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0182 Serindia : vol.1
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[Chap. IV

hands. Hair of head and body marked by incisions. Before him a very small fig. dancing with uplifted arms, facing R. In field five Brahmi letters read by Dr. L. D. Barnett fri-saya. ~" x fun. Pl. v.

Khot. 008g. Fr. of pottery, trimmed and pierced for modern suspension ; orn. with appliqué fig., to waist, of man. Wears heavy turban, cross-belts, and bracelets on L. upper arm. Supports drum of hour-glass shape with L. hand, beats it with R. 2?" x r i".

Khot. oogo. Round intaglio of banded chalcedony, convex. Bearded male bust to L. of Sassanian type ; head surmounted by pair of stag's horns, amulet between them. Hair behind in thick close curls. In front letters resembling Sogdian (?). Diam. â". Pl. V.

Khot. oogr. Round onyx intaglio, flat. Youthful male head in profile to L.; features of late classical type. Wears gorget, bead ear-ring, and composite helmet consisting of (a) in front, male mask with sharp nose and pointed beard, Persian type ; (b) behind, elephant's head with tusk and curled trunk. The human mask faces upwards, the elephant's looks backwards and shields back of head. Fine detailed work, with some polish in cutting. For similar type of helmet, cf. Arc. Khotan, Pl. XLIX, B. D. oor. j.

Diam.   PI. V.

Khot. 0092. Fr. of oval garnet intaglio, convex. Beardless male head to L. ; the hair indicated by vertical lines; a roll of hair above the forehead. Bust broken away. Poor work, showing classical influence ; good

polish in cuttings.   -" x r. Pl. V.

Khot. 0093. Circular garnet intaglio, piano-convex. Winged ox with head lowered, to L. End of wing curled ; horn reaches to root of wing; head being somewhat turned round towards front. Rough but vigorous work; fine polish in cuttings. Diam. i". Pl. V.

Khot. 0094. Circular cornelian intaglio, flat, with bevelled edges. An ibex, walking to L. Diam. r. PI. V.

Khot. oo95. Elliptical intaglio of banded chalcedony, flat. Lion walking to L. Fairly good work. Eastern type. r x AN. Pl. V.

Khot. oog6. Elliptical intaglio of banded chalcedony, flat. Head of animal to L., ears prominent. Rough drilled work. i" x". PI. v.

Khot. oogg. Wooden fr., split off larger piece, showing fig. of man in primitive relief carving. Body a mere cylinder and limbs sticks. Hands placed on front of body, L. on abdomen, R. over pudenda ; feet hang down from ankles instead of coming forward, owing to difficulties of foreshortening. Eyes and mouth rendered by holes, fingers and toes by grooves. Grooves also cut across L. wrist and ankles to indicate bangles. Hair and ears not marked. Prob. a votive fig. to promote fertility. Length of fr. 8" ; width xi"; length of fig. 6".

Khot. ooioo. Pottery handle of large wheel-made vessel of fine red clay. Base stood upon shoulder. From this the handle (elliptical in section) ran up, straight but inclining outwards, for about 4" ; then curves suddenly in. At this end remains part of vessel showing widely everted rim. The straight line of handle is continued upwards by classical double anthemion orn., which meets edge of rim at its tip. Length 68" ; width of handle

Khot. ooxoi. Body of pottery vessel, wheel-made, with flat bottom ; widest circumference round middle. Had slender neck now broken off, edge smoothed, and prob. a single handle, resembling Khot. 00102, when complete. On shoulder slope is one lion mask appliqué, which apparently was added when handle broke, and covers mark of its base. Beneath this two incised lines run round pot. H. 5" ; h. to start of shoulder 3"; diam. at base 2 y" ; gr. diam. 41".

Khot. 00102. Handmade potteryjug with single handle, resembling Greek oenochoë. Flat bottom ; walls very slightly curved outwards ; long shoulder ; short straight neck, into middle of which joins top of handle. No orn. Red clay. H. 9"; h. to neck 6r ; diam. of base 2 " ; gr. diam. 4". Pl. IV.

Tam. o01. Clay mould in two halves, for making solid-cast metal fig. of deer lying down. Large back-curving horns, furry ears, eye, hoofs, etc., well marked. The two halves do not fit very well. Said to have been found at Tam-öghil as all Tam. 002-005. H. of animal r"; mould length 3"; mould width IA".

Tam. 002. Clay mould, in two halves, for making fig. similar to that of Tam. oor. The two halves furnished with flanges to give better fit. C. 3" x 1iß"

Tam. 003. Half of sq. clay mould for making bronze button, as Yo. 00x46. I.e. plain sq. with sunk border wherein dots in relief. Impression Imo" sq. ; mould " sq.

Tam. 004. As Tam. 003, but not belonging to same mould. Mould x-" sq. ; impression c. r 8-" sq.

Tam. oo5. Stucco relief fr. Straight band, semicircular in section, orn. with spiral lines of bead orn. alternating with plain fillet. 3" x Imo" x (gr. thickness) r.

Jiya. 003. Jade bird, cut out of very dark green jade. Pierced transversely through shapeless feet. No eyes. Wings folded, indicated by channelled curve on each side. Said, like Jiya. 004-007, to have been found at ' Tatis ', N. of Jiya. r x " x r. Pl. vi.

Jiya. 004. Stone charm, prob. meant to represent small bag containing three objects, expressed by three lobes, of which the central projecting one has part split away. Upper part carved, to suggest perhaps rucks in the neck of bag caused by contraction of drawing-string. Hole drilled through projecting lug at top for suspension. Back, flat and unmodelled. Material seems to be hard dark grey sandstone. 8" x ". PI. Iv.