ancient walled enclosure, Endere Site   .   282

  7. Ancient fortified post at S. end of Endere Site, seen from south .   .   282

  8. Fragment of east rampart of ancient walled enclosure, Endere Site   282

  9. Gate in S.E. segment of fortified village enclosure, Bilé1-konghan, seen from outside   283

  10. Ancient orchard at Vash-shahri Site.   .   .   .   283

  11. Tamarisk-cone with old Muhammadan graves at Yalghuz-dong, Charchan River   .   283

  12. Large earthenware jars and basket excavated in quarters of Tibetan Fort, Miran   283

  13. Small ruined mound to north-east of L.A. Station, Lou-lan Site .   .   35o

  14. Remains of Merdek-tim seen from south of circumvallation .   35o

9o. Lopliks and immigrants anthropometrically examined at Charkhlik   350

91. Lopliks anthropometrically examined at Abdal   .   35o