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0167 Serindia : vol.1
Serindia : vol.1 / Page 167 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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Yo. 0032. b. Terra-cotta monkey, playing syrinx. L. side of face and shoulder, and all below waist missing. Rough work. H. ri-".

Yo. 0032. c. Terra-cotta monkey, owl type ; wears loin-cloth ; beats drum beneath his L. arm. Head thrown back in mock enthusiasm. H. I5".

Yo. 0032. d. Terra-cotta monkey, naturalistic type, seated, playing guitar. Head turned slightly R. Careful miniature work. H. 4".

Yo. 0032. e. Terra-cotta monkey, owl type, seated,

playing syrinx. L. leg lost. H. r.   -

Yo. 0033. a. Terra-cotta monkey, owl type ; holds drinking (?) horn to mouth. H. i".

Yo. 0033. b. Terra-cotta monkey, owl type ; holds syrinx (?) to lips. All below hips lost. Cf. Anc. Khotan, Pl. XLVI, B. 002. H.

Yo. 0033. c. Terra-cotta monkey ; very rude naturalistic type. Hands raised, holding pile of discs (musical instrument ?) beneath chin. All below waist lost. H.

Yo. 0034. a. Terra-cotta monkey. Rough work. L. arm bent ; hand placed on mouth ; R. arm swung slightly forward. Lower limbs lost. Perhaps type of Yo. 003. a, q. v. H. t".

Yo. 0034. b. Terra-cotta monkey, naturalistic ; upper part from hips. L. hand placed on mouth ; R. arm (broken) swung slightly forward. Hair incised. Perhaps type of Yo. 003. a, q. v. H. r s".

Yo. 0034. c. Terra-cotta monkey, upper part. Naturalistic type, but very rough. L. hand laid on mouth ; R. on chest. All below hips missing. Perhaps of type Yo. 003. a, q. v. H. r é ". Pl. III.

Yo. 0034. d. Terra-cotta monkey, owl type. R. hand raised to mouth ; L. holds phallus. Cf. Anc. Khotan, PI. XLVII, Y. 0025. H. t". Pl. III.

Yo. 0035. a-z. Terra-cotta frs. from figures of monkeys. Bodies (where preserved) in squatting attitude. All sizes from i " to é". Perhaps type of Yo. 003. a, b, etc. Yo. 0035. a. Owl type, wearing loincloth. Both arms and legs lost. Ithyphallic. H. }". Yo. 0035. b. Owl type. Squatting ; wears loin-cloth ; both arms and L. leg broken. H. â. Yo. 0035. c. Squatting : hands on knees ; wears loin-cloth. Head missing. H.

Yo. 0035. a'. Miniature naturalistic type. Knees drawn up under chin which rests on hands ; pierced for suspension. H. 1". Yo. 0035. e. Naturalistic type. Arms broken close to shoulders ; body at waist. H. Ir. Yo. 0035. f. Head with long moustache in relief, imperial, and pointed seamed cap ; but brows, muzzle, and ears of monkey. Cf. Yo. 0035. o. H. ". Pl. III. Yo. 0035. g. Human face with incised moustache, imperial, and eyebrows, and narrow eyes. Wears cap. Hair incised over body. R. arm broken near shoulder; L. arm and shoulder quite gone. Body broken at waist.

H. r". Yo. 0035. h. Head of monkey ; naturalistic type. H. a". Yo. 0035. i. Head (naturalistic type), and part of trunk. H. é". Yo. 0035. j. Owl type. Squatting ; arms stretched to front but broken ; legs broken ; head turned ' R. H. f". Yo. 0035. k. Head with long ass-like ears and sharply pointed skull. H. a". Yo. 0035. 1. Naturalistic type. Seated. legs spread at R. angles. Body shapeless, arms lost. H. I â". Yo. 0035. nl. Front cast of female ; breasts marked by five dots pentagon-wise. Between breasts is a long vertical notched line. Arms and all below navel gone. H.

Yo. 0035. n. Miniature ; naturalistic type. Arms and all below hips missing. H. i ". Yo. 0035. o. Head with cap having short pigtail, moustache, and imperial ; but with overhanging brow, muzzle, and pointed ears of monkey. H. i". PI. III. Yo. 0035. p. Head. Very good lifelike work. Eyes impressed circles ; nostrils punctured ; mouth deeply cut with punctured corners. Ears small and well set. H. a". Pl. III. Yo. 0035. q. Naturalistic. Seated ; arms lost ; legs mere stumps, grotesquely thick. Head turned R. H. r $". Yo. 0035. r. Naturalistic head. H. s". Yo. 0035. s. Head. Rough and much defaced. H. A". Yo. 0035. t. Head, naturalistic, with part of trunk. H. s8". Yo. 0035. u. Terra-cotta front cast of monkey, holding oval object (syrinx ?) beneath

chin. Crude naturalistic type.   Cf. Anc. Khotan, Pl.
XLVI, B. 002. H. i s". Yo. 0035. v. Head, rude, with pigtail. H. 3's". Yo. 0035. w. Naturalistic type. Female. Accidentally crushed in making; breasts flattened. R. arm outstretched (but broken) ; L. hanging by side. Pubes marked. H. I ". Yo. 0035. x. Head. Rough work. H. g". Yo. 0035. y. Front cast of head. Visor-

like overhanging brow. H.   Yo. 0035. z. Owl type.
Short pigtail hanging forward over brow ; arms and all below hips missing. H. r i".

Yo. 0036. Terra-cotta head of cat. Broken away at shoulders. H. I r".

Yo. 0037. a. Terra-cotta torso of fig. (human or monkey ?), wearing loin-cloth. Arms outstretched but broken near shoulders. Legs gone. On back traces of water-skin (?). H. r ff".

Yo. 0o37. b. Terra-cotta squatting monkey, of type of Yo. 303. a, b, q. v. Head, R. arm, and legs missing. L. hand on lap holds rounded object. H. i".

Yo. 0037. c. Terra-cotta monkey ; front cast of head, with short outstanding ears, prominent eyes. Human type (not prognathous). H.

Yo. 0038. a. Terra-cotta monkey, as baby in cradle ; lower part lost. Cf. Yo. ooro. a, b. H. 'I4#.

Yo. 0038. b. Terra-cotta monkey, owl type ; as baby in cradle, but without usual ' swaddling clothes', as in Yo. 0038. a. H. Ii3-e".

Yo. 0038. c. Terra-cotta monkey, as baby in cradle. Only head remains. Worn. H. tr.