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0161 Serindia : vol.1
Serindia : vol.1 / Page 161 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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Lower limbs lost. Much worn. H. i". Yo. 002. f. Very small. Head of one fig. and lower limbs of both

lost. H.   Yo. 002. g. Single fig. ; arms and legs
lost. H. z". Yo. 002. h. H. zâ". Pl. III. Yo. 002. One fig. has long pigtail. Legs broken. H. zr. Yo. 002. k. Upper part of one monkey ; arms missing. Tail. Hair incised. H. z". Yo. 002. t-m (joined). One head and all below thighs missing. H. zi". Yo. 002. n. Heads and all below waists missing. H. ".

Yo. 003. a, b, f, g, g. i, h, i, i. i, k. Terra-cotta grotesque figs. of monkeys squatting upright on haunches. Each wears loin-cloth. One hand raised to head, other laid on breast. Features generally owl-like, sometimes naturalistic. Work rude. Cf. Yo. 0031. b, c 0037. b. See Anc. Khotan, PI. XLVII, Y. oog. o; Kh. 003. n. Prob. of same type are Yo. 0034. a-c ; 0051. a-c.

Yo. 003. a. Owl type. R. arm placed on breast, L. raised to side of head. R. leg missing. Rude work. H. fl". Yo. 003 b. Owl type, L. arm lost, as also legs from thighs. Rough. H. i ss". Yo. 003. f. Owl type. Arms and legs lost. Very rough. H. é". Yo. 003. g. Owl type. Legs lost. R. hand laid upon breast, L. raised to back of head which is turned R. H. s". Yo. 003. g. z. R. hand upon breast; L. arm outstretched. L. forearm and all below waist missing. H. 4". Yo. 003. h. Larger fig. Only legs from thighs down preserved. H. ". Yo. 003. i. Rudely naturalistic ; R. arm lost, L. raised to mouth. H. z g". l'o. 003, r: r. L. hand placed on stomach, R. arm broken. Head, R. arm, and R. leg from thigh to below knee missing. H. z". Yo. 003. -k. Roughly naturalistic type. Dressed in well-worked cap, collar or cape, and coat with scalloped end at back garments indicated clearly by incised lines. Both arms lost. H. z i".

Yo. 003. c. Terra-cotta monkey (owl type), squatting. Holds syrinx in both hands to mouth. Cf. Anc. Khotan, Pl. XLVI, B. 002. H. W.

Yo. 003. d. Terra-cotta relief of grotesque human fig. playing syrinx. Wears bracelet on either wrist, and side-curls. Broken at waist. H. z3".

Yo. oo3. e. Terra-cotta monkey, owl type ; squatting. Wears loin-cloth. Under L. arm holds drum (?) which he strikes with R. hand. Cf. Anc. Khotan, Pl. XLVI, Y. 0012. b. H. z

Yo. oo3. 1. Terra-cotta monkey, squatting and playing guitar. Head inclined to L. Wears loin-cloth. Cf. Anc. Khotan, PI. XLVI, Y. oog. i. H.

Yo. oo3. m. Terra-cotta monkey, naturalistic type, squatting and playing guitar. Handle of guitar and L. arm lost. Fine miniature work. H. -1".

Yo. oo3. n. Terra-cotta grotesque monkey bearing before him in both hands flower-like object or leaf. Miniature scale. All below waist lost. H. h".


Yo. 003. o. Terra-cotta grotesque monkey, miniature ; knees drawn up to chest ; ithyphallic. R. arm is raised to side of head ; L. arm and both legs lost. Pierced vertically through body for suspension. H. A".

Yo. 003. o. I. Terra-cotta miniature monkey, natural. istic type, seated astride. phallus (broken). Cf. Yo. oo5o and Anc. Khotan, PI. XLVII, Y. oog. q. H. é".

Yo. 003. p. Terra-cotta monkey, squatting on heels, hands placed on knees in attitude of meditation. Miniature scale ; naturalistic. H. t".

Yo. 003. q. Terra-cotta monkey, squatting on heels, hands on knees; carries water-skin on back. Miniature scale ; good naturalistic work. H. s". Pl. III.

Yo. 004. a. Terra-cotta fr. from R. half of large grotesque fig. of monkey seated, with knees drawn up against chest, on circular lotus base. Fr. split away down line of junction between two moulded sides. Most of base, feet, shoulders, and head lost. Fur rendered by bands of incisions ; on body these between incised lines. H. 31".

Yo. 004. b. Terra-cotta monkey, seated on short upright circular object ; legs below thighs, and arms missing. Rough naturalistic work. H. zr.

Yo. 005. a. Terra-cotta grotesque fig., upper part of; R. arm extended and bent at elbow ; L. arm broken away; all beneath breast lost. Incised hair on head, back, and arms, as if monkey. Face human with pointed beard (incised) and moustache (in relief). H. zA".

Yo. 005. b. Terra-cotta grotesque monkey, upper part of. Both arms, body from below chest, and muzzle lost. H. z".

Yo. oo6. a. Terra-cotta monkey, bust of. R. arm, L. forearm, and all below waist, missing. Rough naturalistic work. H. a".

Yo. 006. a. I. Terra-cotta monkey head in round ; naturalistic type ; pigtail behind head. H. I".

Yo. oo6. b. Terra-cotta monkey head. From top of head falls pigtail. Ears are large (L. ear lost) ; above and slightly behind each is round projecting boss. H.

Yo. 007. a. Terra-cotta monkey head in round; eyes forme_ d by stamped circles ; hair indicated by incised lines. Very rude work. H. i".

Yo. on. b. Terra-cotta monkey head in round ; eyes formed by dot and circle; hair indicated on brow and cheeks. Round neck is collar orn. with single line of punch-marks. Face well modelled to express apish grin. H. $". Pl. III.

Yo. 007. c. Terra-cotta monkey head in round ; long hair on top of head rendered by incised strokes, that of back and sides by short dashes ; face formed by scooping two large hollows side by side and stamping dot-andcircle eye in each. Rude work. H. z".