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0525 Serindia : vol.1
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L.B. Iv. i. 002. Fr. of open-work wooden panel, of same wheel pattern as L.B. Iv. i. oot. On one side carved similarly to.interlace; on other flush, but both wheel and bands roughly bordered with black paint much faded, to show alternate interlacing. Dowels to pin this to adjoining piece on one side, 28° long, $" thick ; on other, two smaller put in cross-wise, 32" thick. Good condition. Diam. of wheel 4°, thickness . PI. XXXIV.

L.B. Iv. i. 003. Flat horn spoon with curved handle, cut out of straight piece and warped. Length 7g", bowl I " x

24° X r.l'l. Xxxv. L.B. iv. i. 004. Wooden stick, smoothly rounded, one

end cut on a bevel, the other chipped to short point. At this end a flat cut has been made up centre of stick for i 4" and wood on one side cut away. Length I o4°, diam. r.

L.B. Iv. i. 005. Fr. of open-work wooden panel, carved in relief on one side, and belonging to L.B. Iv. vii. 003 ; viii. ooI. Shows. curved branch, with rib stem and pointed leaves on either side, met by end of similar

branch whereon are three berries.   Remains of third
branch at other end. Good condition. Length 8";thickness s". Pl. xxxiv.

L.B. Iv. i;. 006. Wooden stick, cut round very carefully but not turned ; tapers quickly to one end (broken), gradually to other ; prob. carpet.weaver's needle ; see L.B. oo t t . Length 7g , diatn. r to ~°6". Pl. xxxv.

L.B. Iv. i. oo7. Straight-edged piece of wood, slightly

concave and convex laterally ; ends blunt wedges ;   from
each end a notch (4-' é") is cut into each side. 64" x x r.. PI. Xxxv.

L.B. Iv, ii. 1. Wedge cov.-tablet, with empty seal-cay. (I" x I*"). Obv. near sq. end one I. Khar., pointed end slight traces Khar. Rev. very faint traces of Khar. Well preserved. 94° X I " X 4' (max.).

L.B. Iv. ii. 001. Fr. of iron knife ; plain round solid handle, and blade curving slightly back ; much rusted. Length 5r, of handle c. 3 °, diam. of handle 1 b-", width of blade +s", thickness of blade 8". PI. XXXVI.

L.B. Iv. ii. 002. Wooden tablet, almost sq., with raised

border -ie high, r wide top and bottom, and   at sides.
Behind, in middle of each side, a cut on a bevel is taken out of the squared edge, c. 4" wide. One edge broken. Resembles Roman waxed tablet. 38" x 3" X r.

L.B. Iv, ii. 003. Ltimp of white quartz ground in rhomboid form. 2" X I26" X I â".

L.B. iv. il. 004. Flat piece of wood cut in rude crescent, and thinning slightly to rounded ends. Through centre is drilled hole, larger on concave than on convex side of crescent. Edges rounded and much worn on top. Remains of black paint on concave and on each flat side. Prob. handle of drill. 24" x I4" x r to 2".

L.B. iv. ii. 005. Shaft of wooden bird-arrow, cut in one piece. For length of 8" plain, then swelling into

rounded knob, which is cut down sq. again after, i" to orig. diam. Beyond this, shaft projects another i+' to take arrow-head. See L.B. Iv, 005. Length 'or, diam.

4" t0 r.

L.B. iv. ii. 006. Horn knife-handle, in section a flat oval ; ends cut sq. Towards thick end, on front edge a row of six holes, three pierced to the hollow, two begun,

and one half pierced. 54" x rto f° x - °   a

to ". PI.


L.B. iv, ii. 007. Horn spoon ; slender handle, bowl almost flat ; much decayed. Length 8", bowl 21" x IV" X C.

L.B. Iv. ii. oo8. Goat's-hair (?) rope ' chitan ' for hobbling horse. Rope is of four strands. It was then twisted double so as to leave a loop at one end (see Ancient Khotan, i. p. 348, b), while the other is attached to a cross-piece of wood, tip-cat-shaped as L.A. vt. ii. ooi6. Length of rope 2' 6", diam. c. I" , length of cross-piece 24".

L.B. Iv. ii. oog. - Wooden ' chfxluk' for fastening lambs' collars, as L.A. i. iv. oog. Cross-piece worn and notched

as if for strings, and piece of rope   in in diam. tied round
notch at end of straight piece. Cross-piece 2" x r, straight piece 34" x r. Pl. Xxxv.

L.B. iv, ii. 0010-0012. Three wooden seal-cases, as L.A. vi. ii. 0024, etc.; 0oro with hole pierced through bottom ; notched for three strings ; good condition. 0012 (largest), I8" X I i~" X

L.B. Iv, ii. 0013. Fr. of woollen carpet in blue and red. 'l'IIe construction resembles that of the ordinary Indian darri. The warp is a tightly twisted hemp string, and the weave 'satin'. The colours do not run right across the fabric, but are inwoven with each other at their junctions, where they are cut off. The new feature in this specimen is the addition of tufts at the back in rows about fifteen picks apart, and interlocking with each other laterally, each tuft being held-in by two loops of the warp, three ` ends ' apart, thus bridging the intermediate three ' ends' ; while each of the engaging ' ends ' holds the contiguous extremities of two tufts. The tufts are of four strands c. I" in length when tied ; allowing 4" for the knotting, they would be pieces 24" in length. Care is taken not to engage the same warp thread more than once in each four rows of tufts, and thereby all the warp threads are taken up equally and the fabric is. not distorted. The use of these tufts has been suggested under L.A. vI. ii. 0046.

Fr. of pattern preserved-exhibits a red edge V" broad, within which is stepped battlement pattern in blue on a red ground. Colours and fabric well preserved. 6"x 3°. Pl. xXXvII.

L.B. Iv. ii. 0014. Fr. of woollen weft, from which the warp, prob. hemp, has perished. The weave is ' wrapped-twined', fine and even. Traces of band of chevron pattern in buff, blue, and crimson. Prob. part of shoe upper. t' 4"x I k",