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0205 Serindia : vol.1
Serindia : vol.1 / Page 205 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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A.T. iii. 0030. Stucco relief fr. Toe of human foot (?) ; no modelling or indication of nail. Line of fracture along lower R. edge. Hard light red clay. 2$" x

*A.T. iii. 0031. Stucco relief fr. Hanging bunch of seeds broken from a flower. Mud-coloured clay. Ii" x i". From same or similar mould are : A.T. iv. 0025, 00156 ; v. 0039 (Pl. VIII), oo6o.

A.T. iii. 0083. Stucco relief fr. of drapery, with band of Vandyke ornament. 1i" x I ".

*A.T. iii. 0035. Stucco relief fr. of Buddha seated in middle of lotus flower. Only legs and bare folded hands remain. Drapery rendered by close parallel grooves with heavy zigzag border. From same mould : A.T. iii. 0059. Brick-red clay. 24" X 4".

A.T. iii. 0038. Stucco relief fr. of front of head and brow of human fig. On rough core remain two rows of crescent-shaped curls below which is ridge. Hard light red clay. See A.T. i. 003o. 3e" x 2i".

A.T. iii. 0039. Stucco relief fr. Small human L. foot, flat and poorly modelled. Hard red clay, yellowish slip.

13" a 2~~ X än I .

A.T. lii. 0047. Stucco relief fr. of human ear. Moulding fair, but somewhat thick and fleshy. Hard light red clay with white slip. 2i" x 1!".

A.T. iii. 0055. a-d. Stucco relief frs. of drapery. Light red or mud-coloured clay, with traces of gilding. 1i-" to 2i" in length.

A.T. iii. 0058. Stucco relief fr. Lower part of body of standing (?) Buddha. In front is upper part of small scale head with hair in volute-like curls (an attendant ?). Red clay. 3" X 31".

A.T. iii. 0061. Stucco fr. Abdomen of female fig., nude save for girdle of which central flower alone remains. On either side are remains of drapery which hung in a loop across pudenda. Hollow cast. Finely levigated red clay, hard burned, with thin cream-coloured slip. 2i" x 3i".

'A.T. iii. 0062. Stucco fr. Portion of R. arm with wrist and hand. Cast on core of a stick enveloped in clay. Light reddish-drab clay with traces of white slip. 61" x 2k". From the same mould are : A.T. i. oo6 ; iii. 0063 ; iv. 0052, 00131 ; v. 0072 (Pl. VIII). Cf. A.T. i. 0087.

A.T. iii. 0065. Stucco relief fr. Upper part of human L. ear, over top of which hang short flat tufts of hair. Behind ear, much larger flat tress of hair with deeply incised lines. Hard light red clay showing marks of burning behind. 3j" x 2k".

A.T. iii. oo66. Stucco relief fr. Top of human R. ear. Hard light red clay, unevenly burned. IA" x

A.T. iii. 0067. Stucco relief fr. Back ridge of human L. ear (?). Hard reddish clay. 3" x Ii".

A.T. iii. oo68. Stucco relief fr. End of finger or toe with nail indicated. Hard reddish-grey clay. 1' x i".

A.T. iii. 006g. Stucco relief fr. End of toe (?), flat and almost square in section. Coarse flaky red clay. 2i" x ii".

A.T. iii. 0070. Stucco relief fr. Tip of finger. Hard drab clay with creamy slip. 14" x I".

A.T. iii. 0071. Stucco relief fr. L. arm of adoring fig. (?), undraped, slightly bent upwards at elbow. Hand is open to front and at angle with forearm. Hard red clay with cream-coloured slip. 3" x 1 ".

A.T. iii. 0074. Stucco fr. R. leg bent at knee, possibly from adoring fig., the other knee being perhaps placed on the ground. Drapery falls to ground and folds are indicated by almost parallel incised lines. Moulded hollow in several pieces, and mostly filled up when stuck together. Finely levigated red clay, burned evenly throughout. Traces of thin white slip. 4k" x 3r".

A.T. iii. 0075. Stucco relief fr. of hair, with short

applied tresses ending in curls. Hard dark grey clay. 4"

*A.T. iii. oo80. Stucco relief fr. Quatrefoil flower with central boss and rounded petals depressed in centre, resting on voluted leaves; from it rises fr. of stalk of second flower. Cf. A.T. v. 0037 and i. oor 2. Drab clay. 4f" x 3-11g".

From same mould are : A.T. v. 0013, 0038.

A.T. iii. 0081. Stucco relief fr. Vertical face curves over to front. In curve is cone-shaped object with sunk panels smaller than, but resembling, A.T. v. 0026, supporting fan-like object ; perhaps jewel and plume from head-dress. Light red clay, creamy wash. If" x 2k".

A.T. iii. 0082. Stucco relief fr. Muzzle of bull (?), broken off a short distance behind nostrils and mouth. Bold but coarse work. Red clay, creamy wash. 31" x 3." approximate.

A.T. iii. 0083. Stucco relief fr. of drapery. Vertical face, folds marked by sharply incised lines. Red clay.

212"xI 1n


A.T. iii. 0084. Stucco relief fr. of drapery showing end of vertical flattened folds ; cf. A.T. iv. 0037. Reddish-drab clay. 2" x ri".

A.T. iii. 0089. Stucco relief plaque of Buddha seated in centre with hands covered, with border of lotus leaves. Portion of border lost at lower L. part ; otherwise perfect. See A.T. i. oo88. Red clay. 4" x 41". Pl. VIII.

A.T. iv. 1. Fr. of hand-made pottery jar with five bands of scratched orn. ; r and 3 have saw-tooth orn., 2 and 4 comb-drawn festoons. Lower bands perished. Fr. of horizontal loop handle. Flat lip with oblique rows of punctures. Ill-levigated drab clay. 34" x 34". Pl. IV.

A.T. iv. 2. Fr. of hand-made pottery vessel, with two bands of comb-drawn festoons ; between these a raised ridge of clay cut obliquely by intersecting lines. Cf. A.T. oo6. Ill-levigated reddish-drab clay. 3" x 3'. PI. IV.