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0515 Serindia : vol.1
Serindia : vol.1 / Page 515 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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L.A. Iv. ii. I. Rectang. double tablet. Cov: tablet :

7 "X 2 ". Obv. seal cay. (IV x râ") with strings, but seal gone. Above cay. two Il. Khar., below one 1. Khar., faint but legible. Rev. blank.

Under-tablet : Obv. seven 11. Khar., black and clear. Rev. blank. Well preserved. 7 " X 24" X r" (max.).

L.A. Iv. ii. 2. Rectang. double tablet. Cov.-tablet : x 2â". Obv. seal cay. (ii" x z") empty. Blank. Rev. three II. Khar., first faint, others clear.

Under-tablet : Obv. seven II. Khar., all except first and seventh black and clear. Rev. blank. Well preserved,

lower tablet split. 68" x 2r x t   ". PI. xxxviiI.

L.A. Iv. ii. 3. Rectang. double tablet, complete. Cov: tablet : 71' X 4a". Obv. seal cay. (3a" X i â") with broken strings and traces of sealing of red clay. Blank. Rev. traces of one I. Khar. running almost diagonally across.

Under-tablet : Obv. seven II. Khar. distinct except lower lines and L. end. Rev. blank. Well preserved, but warped and split at ends. I râ" x 4" x i$" (max.).

L.A. Iv. H. ool. Two frs. of thick cotton fabric, brownish, very dirty, wrapped round Khar. tablets, L.A. Iv. ii. I-2. Very close and firm texture. Lines of raised tufts standing close together run across the stuff at

intervals of   to 8', and where these occur, two or three
shoots of extra thick weft are carried across in such a way as to form a strong backing to the rows of tufts. Prob. intended for wear under armour, as a gambeson ; cf. L.A. oor47. [Analysed by Dr. Hanausek.] Gr. fr. ro" x 5e".

L.A. Iv. iii. ool. Wooden bar, increasing in width at centre and at ends, where are holes. Prob. a stay for spindle of churn as L.A. r. iii. oor. Neatly finished with bevelled edges ; good condition ; broken in half, but mended. Length r o", thickness ig", width . " to re, diam. central hole", end hole é". PI. xxxv.

L.A. Iv. iv. I. Fr. of rectang. under-tablet. Obv. part of two 11. Khar. Rev. blank. 21"x rr x r (max.).

L.A. Iv. v. I. Wedge cov.•tablet with empty seal cay. (ir x é"). Obv. blank. Rev. faint traces of one I. Khar.

near edge. Bleached and cracked.   r' Iâ" x 2" x â"

L.A. Iv. v. 2. Rectang. cov.•tablet with empty seal cay. (I" x I8'). Blank. Hard, but bleached and cracking.

8 1 x 3$" x ig" (max.).

L.A. Iv. v. 3. Oblong tablet. Obv. four columns Khar. ; first, faint, has at least three I1., second five 11., third five 11., .fourth three 11. Rev. blank. Bleached, and edges peeling. I Ie X 28" X V.

L:A. iv. v. 5. Wedge cov.•tablet, wood perished, point end broken. Seal cay. (I" X r$') empty, but retaining string. Obv. traces of Khar. chars. at sq. end. Rev. one 1. Khar. incomplete. q" x 2}i"

L.A. Iv. v. 6. Fr. of tablet. Obv. distinct. Rev. traces of four 11. Khar. perished. 5" x 5" X F.

L.A. iv. v. 7. Oblong tablet warped almost into semicircle. Obv. traces of six 11. Khar., only part distinct. Rev. traces of four columns Khar. of four or five 11. each ; very clear. Wood bleached and much perished. I 'ivx


ri   q "

,) X

L.A. iv. v. 8. Wedge cov.•tablet, point end split away. Obv. empty seal cay. Rev. traces of part of one 1. Khar. Surface decayed and encrusted. 8" x zk".

L.A. Iv. v. g. Wedge under-tablet. Obv. seven 11. Khar., six in column, seventh single; clear and black. Rev. blank. I1Iuch bleached on rev.; split and peeling at point end. I x" X A" x

L.A. Iv. v. Io. Oblong tablet, blank. Surface on both sides cracked and peeling. 7y X Zig" x .

L.A. iv. v. n. Oblong tablet with one rounded end ; blank. Hard, but much injured. r' 3" x 21" x 1" max.

.A. Iv. V. 12. Oval-topped tablet. Obv. two irregular columns Khar. of nine and seven I1., faded but mostly clear. Rev. blank. Well preserved, rev. bleached. 6" x 3$" x s". Pi. XXXVIII.

A. Iv. v. ool. Piece of wood slightly curved ; in centre sq. in section, broader and thinner at rounded ends.

Through each is a perpendicular hole, showing marks of

a strap on outer edges, and through centre is oblong hole, horizontal. The convex side of bar has a concave groove

worn lengthways, as if by constant friction from a rounded

surface. The concave under-surface is polished by wear all along its length. Prob. part of the saddle gear of

a pack-animal. Length 9", thickness 4" to I", width I'

to Is", diam. end holes i", centre hole ." to â". Pl. xxXV.

L.A. Iv. v. 002. Fabric frs., including several pieces of woollen darn, much torn. Structure of the latter, two-ply

weft on fine warp ; pattern apparently in transverse bands,

as follows :—(i) Rows of dark blue circular rosettes, with four heart-shaped petals and buff centres and buff dividing

lines to petals, set out diagonally on buff ground. This

band (of an uncertain number of rows) is bordered by half-lozenges in solid blue, the obtuse angles pointing outwards

and the acute angles joining. (2) A single row of lozenges

in double outline, red, angle to angle, on buff ground. (3) A single row of dark blue rosettes as in (i) on saffron

ground. (4) as (2). Then (r) again. Well made, colours fresh, thread rotten. Gr. fr. 5" x 4k". Pls. XXXVII, XLIX.

Also several frs. of buff and red woollen fabrics, loosely woven and of fine yarn, some roughly sewn together ; fr. of woven string shoe and of buff felt. Gr. length Ion".

four 11. Khar. in-indistinct. Much