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0316 Serindia : vol.1
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248   THE NIYA SITE   [Chap. VI

tooth pattern 21" wide. In middle of this four-petalled lotus between upright zigzag ornament. Plain fillet. Moulding, of long billets divided by bevelled squares. Plain modillions and abacus. Under-ornament: each end same. At end two plain and one billeted moulding.


N. xu-xxvi. ooz. Frs. of buff muslin. Cf. L.B. Iv. ii. v. 003. Approx. z o" x 8i". Material : sheep's wool, determined by Dr. Hanausek.

N. xu.-xxvu. ooz. Flat brass wire, thin strip of; broken

and twisted together.   " xs" ; length, about 4" (?).

N. xu-XXVU. 002. Bronze ring like N. xxx-xxxu. oor. Flat bezel. Linear design in dotted edge. Diam. r x W. Pl. xxlx.

Oblong lotus with six double petals, and six sepals ; rosette corolla of eight petals. Plain border round all four sides. Rounded cross-band of saw-tooth pattern. Cavetto, leading to impost. Diam., mortise, 6". 4' I I" X I04" x 7" to 31". Cf. Anc. Khofan, Pl. LXIX. Pl. XVIII.


N. xu-xxvu. 003. Bronze ring like N. xrr-xxvii. ooz. Flat bezel. Linear design within incised oval. Diam. " x1". PI. XXIX.

N. xu-xxxv. ooz. Bronze buckle, of which iron tongue is lost. Cf. Khot. 0050. Ring circular with rectangular projection to hinge; from circumference project seven knob-ended rays. Mark of iron on back. From point to point Iis" ; inside diam. Z". Pl. XXXVI.


N. xm. ooz. Fr. of yellow felt, much torn. x' x 9k".

N. xm. 002. Bronze seal found by Rustam. Square, with oblong sides, and a flat half-hoop handle behind. Corners rounded. Condition fair. Face, considerably worn and corroded, contains four Chinese characters, in angular seal writing, of which only two on R. hand are decipherable, viz. — — chang yin A ro, ` seal of the senior official of — —' [Mr. L. C. Hopkins]. H. fig" ; 4" sq. Pl. xXIX.

N. xm. i. I. Double-wedge tablet, opened. Cov: tablet : Obv. 28" from sq. end seal cay. (I*" x It"). Seal complete, with same device as N. xm. ii. ro. By sq. end, one 1. Khar. By hole, usual character. Rev. blank. Under-tablet : Obv. three 11. Khar. Rev. one 1. Khar. by sq. end. 13-*" x 2i" x â" to e".

N. xm. i. 2. Label-like tablet with hole at wedge-shaped end. Blank. 31" x I " x r.

N. xm. i. oor. Part of carved wooden panel. Probably part of chair (see N. xur. i. 004). Much warped. Carving rude and not neatly finished. Both ends and one side intact, split off along the other side. The field is crossed diamond-wise by bands consisting of four-sided bead ornament between plain borders, each of which crosses two others. In the lozenges and triangles left between them are four-petalled and sepalled flowers and half-flowers. Plain border at: either end, in one of which a dowel-hole. Length z6*" (borders 2i" and râ") x 31" x r. Pl. xIx.

N. xm. i. 002. Wooden crutch-like object, carved out of one piece. Notches at sides and end of crutch, groove round stem (where broken). Probably a Chuluk' for tying up lambs. Cf. N. xrv. iii. 0024 ; L.A. t. iv. oo9 ; L.B. Iv. ii. oo9. Stick 3f" x " ; cross-piece 2" x1" to r. Pl. XXVIIi.

.N. xm. i. oog. Wooden box, hollowed out of block. Half-way up, long sides are pierced each with a pair of

holes, string-worn, coinciding for fastening cords. On one side, between holes, semi-circular notch is cut out of edge. Round inside of edge runs rabbet A" deep x I" wide, for lid. Ends split. Inside r z1" X 3g" x 31" ; outside x 41" X 4r X 3k". Fig. 47.

N. xm. ii. 004. Back L. leg of wooden chair. Cf.

Anc. Khotan, PI. LXVIII.   Lower part is plain with
concave surface. Upper part on broad side has ornament as N. xiII. i. oor (which prob. belonged to it). Narrow side decorated with pairs of triangles cut out. Upper ten pairs point down ; lower eight point up. Between them a four-petalled lotus, outlined but not cut out. In side mortise part of panel with border decorated with lozenge pattern. End mortise empty. 23k" x 31" x 2*". Pl. xIx.

N. xm. i. oo5. Part of wooden chair, same as N. xIII. i. 004. Strip off opposite leg, and part of side panel still held to it by dowel. Leg has same decoration. Panel has in centre circular flower with four incised petals, and relief lozenges in field around. One corner projects beyond


finished edge. Panel 94" x 3E x . Pl. xIx.

N. xm. ii, z. Rectang. double tablet. Complete. Opened. Cov.-tablet : Obv. Seal cay. (24" x I TV) ; seal in pink mud with no discernible impression. Across one end two 11. Khar., faint. Rev. eight 11. Khar., clear. Under-tablet : Obv. eight 11. Khar., clear. Rev. two short 11. faint, first in Brahmi, second in Khar. 7a" x 3" x ".

N. xm. ii. 2. Rectang. double tablet ; complete ; opened. Cov.-tablet : Obv. Seal cay. or X j") with remains of seal. Impression destroyed. Across one end two 11. Khar. Rev. five 11. Khar., black.

Under•tablet: Obv. eight Il. Khar., black. Rev. blank. Good condition. 6rx 2 " x h".

N. .xm. ii. 3. Oblong tablet. In each long side a V-shaped notch is cut. No writing visible. 4i" x 3" x

N. xm. ii. 4. Double-wedge tablet, complete, unopened.