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0179 Serindia : vol.1
Serindia : vol.1 / Page 179 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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Khot. 06. k. Terra-cotta fr. L. knee of seated Buddha.

rsx c. 3„


Khot. o6. n. Round bronze seal, with long shank behind as Yo. 00142. Condition bad. Design seems to be diamond (in outline) with somewhat concave sides, outside each of which is round dot. H. with shank rig” ; diam. base g" to is".

Khot. 06. o. Bronze seal, much corroded, and having now face only, without handle. Contains apparently a single Chin. char. too blurred to be determined (L. C. Hopkins). II" x f".

Khot. 06. p. Oblong seal of grey stone, shaped like flat four-sided pyramid, with shank at apex. On base, linear design within single border, almost indistinguishable. H. 8" ; base •" x -19u".

Khot. 06. q. Pear-shaped bronze seal,with 'shoulders' well indented. Prob. for ink impressions. Design : plain border with inner plain border separated from it by sunk line. Within, a trefoil with groove down middle. Shank broken off. H. i2"; width n".

Khot. 06. r. Round bronze seal, with shank at back as Yo. 00144. Very fine design of gryphon with lashing

tail, uplifted head, and open jaws.   Border of single
circle, concentric with outer edge and joined to it by series

of cross-lines. Diam.   Pl. v.

Khot. 06. s. Sq.-faced lignite seal, with hole through centre. Remains of shank at back. Design as on Yo. 0015o, of floriate Svastika. Face $" x f" ; thickness E. PI. V.

Khot. oog. Bronze arrowhead. Three barbs, triangular section. Type of T. aux. 0020. Stump of iron shaft in socket. Length ii".

Khot. 004. a. Elliptical garnet intaglio, flat. Winged bull standing L., with human head, bearded, and wearing a diadem from which rises a feather (?) plume. Early Persian type, good cutting, c. fourth cent. n. n. In front are five, and over the back three, characters in Pahlavi read by Dr. Barnett as Apaslan 'al yezdân. A x â". Pl. V.

Khot. 004. b. Elliptical garnet intaglio, convex. Female (?) bust L. Long neck, straight profile. Hair brushed up to form small crest over forehead, and falling

in mass behind. Coarsely ground work.   x i". Pl. v.

Khot. 004. c. Elliptical cornelian intaglio, flat. A porcupine lying to L. Very rude shallow work. 1" x ig". Pl. v.

Khot. 005. Bronze squat fig. of man, cast solid. Hands clasped before body, elbows out. Space between arm and body on each side pierced for suspension. Condition fair. H. 34". Pl. VI.

Khot. 006. Green steatite fig. on oblong base, a grotesque beast couchant. Long neck curved backwards in swan-like attitude with chin resting upon it. Head and upright ears not unlike those of horse or goat. From

forehead spring two long curving horns which sweep out backwards and downwards behind head, then curve forwards again and end in spiral on shoulders. Tail curls upwards over back in S-shape, touching downward sweep of horns. Surface somewhat defaced. Along middle of base, a slit cut up into interior, allowing fig. to be stuck upon some shaft as finial. H. I-" ; base r" x c. Pl. W.

Khot. 007. Crescent-shaped bronze orn.; cf. Yo. 00176, q. v. Shank for suspension behind. Projection in middle of concave side, narrow at base and widening towards end, which is in line with tips of crescent. Within edge is border of sunk line running all round. Field orn. with conventional plant (?) design. Condition good. IW"xI:".

Khot. oo8. Bronze cast of Bactrian camel, standing on elliptical base. Lower side of body cut upwards almost to base of second hump, leaving unnaturally attenuated waist. One side smooth and polished, the other roughened with exposure. No detail. On bottom of base a roughly cut seal design representing a grotesque beast with horned head, long neck and long snake-like body which turns upwards sharply at end of ellipse. Fore- and hind-legs shown. For animal of somewhat similar kind, see Anc. Kholan, Pl. L, N. oo6. H. r" ; base i" x ". Pl. VI.

Khot. oog. Bronze Buddha head, cast solid. Oblique eyes, elongated ears, topknot. Much defaced and cracked. H. I â". PI. VII.

Khot. ooxo. Terra-cotta figurine of monkey, naturalistic type, kneeling on plain flat stand. Wears loin-cloth, but phallic ; holds water-skin under L. arm ; R. hand broken. Good work. H. 2*".

Khot. 00I1. Terra-cotta figurine of monkey, kneeling, phallic ; R. hand laid on breast. On back is hump-like object, orn. above with incised circles, on sides with

  • hatching. H. Ii".

Khot. 0012. Terra-cotta head of Buddha, front cast of. Hair and topknot left in mass. Much weathered. H. 1„

Khot. oo13. Terra-cotta fr. of female fig., lower part (from waist); as Khot. o1. 1. From belt hang fur tails or ornaments. Legs are sq. columnar mass with vertical groove back and front. H. xi".

Khot. 0014. Terra-cotta model of water-skin, showing by incised lines sewn-up seams of original. Length I;'8".

Khot. 0015. Terra-cotta seated monkey, owl type. Body long and funnel-shaped ; legs and arms broken off short. H. I%".

Khot. 0016. Pottery fr. of small vessel of fine red ware, orn. above by chain pattern formed of interlinking semicircles, below by incised fluting connected at top by semicircles. 1" x I".

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