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0159 Serindia : vol.1
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Yo. 02. Terra-cotta slab of uncertain use, representing façade of building. At base of fr. balustrade or rail on which stand short Indo-Corinthian columns (one remaining) with bracket capital,lotus-buds on S-shaped stalks, supporting arches. In spandrels, circular rosettes. Above is band of half-round moulding, twisted strands alternately plain and beaded. Above this rise stepped battlements (cf. Foucher, L'Art du Gandhdra, i. Fig. 99), between which are miniature figs., elephant, man, and fr. of another. Under arcade half-length figs. of musicians. On R., flute-player ; wears turban and plain-sleeved coat. On L., cymbal-player ; elaborate head-dress with peak in front and streamers over ears ending in jewels ; wears loose sleeved jacket. Cf. for general scheme, Foucher, op. cil., Figs. 165, 297-300.

On rev. of slab, behind battlements, row of bead and plain circle rosettes, below which ledge divided by vertical half-round notches into row of brackets. Rest below, plain. Very fine work. 4â" x 5". Pl. I.

Yo. 04. a. Terra-cotta fig. of horse with rider seated on kind of saddle-cloth. Both fore- and hind-legs of horse solid. Saddle and harness incised. Cf. Yo. 0030. a. H. x $" ; length 2".

Yo. 05. a. Bronze cast of seated Buddha, with pointed halo. Corroded. Remains of stud or shank behind. Gr. m., x"x4". Pl. VI.

Yo. 05. b. White soapstone fig., very rudely cut, seated cross-legged, with L. elbow in R. hand, and L. hand supporting head. Face worn flat ; back not carved out. C. r x

Yo. 05. c. Bar of white soapstone, small, round, dumb-bell shaped with groove round middle. Length " ; gr. diam.

Yo. 05. d. Soapstone relief, fr. of peacock (front view). Outspread tail forms large halo. No attempt to show feathers ; no eyes. Feet broken off and R. side of tail. H. c. xi"; gr. width (broken) â". Pl. VI.

Yo. 05. e. Crystal intaglio, hemispherical. Beardless male bust to L. Hair, rendered by twb rows of crescent curves, brushed from centre of head and forming heavy bandeau over forehead and behind ears, tied with fillet. Bust draped in plain tunic laced in front; bead ear-ring. Late classical type. On either side of head three characters in Brâhmi, cut by a different hand, read by Dr. Barnett sayari—kunasa. Cutting of head fairly good, of inscription very rough, mostly drill work. Set in modern silver ring. Diam. -b". Pl. v.

Yo. o6. a. Jade fig. of monkey, kneeling and bending forwards from waist. Arms held out close together in front, as if praying ; but hands gone. Tail broken. Length (head to foot) c. i". Pl. VI.

Yo. 06. b. Terra-cotta monkey, ` owl' type, squatting on heels. L. hand on mouth ; R. lost. Rudely modelled. Cf. Yo. 0031. b, etc. H. tr.

Yo. 06. c. Terra-cotta monkey, naturalistic type, seated with knees drawn up. L. leg gone and both arms. Cf. Yo. 0032. d and 00178; rude work. H. /9-u".

Yo. o6. d. Hexagonal crystal. Length IV; diam. ".

Yo. o6. e. As Yo. o6. d, but smaller. Length f", diam. c.

Yo. o6. f. Dark green jade model vase. Round body


and foot ; long neck. H. i   ". Pl. IV.

Yo. 06. h. Clay spindle-whorl, convex face and back. Hole through middle ; incised circle on face, " from edge, with two diameters at right angles to each other, ending in holes sunk in circumference joined by curved lines, concave to segments of the circle. Spaces thus formed filled by rows of incised dashes. Diam. c. }i".

Yo. 06. k. White steatite (?) bead ; flattened spheroid. Chipped. Diam. c.

Yo. 06. 1. Cylindrical pendant of white glass, seven-ribbed, semi-transparent. One end rounded off; about A" from other, a deep groove all round. Through head left beyond this, a hole for suspension. Cf. N. xxtx. 005. Length 'kTM. gr. diam. r. PI. Iv.

Yo. 07. Elliptical garnet intaglio, piano-convex. A goddess (Durgâ?) astride a dragon advancing L. Goddess has hair falling over shoulders, quilted skirt, overskirt, heavy girdle, and carries in her L. hand a double pennant. Dragon is leonine with open jaws, forking floriate tongue and tail, heavy mane and fringed fore-legs. Fine work, polished in cutting. 4" x ig". PI. v.

Yo. 010. c. Elliptical cornelian intaglio, flat ; half only. Near middle of broken edge, a deeply incised circle. Down side of circle, near break, runs a straight groove, which continues to edge of seal on one side, but dies away on other. i" x $" (broken).

Yo. 01o. d. Rhombus-shaped garnet intaglio, flat. A bird to L., standing with wings slightly raised; poor work. is x i g". Pl. V.

Yo. ow. e. Bronze signet-ring bezel and part of hoop. Seal represents warrior in mailed trousers (?), L. knee bent. Head turned L. looking down, with helmet. L. arm raised from elbow holding something. Stole hangs, in long folds, from R. shoulder. Seal 8" x 3'g". Pl. V.

Yo. out a. Terra-cotta head of monkey in round ; replica of Yo. oo7. f, save for some incised details, and better condition. H. I ".

Yo. o11. b. Female head, see Yo. 009. h. Eyebrows incised. eyelids in relief. Plain band round topknot. H. 21".

Yo. out c. Terra-cotta camel. Hair represented by incised lines and short dashes. Traces of rider between humps. Legs lost. H. 1 ié".