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0171 Serindia : vol.1
Serindia : vol.1 / Page 171 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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Yo. 0062. Terra-cotta grotesque head of monkey, playing guitar. Body that of bird with folded wings. H. r $". Pl. III.

Yo. 0063. Terra-cotta female monkey, squatting and giving suck to young. With R. arm she nurses another monkey, swaddled and lying in cradle. Both arms and head of female, and head of small monkey lost. Moulded ; fine work. H. 2". Pl. I.

Yo. 0064. Terra-cotta moulded fig. of boar. L. half only. Faithful naturalistic work. Length z$". Pl. III.

Yo. 0065. ag. Stucco relief frs. of railing, or parapet, moulded in relief; consisting of sq. panels between upright posts which are grooved down centre and terminate top and bottom in knob. Panels orn. with sunk square (in outline). Along base of whole runs plain border. Fine drab clay. Length a$" to 2f"; average width I é".

Yo. 0066. Terra-cotta appliqué half-length fig., wearing long-sleeved, loose-breasted tunic and playing harp held against L. shoulder. Cf. Yo. 02 (larger figs.). H. of fig. x. ". Pl. III.

Yo. 0067. Terra-cotta appliqué from vase. Female head, full-face, with ' topknot' coiffure. Very fine execution. For type cf. Gandharvi, Anc. Kholan, Pl. LIV,

D. I. 9o. H.   PI. III.

Yo. oo68. Terra-cotta appliqué relief from vase. Man L. carrying water-jar on L. shoulder. H. Ir.

Yo. oo68. Terra-cotta miniature jug, with long beaklike spout, small round body and single handle, with thumb-piece. H.4".

Yo. 0070. Terra-cotta grotesque appliqué group. Monkey (head alone appears) carrying on his shoulders female monkey (wearing trousers) who carries young monkey in L. arm and grotesque bird in R. Bold work ; female head very fine. H. 3s". Pl. I.

Yo. 0071. Terra-cotta fig. of Yak, bearing load of faggots (?). Crudest possible style of modelling. Length


Yo. 0072. Terra-cotta fr. of ' winged gryphon handle, broken across wing and fore-legs. Usual type of head, etc. L. half of cast only. Length 2E.

Yo. 0073. Terra-cotta fig. of woman. Head, L. arm and feet lost. Body clothed in dress covering upper part and arms closely. Round waist is serpent belt with four pear-shaped pendants behind ; below belt the skirt of dress widens out into bell-shape, the sides being slit. Beneath this, double apron with embroidered edges hangs down behind and in front; legs show indications of trousers. R. arm bent at elbow and brought across body, prob. beating a drum held under lost L. arm. On R. shoulder are three ribbons secured by demon mask (brooch ?). Hair in two pigtails behind. Good moulded and appliqué work. H. z". Pl. I.

Yo. 0074. Terra-cotta fr. of bird, breast and wing of (cf. Yo. oo6r). Feathers marked by small incised curves. I" x .i..

Yo. 0075. Terra-cotta head of horse. Moulded; hair, reins, etc., indicated by incised lines. Conventional work.

H.   ; length

Yo. 0076. Terra-cotta appliqué from vase ; head and breast of human fig. ; wears turban and necklace falling on breast. H. Li".

Yo. 0077. Terra-cotta fr. of handle, in form of monster's head. Mouth open and swallowing. Length I4".

Yo. 0078. Terra-cotta fr., moulded ; meaning uncertain. H. I r.

Yo. 0079. ab. Terra-cotta appliqué from vase. Two lion masks, (a) much worn and stained. H. (a) 1";

(b) r6"•

Yo. 0081. Heavy cast bronze orn., suggestive of mace-head, but too roughly made for that purpose. Tubular, externally of hexagonal section. For rather more than

half of its length, plain.   Then expands into larger
hexagonal body, of which the flat faces occur over the angles of shank. Each face carries a blunt lozenge pyramidal point. Junction of body with shank is furnished with a sq. moulding of very slight projection. Transition from faces of shank to intervals between hexagonal faces of body, effected by overhanging triangular faces. Geometrical forms resulting from the construction rather involved and interesting. Seems to have served purpose of a ferrule, being pierced throughout, and had some terminal member. Well preserved. Length 3" ; diam.

of shank I3"; internal diam.   ; weight r1 oz. PI. VII.

Yo. 0082. Grey steatite fr. of miniature Stiipa. Two umbrella-like tiers from crown. Lower edge of upper tier cut in sort of billet orn. Top broken off. Inside roughly cut out in dome shape narrowing into hole. H. I"; diam. of base I". Pl. VIL

Yo. oo88. Stucco relief fr. of lotus wreath, with strong frontal curve. On front, large boss-like flower is applied. Cf. Kha. ii. ooz. Single rows of petals between plain fillets. Red clay. 3r x rg".

Yo. 0084. Terra-cotta head and bust of monkey. Eyes mere circle and dot ; hair dressed in female fashion roughly indicated. Rudely modelled. H. 28".

Yo. oo88. Flat triangular stone, light brown, surface entirely covered with fine irregular natural markings. See also Yo. ooa Io for larger specimen. Base of triangle a"; base to apex A"; thickness

Yo. oo88. Seal of yellowish-white pebble. Four-sided, and roughly pyramidal in shape, with fret design cut on base. The apex does not reach a point but is rounded over. Hole pierced horizontally from side to side for string, by which it was worn. Edges rounded, and

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