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0441 Serindia : vol.1
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C. 122-123. 005. Jasper flake, slatey grey ; bulb of percussion on one face, the other flaked ; the long edge smooth, the end jagged ; slightly sand-worn. Length

C. 122-123. oo6. Jasper flake, purplish grey, from a pebble, unshaped. Length h".

C. 122-123. 007. Jade flake, one face worn smooth, unshaped and unworked. Length

C. 122-123. oo8. Jasper flake, purplish grey, triangular, broken across the base, the two edges sand-worn. Length

9 or


C. 122-123 oog. Jasper blade, brown, with central rib, one edge worked. See R. A. Smith in Man, xi. 6. No. 52. Length Ir. Pl. xxx.

C. 122-123. 0010. Jasper blade, purplish brown, with double longitudinal rib ; one edge regularly worked, the other chipped on both faces. Length .".

C. 122-123. 0011. Jasper blade, black, with central rib; one edge regularly worked to form a back, the other chipped on both faces. Length rAls.

C. 122-123. 0012. Jasper blade, purple, with central rib; one edge slightly worked. Length â".

C. 122-123. 0013. Jasper blade, slaty-grey ; with central rib ; one edge notched. Length *".

C. 122-123. 0014. Jasper blade, slaty-grey ; doubly ridged ; one edge slightly worked. Length I".

C. 122-123. 0015. Slag lump, black and pitted, slightly sand-worn. Length ?o"

C. 123. o01. (N. of.) Bronze arrowhead; triangular in section to point ; hexagonal at shaft end, flanges being bevelled down; solid. Cf. Ancient Kholan, ii. Pl. LXXIV. N. 005. a. Found 17. xii. o6. Length

C. 123. 002. (N. of.) Bronze arrowhead, as C. 123. ooi, but pierced to attach tang. Found 17. xii. o6. Length i".

C. 123. 003. ' (N. of.) Bronze arrowhead, as C. 123. ow, but with short (broken) tang of iron inserted. Found z7. xii. o6. Length IA".

C. 123. 004. (N. of.) Point of iron nail (?), sq. in section. Found 17. xii. o6. Length 11a" ; gr. diam. si".

C. 123. 005. (N. of.) Irregular strip of plate bronze, slightly curved, prob. from edge of mirror. Found 17. xii. o6.

7" 1"   3 N

g x-a x32

C. 125. a. (4 miles SW. of.) Pottery fr. from handmade vessel of ill-levigated clay, fired on open hearth ; vertical ring handle. Found 29. xii. o6. 31" x 3f" x â". Pl. Iv.

C. 125. b. Pottery fr., hand-made, of ill-levigated clay, fired on open hearth ; sand-worn. 2*" x .4"

C. 125. 0o1. (6 miles SW. of.) Bronze spearhead, shaft end broken ; narrow leaf-shaped blade with central

rib ; hollow-socketed ; clumsily made. Found 29. xii. o6. 216N x

C. 125-126. ooi. Pottery fr., hand-made, of ill-levigated clay, hard-fired, black. I" x " x c. //'.

C. 125-128. o01. Iron key. Shaft, oblong in section, thickened and pierced at handle end to form narrow loop; at other end bent at right angles, and again at right angles in orig. direction, to form ward. Four teeth remain, three projecting at right angles from edge of bent portion, one from edge of shaft above first bend; traces of fifth still higher up edge of shaft. For similar key, see Strzygowski, Koptische Kunst, Taf. xxxvi, No. 9197. 3i" X;g" X g" ; teeth -k" x 6" x -1 a"

C. 125-129. a. Pottery fr. from upper part of open rimless hand-made vessel. Edge simply rounded and orn. with impressed row of chain pattern; same orn. occurs on band slightly lower down. Ill-levigated clay loose in texture, badly potted, and fired on open hearth. I$" X I" X c. ig". Pl. Iv.

C. 125-129. b-c. Pottery frs., coarse hand-made ware as C. 125-129. a.; q.v. Gr. M. 13".

C. 125-129. d. Oval mass of clay, half of, pierced lengthways; same clay and technique as C. 125-129. a-c. zig" x fig" x 8" max.

C. 125-129. e. Irregular chip of bronze, perhaps part of knife-blade; cf. C. 126. 004. Gr. M. A".

C. 126. 0o1. Jade celt, the faces smooth and sides left rough, except at side of cutting edge. See R. A. Smith in Alan, xi. 6. No. 52. Length 4". Pl. xxx.

C. 126. 002. (9 miles SW. of.) Fr. of bronze mirror. On back, raised edge bevelled each side ; then row of relief rays and row of relief radiating lines. Traces of relief pattern of curves in centre, Chinese style. Cf. L. A. 0027. Length 2" ; thickness . " to ig" ; orig. diam. c. 3 "

C. 126. 003. Fr. of bronze mirror. On back, part of sunk pattern of curves; bevelled edge. Cf. C. 126. 902 and L.A. 0027. Found 3o. xii. o6. 1â" x â/'Xî1,"; orig. diam. c. 4-1".

C. 126. 004. Fr. of bronze knife(?).blade, with one

sharp edge. Found 3o. xii. o6.   A" xi".

C. 127-128. a. Pottery fr., hand-made, of ill-levigated clay, fired on open hearth ; inside face green-grey, outside red orn. with applied strip of clay indented by finger. 2/4" x

C. 127-128. b. Pottery fr., hand-made, ill-levigated, fired on open hearth. Ili" x 1a" x

C. 127-128. c. Pottery fr., hand-made, of ill-levigated clay, hard-fired on open hearth; sand-worn. ri" x i" Xy..

C. 127-128. d. Pottery fr., worn by sand-drift. $" x X lag".

C. 127-128. o01. Jasper lump, purplish brown, four-sided, tapering to point, the whole sand-worn. . Length