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0323 Serindia : vol.1
Serindia : vol.1 / Page 323 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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doi: 10.20676/00000183
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N. xxu. iii. 22. Fr. of oblong tablet, only wedge end preserved. Obv. two 11. Khar., very faint. Rev. blank. Fr. soft, but well preserved. 4r x I".

N. xxu. iii. 23. a, b. Double-wedge tablet, opened. Cov.-tablet has broken point. Obv. 2" from sq. end seal cay. (rl x I r) with remains of seal. One I. Khar. at sq. end. Rev. three 11. Khar.

Under-tablet : Obv. three I1. Khar. Rev. blank. Much sand-encrusted. 81" x 21" x r to r.

N. xxix. iii. oox. Wooden knife-handle. Pointed end. Hollow on each edge, near blade, making a waist. Higher up than this a small hole. Triangular socket for blade (thus one-edged) is 8" long x 1" at base of triangle, and x 3" deep. 3r" x I" x r".

N. xxll. iii. 002. Fr. of wedge (?) tablet. Traces of Khar. letters. 6" x I" x A".


N. xxIII. o01. Fr. of ' green ' leather band, from

armour (?), prob. lacquered.   Surface orn. with small
network of diagonal lines, impressed. Six rows of small holes, parallel to edges, are also pricked in for sewing, frs. of thread still remaining in them. fig" from edge a parallel cut has been made in one place tsg" long. Cf. also N. xiv. iii. 007. h. 31" x I j" X 1".

N. xxm. 002. Wooden stamp, large, flat. Cf. N. xvru. ooi. Oval but with nick out at each end. Angular incised drawing of cow and man. Small handle behind. 51" x 31" x 1". Pl. xix.

N. xxm. 003. Part of basket. Made of horizontal layers of straight withies (split). Round each of these layers withies are wound spirally, interlacing with the spiral withies binding the layers above and below. Seven such courses go to the Il" h. preserved. Long diam. at top 71". Crushed in sideways.

N. xxmu. i. I. Rectang. cov.-tablet, with empty seal cay. I$"x rr. Obv. to R. of cay. faint traces of Khar. Rev. blank. Most of L. end broken off; hard and otherwise well preserved. 6" x 3" x I to s".

N. xxxu. i. 2. Part of oblong tablet. No writing visible. Wood hard but much warped. 61" X 21" x A".

N. xxm. i. 3. Rectang. under-tablet. No writing visible. Wood hard, but much cracked, and with destroyed surface. 81" x z*" x /".

N. xxm. i. 4. Lathe-like tablet of roughly trimmed wood, pierced at end. Blank. Warped and bleached, but otherwise in good condition. Iol" x

N. xxm. i. 5. Oblong tablet, with hole at wedge-shaped end. Obv. one column (five 11.) Khar. by sq. end, faint. One 1. Khar. by point, faint. Rev. blank. Good condition. 31" x 1 ." x r.

N. xxIII. i. 6, 7 (joined). Oblong tablet. Hole in corner. Edges split. Piece missing from side. Obv. two 11. Khar., very faint. Rev. blank. 81" x r$" x g" to A".

N. xxm. i. 8. Wedge cov.-tablet. Obv. one letter Khar. by point. Rev, blank. Cracked and soft. 61" X 1r" x /".

N. xxm. i. g. Rectang. under-tablet, part of. Obv. two 11. Khar., faded. Rev. blank. Surface perished. 41" x

3" 1" X'z

N. xxm. i. 1o. Oblong tablet with wedge-shaped ends. Obv. blank. Rev. traces, very faint, of Khar. writing. 6" x II"

N. xxm. i. xI. Rectang. cov.-tablet, with empty seal cay. (Il" X I4"). Obv. to R. of cay. two 11. Khar., very faint. Rev. nine Il. Khar., faded, but distinct. Soft; fairly preserved, but L. end chipped. 7.1" x 3*" x to fr.

N. xxxix. i. 12. Rectang. cov..tablet, part of. Broken across, empty seal cay. still containing string. Obv. one 1. Khar. Rev. one 1. Khar. 5. " x z1" x A" to

N. xxxix. i. 13. Wedge under-tablet. Obv. three 11. Khar. Rev. blank. Writing clear on L. half of tablet, on R. almost disappeared. R. half soft and decayed. 13" X r1-" x 1" max.

N. xxux. i. 14. Wedge cov.-tablet. Obv. 1" from sq. end seal cay. (rl" x Il"); one 1. Khar. by sq. end and traces of usual character by point. Surface cracked and rotten. Rev. blank. 7r x 2" x fig" to it".

N. xxm. i. 15. Wedge under-tablet. Obv. three 11. Khar., very black and clear. Surface pared away, prob. to efface earlier inscription. Rev. faint trace of one 1. Khar. in top R. corner. Soft but fairly preserved ; L. end split. fir X2"X1".

N. xxxix. i. 16. Double-wedge tablet, with seal cay. (I" x 'E) empty. Cov.-tablet : Obv. one 1. Khar. to L. of cay. Rev. one 1. Khar. in top R. corner.

Under-tablet : Obv. three 11. Khar. Rev. traces of Khar. characters. Writing clear but faded. Pink stains round seal cay. Fairly hard and well preserved. 141" X 2,9g" X 1" to I i".

N. xxm. i. oox. Part of lacquered wooden bowl (edge), like T. vi. b. ii. ool. Black on edge and outside. Red inside. Good condition. r1"x I "x fig" to 1".

N. xxm. i. 002. Piece of heavily ribbed basket ; cf. N. xxIII. 003. 9" X 21" X r.

N. xxm. ii. I. Rectang. cov.-tablet. Under-surface

split away.   Obv. two 11. Khar. across one end, very
faint ; one 1. Khar. across other end, very faint. Seal cay. 2." X I r". 6*" X 2g" X $-" to r.

N. xxu1. ii. 2. Rectang. cov.-tablet. No writing visible; seal gone. Much warped and split. 'or x 41" X s" to 1".