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0207 Serindia : vol.1
Serindia : vol.1 / Page 207 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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doi: 10.20676/00000183
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A.T. iv. 00161. Stucco relief fr., roughly incised, with smooth rounded end. Second piece projects by side ; perhaps muzzle and paw of monkey. Light red clay. I"x 2$".

A.T. iv. 00162. Stucco relief fr. of drapery, with slightly undulating rounded folds ; rough. Reddish mud-coloured clay. 3k" x 28".

A.T. iv. 00164. Terra-cotta fr. Knee of squatting monkey ; fur indicated by incised dashes. Light red clay. Ii"x I$". PI. ix.

A.T. iv. 00165. Stucco relief fr. Roll of clay marked with central groove, bent into loop. Drab clay. 2" x 2".

A.T. v. I. Terracotta fr. Leg from ankle to middle of thigh ; shows conventional fur markings ; possibly part of monkey riding. 2" X I ". Pl. IX.

A.T. V. 2. Terra-cotta fig. of monkey, upper part of. R. arm raised above level of shoulder, but broken above elbow. L. arm, crown of head, and all below breast lost. Features deeply incised after moulding ; hair of body marked by rows of incisions made with thin wedge-shaped tool. Fine clay; surface very smooth. H. 31". Pl. IX.

A.T. v. oox. Stucco relief fr. of human face. Breakage extends across bridge of nose, thence close to L. nostril and corner of mouth below chin and upwards well to R. of mouth and nose. Nose is relroussé; nostrils, lips, and corners of mouth with chin very carefully modelled. Surface finely preserved. Red clay with remains of white slip. 25" X I'"

A.T. V. 002. Stucco relief fr. of human face, nose and mouth only. Very careful modelling ; nose thin-edged and very slightly curved along its whole length, not at bridge. Red clay with remains of white slip. 2" x Irv.

A.T. v. oo3. Stucco relief fr. Small R. hand with three bracelets on wrist ; fingers are closed over palm holding something which passes down inside arm. Prob. from a Buddha holding end of drapery. Hollow cast, built up on wooden core. Well-levigated light red clay, burned hard and uniformly. 2Ç" x q".

*A.T. v. 004. Stucco relief fr. Human R. ear about life-size. Hard light red clay. 3k"x Ir. From same mould : A.T. v. 0084.

A.T. v. 0017. a, b. Stucco relief frs. ; crescents. See *A.T. 0033. 2i"x 2h". Pl. VIII.

A.T. V. 0020. Stucco relief fr. L. half of pear-shaped medallion. Vandyke edging between two narrow fillets, with single leaf-shaped orn. and ball inside. Mud-coloured clay, unevenly burned. 2"x I ".

A.T. V. 0022. Stucco relief fr. of flowing, finely folded drapery, on fr. of smooth background. Folds end in zigzags. Reddish-drab clay. 2r x

x .

A.T. v. 0023. Stucco relief fr., like Takhli handle ; on broader part linear orn. like arrowhead, with subsidiary barbs. Reddish-drab clay. 3r x 2i".

A.T. v. 0024. Stucco relief fr., with acanthus-like foliage. Cf. A.T. 0072. Drab clay. 2" x 2".

A.T. v. 0025. Stucco relief fr. of grotesque face of demon. Upper lip and portion of L. cheek only preserved. Upper lip projects in snarl, showing teeth ; over this is moustache which crosses projecting cheek-bone. Very slightly above is part of lower eyelid, showing that nose and whole face were grotesquely short. Drab clay. 2"x I$".

A.T. v. 0026. Stucco relief fr. Jewel from head-dress (?) ; below is sq. engaged capital ; on this rests three-sided tapering frame-work with four sq. openings in each side. Light red clay, surface decayed. 22"x

A.T. V. 0029. Stucco relief fr. Lower part of seated Buddha in centre of lotus flower. R. side of fr. broken away. Hands bare, drapery rendered by close parallel grooves, with zigzag borders. Light red clay. 4" X 3".

A.T. v. 0032. Stucco relief fr. Hard reddish-grey stucco. See *A.T. 0020. 4$"x 3". Pl. VIII.

A.T. v. 0034. Stucco fr. Core of lower arm of fig., with remains of overlaid drapery confined by band having chevron orn. Coarse red clay. Length 4j"

A.T. v. 0035. Stucco fr. L. hand of fig. about half life-size, palm to front ; finger closed from lower joint upon upper part of palm. Round wrist is fr. of plain bracelet. Nails clearly indicated, triangular in shape and cut square ; very little modelling. Arm hollow cast ; hand flat and afterwards roughly backed. Hard light red clay. 3A" x 2r".

A.T. v. 0036. Stucco fr., crown of human head, with wheel-like arrangement of hair in centre, round which is one row of crescent-shaped locks. Drab clay. See A.T. i. 0030. Diam. 2". PI. VIII.

A.T. v. 0087. Stucco relief fr. Quatrefoil flower resting on voluted leaves. Above begins spear-shaped stalk of next flower. Cf. A.T. iii. oo80. Red clay. 51-" x 2".

A.T. v, 0089. Stucco relief fr. Open eight-petalled flower with bunch of seeds hanging down from corolla. Cf. A.T. iii. 0035. Reddish mud-coloured clay. 226-" I ". Pl. VIII.

A.T. v. 0044. Stucco relief fr. of drapery, with a zigzag and two narrow vertical folds. Drab clay, white slip.

3g" X I.

A.T. v. 0049. Stucco relief fr. Fleur-de-lis head. Same scale as A.T. iv. 0074. See *A.T. 002o. 2*" X I". Pl. VIII.

*A.T. v. 0050. Stucco relief fr. of circular plaque (diam. c. 8"). On plain field traces of attached ornament now missing. Border of three plain fillets with Vandyke band between outer two ; to rim are attached small crescents separated by balls ; crescents moulded separately. Fine levigated clay, pinkish buff, with traces of white lime-wash. 4" x 2". PI. Ix.

Cf. A.T. iv. 0020, and for small crescents from the