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0317 Serindia : vol.1
Serindia : vol.1 / Page 317 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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doi: 10.20676/00000183
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Seal cay., Ii" X IA', empty ; strings intact. Obv. of coy: tablet much encrusted ; one 1. Khar. visible on each side of cay. and single character by hole. Rev. of under-tablet : one short 1. Khar. at sq. end. Hard and well preserved.

843"xIa" X 1" to Sa ~ ~   8 '

N. xm. ii. 5. Rectang. double tablet, complete, opened. Cov.-tablet : Obv. Seal cay. It" X i". Seal destroyed. Blank. Rev. one 1. Khar., very faint.

Under-tablet : split. Obv. four 11. Khar. Rev. blank. Much sand-encrusted. 51" x I4" x r.

N. xm. ii. 6. Double-wedge tablet. Complete. Unopened. Cov: tablet: Obv. x from sq. end seal cay. (IA"X I") with string and seal intact. Device as N. xm. ii. to, q. v. By sq. end one 1. Khar. On point side of cay. one 1. Khar. Usual character near hole.

Under-tablet : Rev. one 1. Khar. by sq. end. id" X 28" x to 8". Very good condition. Pl. XXIV.

N. xm. ii. 7. Rectang. double tablet, unopened. Remains of seal, but impression quite destroyed. Much sand-encrusted, but traces of Khar. writing across one end of cov.-tablet. Wood hard. 7." X z8" x 8" to r.

N. xm. li. 8. Rectang. double tablet, complete, opened. Cov: tablet : Obv. Seal cay. (2" x Ii") with two impressions totally defaced. On one end traces of writing. Rev. eight 11. Khar. faint.

Under-tablet : Obv. eight II. Khar., faint. Rev. blank. Much encrusted. 6f" x 2r X r.

N. xm. ii. g. Double-wedge tablet. Opened. Coy.-tablet : Obv. Iâ" from sq. end seal cay. (I " sq.) with seal intact with same device as N. xIII. ii. Io, q.v. By sq. end one 1. Khar. Point side of seal one 1. Khar. Near hole usual character. Rev. blank.

Under-tablet : Obv. three 11. Khar. Rev. one I. Khar. by sq. end. 12*" x 2" x 4' to 1".

N. xm. ii. Io. Double-wedge tablet. Complete. Unopened. Cov.-tablet : Obv. 2-" from sq. end seal cay. (Ii" X 1") with intact impression of oval stone in plain

setting sq. with rounded corners. Nude male fig.   R.
standing with weight on L. foot, R. leg slightly drawn back. L. arm stretched forward with raised hand. R. arm behind, bent at elbow, hand holding stout staff which rises as high as shoulder. Heavy wings reaching to edge of stone. Head profile R., beardless, hair in heavy roll over forehead. To R. a small fig. facing L. stands under lifted arm of main fig. and with outstretched hand seems to touch his thigh (?) ; only head and arm visible. Behind head of first fig. doubtful object, perhaps plume of helmet. For type of fig. cf. Genius Pop. Rom. on coins of Diocletian ; Hill, Greek and Roman Coins, Pl. XV. 9. Strong classical style, stone prob. imported. Same device on

N. xIII. i. I, N. xIII. ii. 6, 9 ; N. xxut. ii. 8.   On sq.
setting are traces of Khar. letters, very faint. By sq. end one 1. Khar., point side•of seal one letter Khar. By hole usual character ; all faint.

Under-tablet : Rev. one short 1. Khar. by sq. end. r 2i" x 2" X.4" to A". PI. XX, XXVII.


N. xIII. if. n. Portion of wedge cov.-tablet, transformed into detached seal-case with seal cay., xi"x I", empty. Obv. blank. Rev. three 11. Khar., faint. Hard but much encrusted. 3" x In". Pl. XXVII.

N. xm. ii. 12. Rectang. tablet with three notches in each of shorter ends. Obv. blank. Rev. three (?) 11. Khar., very

faint. 2 " X   ".

N. xm. ii. oox. a-c. Fabrics. (a) Fr. of coarse fabric of

pale khaki colour.   8k".

  1. Fr. of firm thick wool (?) darri in stripes of buff and dark brown, interspersed with thin lines of red. 4r X 5. ".

  2. Fr. of very fine plain cream silk finely corded. 3g" X

I , I2

N. xm. ii. 002. One-edged iron spud or skewer with flat ring handle. Cf. T. W. end of Wall. 005 and 007. Length 61"; width of handle 2r. Pl. xxxVI.

N. xm. iii. I. Label-like tablet with hole at pointed end. Obv. two columns (6 and, 7 II.) Khar, Rev. blank. Writing faint, wood soft. 6" X zr X i".

N. xm. iii. 2. Rectang. tal let. Obv. four 11. Khar. Rev. one 1. Khar. in corner. Writing very faint and indistinct. Soft, badly split. 7h" x 2*".

N. xm. iii. 3. Rectang. cov.-tablet, with empty seal cavity 118" x I". Obv. blank. Rev. five II. Khar. very faint. Hard, but badly bleached and split. 8r 3".

N. xm. iii. 4. Rectang. under-tablet. Twisted, bleached; surface perished. No writing visible. 9i"X 2'XV.

N. xm. Hi. 5. Label-like tablet, with hole at wedge-shaped end. Obv. two IL Khar. near sq. end. Rev. blank. Good condition. 5r" x 2r" x k".

N. xm. iii. 6. Label-like tablet with hole at pointed end ; very roughly trimmed. Obv. three columns of 3 ll. each. Khar., part clear, part obliterated. Rev. blank. Hard, but somewhat damaged. 91" Iâ".

N. xm. iii. oor. Wooden mouse-trap. Cf. N. xxxv. viii. 0013, and Anc. Khotan, Pl. LXXIII, N. aux. 2. 1a" X 4" X â". Pl. XIX.

N. xm. iii. 002. Wooden boot-last. Much sand-encrusted. Cf. N. xIx. 00I, 002. 9i" x 3" x 2t" to Ir.

N. xm. iii. oog. Wooden weaver's comb. Cf. N. xxxt. i. 00I, and Anc. Kholan, Pl. LXXIII, N. xx. 05. 9i" x 4" X xi".

N. xxu. v. I. Wooden panel carved in relief. Plain tenon at each end. Above, separated by moulding with carved chevrons, two lotus flowers, four-petalled and four-sepalled, filling oblong spaces. Below, in centre, eight-rayed star, from which radiate, on one side six, on the other seven, contiguous bands of sq. nail-head orn. Back scored by

knife cuts. Prob. part of cupboard.   15" x 7*" X ".
PI. xIx.

N. xru. v. oor. Fr. of rim of wooden bowl. Worked very smooth inside and out. Thickness" ; original diam. 4k".