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0244 Serindia : vol.1
Serindia : vol.1 / Page 244 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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doi: 10.20676/00000183
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Several vesicas represented. Flames represented by curved tongues with central ribs, moulded in strips. z" x 3".

From same mould : Kha. ii. oor, 003, 005. a, 0015, 0016, 0024, 0025, 0026, 0043, 0044, 0045, 0046, 0047, 0048, 0049, 0050, 0051. a, b, 0090; C. oo6. All these are taken from the mould of which Kha. i. 0015 is part, or from the replica Kha. ii. 0075.

*Kha. ii. 002. Stucco relief fr. of lotus wreath or fasces. Prob. from edge of vesica. Strip half-round in section, tied at intervals of I" with one plain and one bead fillet. Between bands, single rows of rounded lotus petals with prominent lobes ; pointed leaves show between. Traces of crimson and of orange colour. White stucco. 5" X 2}".

.      From same mould : Kha. ii. 007, 0013, 0064, 0087.
Cf. Kha. i. oo9; i. S.W. oor ; vii. oor ; ix. 0016.

Kha. ii. '004. Circular box of turned wood, with rebate for lid. Broken in three pieces ; one fr. missing from side and bottom. H. ri" ; diam. at bottom 3*" ; at top 3".

*Kha. ii. 006. Stucco relief fr. ' Snail-shell ' curl from head of large human fig. Hard white stucco, rather coarse. i"x Ii". From mould Kha. ii. 0076.

From same mould: Kha. ii. 0020, 002!, 0069. a—d; ii. N. 0o10.

Kha. ii. 00x0. Stucco relief fr. Flame pattern, in leaf-shaped mass, painted green. Probably from vesica ; cf. Kha. vii. 002, 003. White stucco. 2t" x 2r".

Kha. ii. 00x1. Fr. of painted panel, split off thicker piece. Small patches of colour. Part of face (L. side) showing L. ear, eye, and part of hair. Flesh pink, hair black, eyelashes and eyebrows black. Other contours red. Nimbus pink, background bright green and bright orange red. A small patch of yellow ochre to L. p. Colours very brilliant. Much effaced. Wood rather soft.


Kha. ii. 0014. Stucco relief fr. ' Snail-shell ' curl with large fr. of unworked stucco. White stucco. 3" x 2k".

Kha. ii. 0017. Stucco relief fr. of lotus petal. Lobes and central rib very prominent. Traces of crimson paint. Hard white stucco. • 4" X 3".

Kha. ii. oox8. Fr. of wall stucco, upper part smooth, lower rough. On former are four cursive Brâhmi characters, in black paint. See Appendix F. 4" x 2k".

Kha. ii. 0020. Stucco relief fr. from colossal head, with one 'snail-shell' curl. Hard white stucco. See Kha. ii. oo6. z**" x 2*".

Kha. ii. 0021. Stucco relief fr. from colossal head, with three applied ' snail-shell' curls. See Kha. ii. oo6. 3r" X


Kha. ii. 0022. Stucco relief fr., with eight ' snail-shell ' curls smaller in size than those of Kha. ii. oo6. Hard white stucco. 3" X 3r".


Kha. ii. 0023. Stucco relief fr. of standing Buddha. Only L. breast with thumb of L. hand raised to breast remains. Drapery red. White stucco. 21" x Ii".

Kha. ii. 0027. Stucco relief fr. Topknot of linen ; red

clay with fibre admixed, white slip.   Cf. A.T. 0087.
2*" X 2*".

Kha. ii. 0028. Stucco relief fr. of Gandharvi L., on lotus pedestal, in adoration. Head and upper part of vesica lost and whole broken across. Traces of colour remain ; red for flame border, green for background of vesica, black for stole and hair, red for lower drapery, pink for lotus. Fairly hard white stucco. 61" x 4e".

Kha. ii. 0029. Stucco relief fr. Fig. of Buddha in very low relief. R. hand raised, L. arm bent at elbow and hand rests on L. breast. Slight traces of gold leaf show fig. was gilded. On L. side fr. of blue halo. Head and feet missing (head resembled Kha. i. 0022). White stucco.

Kha. ii. 0030. Stucco relief fr. Upper part of Gandharvi with nimbus. Breast nude, arms raised level with shoulders, forearms bent upwards perpendicularly. Hair gathered in topknot, black. R. forearm and all below breast lost. White stucco. 2*" x

*Kha. ii. oo3x, 0062 (joined). Stucco relief fr. of drapery border. Series of gently curved and of flowing S-folds alternating, giving scalloped effect to edge of drapery. Surface originally black ; under-side, where shown, red. White stucco. 3*" x 8r".

From same mould : Kha. ii. oo6 r ; ii. N. 002, 003, 004, 005, 0018.

Kha. ii. 0032. Stucco relief fr. of double layer of drapery, with very conventional system of curved parallel folds. White stucco. 31" x 2*".

Kha. ii. 0033. Stucco relief fr. Thumb of L. hand of life-sized fig. Red clay mixed with fibre. White slip. Length 3*"•

Kha. ii. 0034. Stucco fr. Finger, about life-size. Red clay. Much damaged through salt. Length 4°

Kha. ii. 0035. Stucco fr. Long thin second finger from life-sized fig. Red clay. Length 4".

Kha. ii. 0036. Stucco fr. Little finger from life-sized fig. Very rude ; red clay. Length 2*".

Kha. ii. 0037. Stucco fr. Bent finger from life-sized fig. White stucco. Length 3".

Kha. ii. 0038. Wooden key, of usual form with borings for seven ward-pegs ; : : • :, but without pegs. Cf. Kha. v. oo6. Soft but well preserved. 4" x ".

Kha. ii. 0089. Stucco relief fr., circular orn. of headdress or turban. Outside is border of drapery, terminating above in finial. Within is beaded border enclosing space 2*" diam. In this, amid conventional foliage, is human head with large ears and head-dress. White stucco. 41" X 3". Pl. XVI.