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0180 Serindia : vol.1
Serindia : vol.1 / Page 180 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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Khot. 0017. Bronze arrowhead ; three barbs, hollowed sides. Cf. Khot. or. u. Length r g"• Pl. VI.

Khot. 0018. Triangular bronze plate. Two short teeth (broken) project from base. Hole pierced near each corner. H. of triangle I-" ; base $".

Khot. 0019. Flat bronze disc, with remains of stud in centre one side. Nail-head (?). Average diam. •" ; thickness A".

Khot. 0020. Half of diamond-shaped bronze orn. Back flat ; front shows raised setting for enamel (?), now lost. One small round piece in centre, and five or six large pieces round it as petals. Remains show setting for centre, and two petals (complete) ; also two more (broken) ; and additional small round setting in apex of diamond. Gr. length (broken) I" ; gr. width (broken), c. r. PI. VI.

Khot. 0021. Fr. of opaque black glass bead, inlaid with curving lines of white. Diam. i".

Khot. 0022. Terra-cotta human head, front cast of. Head-dress of uncertain form. Burnt since firing and almost fused. Rough work. Traces of fused green colour. H. -W. PI. VI.

Khot. 0023. Terra-cotta monkey, upper part of, naturalistic type. R. hand is laid on breast beneath throat ; L. arm and all beneath breast lost. H. rg".

Khot. 0024. Lead ring, round in section. Cut through at one place. Diam. outside â" to +r ; inside ?a" to à".

Khot. 0025. Bronze finial orn. Ornamental rod, details of which now indistinguishable. At centre, six-petalled flower. Below shaft a round tang. Other end pierced, showing remains of transverse pin. H. ri". Width of flower 1". Pl. VI.

Khot. 0036. Terra-cotta fr., human head of Buddha type. Features well marked and preserved. Hair (moulded separately) missing. H. 2â".

Khot. 0037. Bronze orn., resembling Khot. 007 and Yo. oo176. But here, along convex side of crescent, lies a more or less oblong piece turning out and forking at ends. Crescent orn. with lines and circles ; oblong piece with short vertical lines. H. r u" ; gr. width

Khot. 0038. Bronze nail-head, corroded. Nail broken off. Diam. g" x " ; thickness c.

Khot. 0089. Bronze flat circular head, hollow, of stud with two teeth. Stump of one remains. H. 8" ; diam., base.

Khot. 0040. Dome-shaped piece of bronze, diam. c. r ", standing with four legs on rectangular base with hole in middle. Somewhat corroded. Perhaps some kind of mace-head, or large button. H. A"; base tin sq.

Khot. 0041. Part of bronze orn. (?), too fragmentary to be intelligible. I" x A" x â".

Khot. 0042. Soapstone seal, high, four-sided, of lemon-yellow soapstone. On oblong base, a roughly cut ' St. Andrew's ' cross type of Svastika. Sides taper towards top (broken off just above suspension hole), and are orn. with three grooves running round horizontally. H. $" ; base c. " x A".

Khot. 0043. Flat oblong stone seal, with shank behind. Rudely cut device (in outline) of hoopoe, with head turned back over shoulder ; or perhaps head erect and long stick in beak. H. A"; base, c. 4" x A".

Khot. 0044. Glass bead, half of, round honey-coloured. Diam. c.

Khot. 0046. Bronze spoon, bowl and part of handle of. Bowl oval and shallow. Sand-encrusted but well preserved. Bowl rig" x r?k" ; handle, length c. g". Pl. VII.

Khot. 0047. Bronze arrowhead. Triangular section ; type of T. xii. 0020, with stump of iron shaft (corroded) in socket. Length rig.".

Khot. 0048. Bronze arrowhead (corroded) as Khot.

or. u and 0017. Length r".

Khot. 0049. Fr. of bronze. guishable. Ig" x

Khot. 0050. Bronze buckle with iron tongue. Length r" ; breadth W. Pl. VI.

Khot. 0051. Bronze ring, flat in section. Diam. outside r ; inside 14" ; thickness A".

Khot. 0052. Bronze ring, round in section, corroded, broken through in one place. Diam. outside c. "; thickness A" to A".

Khot. 0053. Bronze ring, sq., flat, like small Chinese coin. Outside r x c. g" ; inside A" sq.

Khot. 0054. Bronze seal, having roof-shaped handle pierced for suspension, and face 1" sq., containing much worn Chin. chars. now illegible (L. C. Hopkins). H. r.

Khot. 0056. Piece of white steatite, flat, diamond-shaped, with hole through middle. Edges rounded off.

Diamond Ili" x i-s" ; thickness r ; diam. of hole I".

Khot. 0057. Lead cast of two pear-shaped fruits (?) side by side, with stalk. $" x c. g".

Khot. 0058. Seal of grey soapstone, four-sided, with shank at back. On base, a groove cutting field diagonally, with grooves branching from it at an angle towards two of the sides, making palm-branch pattern. H. (broken) r ; base was A" sq.

Khot. 0059. Half of stone seal, flat, sq., with shank. Eroded ; linear design now indistinguishable. Yellowish-

white stone. H. fu"; base (broken) r x 7," to â".

Khot. 0060. Pendant (?) of black paste. Small round bar, broadening and flattening towards end. At narrow end broken off where hole was pierced horizontally. Length +1" ; width $" to i" ; gr. thickness s".

Corroded and indistin-