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0209 Serindia : vol.1
Serindia : vol.1 / Page 209 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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Si. i. oo8. Stucco relief fr. R. arm, breast, and shoulder of Buddha draped. Clay accidentally burned. 2" x

*Si. i. oog. Stucco relief fr. ; one of several from the same mould. A triangle having a raised border with bead line, and central filling orn. of jewel bosses in plain ring settings, supporting a plain bordered crescent. 28" x 2a".

From same mould : Si. i. 0010, 001 i ; ii. 003.   These
are from the same mould as A.T. 0033, q.v. All of red clay accidentally burned. Tips of crescent, and triangle below second jewel missing.

Si. i. 0012. Stucco relief fr. of triangular orn. (cf. Si. i. 009) ; triangle has border of Vandyke between plain beadings, central jewel boss, a leaf orn. in each corner. Crescent missing. 2g" x 3A".

Si. i. 0016. Stucco relief fr. Head of Buddha. Face complete except R. ear, hair above brow and on L. side. End of nose and chin, and whole back of head lost. Marks

inside of reed core. Hair rendered by short curved stamps. Eyes oblique. Well modelled. Mud accidentally burned. 41"x 3".

Si. i. 0017. Stucco relief fr. of lotus-leaf orn. with prominent lobes. Grey clay, accidentally burned. 2a" x

Si. 1. 0018. Stucco relief fr. of ornamental band with raised edges. Jewel-like orns. in middle. Hard light red stucco. 2"x

Si. ii. oo5. Stucco relief fr. of head of Buddha, consisting of R. eye nearly closed, eyebrow, part of cheek and nose. Flat ; part of mud core behind. Reddish clay, accidentally burned. 2" x 216"

Si. ii. 007. Stucco relief fr. of drapery, painted crimson. Mark of stick core behind. Red clay, accidentally fired. 3" x 2".


A.T.S. 001. Fr. of pottery bowl. Clay hard, red, with white impurities. Covered both sides with dark green dull glaze. is"x i-"xi".

A.T.S. 002. Fr. of pottery vase, similar to A.T.S. 001. Clay pink. Glaze greenish-blue. $"x "x 16".

A.T.S. 003. Fr. of vase of white clay. Outside cream glaze with decoration, one line of brown. Inside, cream glaze with decoration in brown and blue. r" x â" x a".

A.T.S. 004. Part of base of pottery bowl. Pink

clay. Outside and inside slip of pale green.   Mostly
missing from outside. ii" i"x 1$" x â"; diam. base c. 24".

A.T.S. 005.   Fr. of vase like A.T.S. oor. Glaze

peacock blue. Clay light pink. i 8" X â" X i".

A.T.S. oo6. Fr. of vase of ware like A.T.S. oor. Light red clay. Blotched blue-green glaze. a" x " x A similar small fr. A.T.S. 007.

A.T.S. oo8. Fr. of vase of dark grey green steatite. Decoration consists of four parallel ribs in relief. IA x


A.T.S. oog. Fr. of vase of hard light grey clay, covered both sides with grass-green glaze. i" x i x h".

A.T.S. 0010. Fr. of vase of pink clay. On each side white glaze with ornament in blue. 2a" x i -" x ".

A.T.S. 0011. Stucco relief fr. of nose of human fig. Rough reddish clay. 2a" x

A.T.S. 0013. a, b. Frs. of glass, light green, semi-translucent. (a) ti" xi" ; (b) *" x