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0321 Serindia : vol.1
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Cf. Anc. Kholan, ii. Pl. LXXIII, N. xx. 04. 8 " x24" to

I r" x tiff to r.

N. xxx. 002. Wooden shoe-last. Sides quite straight. Shows leg as far as ankle. Cf. Anc. Kholan, ii. Pl. LXXIII, N. xx. 04. 6$" x zk" x z" to i". Pl. xIx.

N. xxx. 003. Forked stick with groove at each end and string tied across. At apex, on one side two crossed lines cut, on the other, sign ÿ'. Possibly handle of thong of

fire-drill, cf. N. xxix.ii. ooi. b, or a `dead-eye'.   H. of
bow zi"; diam. c. r ; across ends 24". Pl. xXVIIi.

N. xix. i. i. Wedge under-tablet, tapering very slightly to pierced end. Obv. three (?)11. Khar., faint and obscured. Rev. three 11. Khar., much obscured. Soft, cracked, and discoloured ; point broken. 6'd" x g".

N. xix. M. 1. Label-shaped tablet with rounded ends pierced at one end. Blank. Surface perished. 3s" x i".

N. xxx. iii. 2. Oblong tablet, roughly rectang., with hole at one end. Obv. two columns Khar. (five and three 11.), faint. Rev. one 1. Khar., faint. 44" x zr.

N. xix. iii. 3. Small tablet, with wedge-shaped ends, pierced near one end. Obv. (damaged) one 1. Khar., very faint. Rev. six II. Khar., faint in parts, written across width. Condition poor. zg" x

N. xix. iii. 4. Lacquered wooden bowl, part of bottom, cf. T. vi. b. ii. ooi. In centre of base, raised circle. Outside black with red band ; inside red over black, with small black floral wreath design. 71" x Ii" x ".

N. xix. iii. oox. Wooden slip, pierced with two holes,

*" diam. Blank. Hard and well preserved. 44" x

w x "-

xx. ooi. Half of sq. lignite seal, split along hole. On complete side incised spiral with serrated outer edge. sq. x A". Pl. XXIX.

  1.  iv. I. Slip-shaped tablet roughly trimmed, pierced at one end. Obv. (convex) two 11. Khar. Rev. two short Il. Khar. Writing faint. Well preserved. qi" x r.

. xxx. I. Oblong tablet with hole at rounded end. Obv. blank. Rev. three columns Khar. (4, 4, 2 11.), very faint. Good condition. 6i" x ii" x Aft.

  1. 2. Bottom of lacquered wooden bowl, cf. T. VI. b. ii. ooi. Outside black, inside red on black. Broken in antiquity, and showing marks of four rivets, two in bronze and two in iron. These were small oblong plates on each side of bowl, pinned together at each end; cf. N. xii. 0013. Base circular with raised ring. Diam. 31" ; thickness $" to /".

. xxi. ooi. Fr. of large hand-made vessel, neck and shoulder with handle, of dark grey gritty ware. Handle which has subsidiary loop at lower junction, is orn. with double row of stamped circles on outside and with single row on sides. Last is continued from upper junction round neck; shoulder is orn. by two vertical rows of circles on each side of handle and by incised triangles one inside another. 7 " x 5f'. Pl. XXXVI.


N. xxii. ooz. Straight wooden stick with bark on, till *" from narrow end, where it is thinned down. Thick end

rounded. Possibly fire-drill (but unused).   r 84" x
to E.

N. xxii. 002. Frs. of coarse fabrics. Largest piece buff, canvas-like in look, with remains of band at top, into which it has been gathered ; sand-encrusted. Also small frs. of finer buff muslin-like fabrics with scraps of salmon fabric of open texture. Largest piece 1' ii" x 1' 4â".

N. xxii. 003. Fr. of wooden tail-piece of stringed instrument, for five strings. 2 -" X i $" X E.

N. xxii. i. i. Oblong tablet. Two holes, one containing string. Obv. four Il. Khar., lengthways. Rev. one 1. Khar.

  •   1" 4 Xzg x~ 1".

N. xxii. i. 2. a. Wedge under-tablet, point broken. Obv. three 11. Khar., faint and largely obliterated. Rev. (rounded) blank. Bad condition. 7" x 1 ".

N. xxu. i. 2. b. Lathe-like tablet, pointed at either end, tapering to L. end pierced. Obv. rounded, four columns of three short 11. Khar. followed by single long line ; writing clear. Rev. single line Khar. Perfectly preserved. i i}" x Ir. Pl. XXVI.

N. xxii. i. 3. Lathe-like tablet, roughly rounded ends. Hole at one end. Obv. blank. Rev. three columns of three short 11. Khar., followed by one longer line. Much encrusted. Surface soft, otherwise sound. 9e"

N. xxii i 4 Fr. of tablet, with roughly rounded end. Obv. three Il. Khar., black but encrusted. Rev. one 1. Khar. Soft, and split. 4" x

N. xxii. i. 5. Oblong tablet, one end rounded, one lost. Obv. faint traces of four (?) 11. Khar. Rev. blank. Surface weathered. 9E x I

N. xxii i 6. Oblong tablet roughly trimmed, with pointed ends, pierced at one end. Obv. three columns

Khar. (3, 3, 1 Il. respectively).   Rev. one 1. Khar.
Writing faded, but distinct. Well preserved. q" x Ir".

N. xxii i 7 Oblong tablet, pierced at one of rounded ends. Obv. three 11. Khar., very faint. Rev. in corner, two 11. Khar. obscured by refuse adhering. Good condition. 8" x ii".

N. xxu. i. ooz. Heavy wooden comb, for pressing down threads in weaving. Projecting handle. Surface polished by use. Cf. L.B. Iv. vii. 002. Cf. Anc. Kholan, ii. PL LXXIII, N. xx. 05. H. 6*" (with handle, 9") ;