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0363 Serindia : vol.1
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E. vi. i. 2. Half of wooden slip label pierced at pointed end. Blank. Weathered. 4" x -" X s".

E. vi. i. oor. Wheat grains from bag found in corner of E. vi. i, 4' above orig. floor.

E. vi. ii. i. Oblong tablet, ends roughly cut. Obv. 9 11. Khar., clear, black, regular handwriting covering 4 of surface. Rev. scattered Khar. chars. in one corner. Very good condition. 88" x 4" x s". Pl. XXXVIII.

E. vi. ii. 2. Rude wooden disc with five holes through centre, cut from an inscribed tablet. Obv. 5 Il. Khar. fairly plain, fragmentary. Rev. blank. Well preserved. Diam. 3r.

E. vi. iii. r. Strip of bark inscribed on inside with unknown script. Tila and Kâsim -Akhün take the bark for that of Kik-tal, a jungle tree. 54" x 1" x i".

E. vi. iii. 2. Fr. of slip tablet. Obv. faint traces of Khar. Rev. blank. Hard and well preserved. 2B" x 8".

E. vi. iv. I. Fr. of rectang. under-tablet, blank. Well preserved. 3" X Iii" X ig" to 174".

E. vu. oox. Pottery fr. from wall of hand-made vase. Clay a light reddish brown. On outside rich blue-green glaze. Decoration apparently a series of concentric curves marked with the finger or sortie blunt instrument. Prob. Chinese. Gr. M. 34", thickness ig" to ig". PI. xxxvi.

E. vii. 002.. Lathe-turned wooden bowl with carinated walls and flat base. H. 2-", diam. 6*". Pl. XXVIII.

E. vu. i. I. Rectang. under-tablet, one side and one end lost. Obv. four II. Khar., partly defaced. Rev. blank. Discoloured. 7"

E. vu. i. 2. Fr. of rectang. cov.-tablet. Obv. on one side of seal cay. four 11. Khar. ; on other, traces of Khar. Rev. two 11. Khar. incomplete. Soft, much broken and in poor condition. 4g" X iâ".

E. vu. ii. oor. a-b. Fabric frs.: (a) piece of buff silk fabric, fine plain weave. 2 i" x g" ; (b) tangle of dark blue silk thread. Found 9. xi. o6.


E. Fort. oox. a. Leather document from rubbish-heap. Folded lengthways in four. On outside one 1. Khar. faint, inside nine ll. Khar. 41" x 3" (unfolded). Pl. XXXVIII.

E. Fort. oox. b. Pottery fr. from hand-made vessel. Very ill-levigated clay, fired on an open hearth (?). Black-grey. Found at foot of rampart, 9. xi. o6. Gr. M. 2k", thickness ?gm1 to a".

E. Fort. oor. c. Bone knife handle. In section a flat oval. Narrow slit to take blade. In other end, hole 4" X i" X ." deep. Cf. N. xxvi. vi. 002. Found W. of gate, Io. xi. o6. 44"x rxig". Pl. XXVIII.

E. Fort. 002. Rude bone disc with rounded edges. Pierced in centre with hole less than ig" diam., in which are remains of wooden peg (?). Found W. of gate, r0. xi. o6. Diam. â", thickness ig".

E. Fort. oog. Fr. of blown-glass vessel, cloudy yellow-green. Two raised diverging bars on convex side-applied slip-work. This orn. in applied thread was particularly common in Europe in the 3rd century A.D. and later. Found W. of Fort, 9. xi. o6. 1" X 8" x h". PI. XXIX.

E. Fort. 004. Fr. of blown-glass vessel, translucent yellow. On it part of raised (moulded) oval medallion having hollow-ground face and sand-ground rayed border. Found W. of Fort, 9. xi. o6. it" X i " x A" to A".

E. Fort. oo5. Fr. of glass vessel, yellowish-white. Two shallow channels on outer surface. Found W. of Fort, 9. xi. o6. 4" X â" X g".

E. Fort. oo6. a-c. Misc. small orns.: (a) spherical bead of red cornelian. Diam." ; (b) ring bead of

yellow glass. Diam. 4" ; (c) ring of plate bronze. Diam. r. Found W. of Fort, 9. xi. 06.

E. Fort. o07. Fr. of glass bead, flattened cylindrical, coarsely made of translucent yellowish-white glass, gold plated and overlaid with a clumsy film of transparent glass to protect gilding ; cf. E. vi. 0014, etc. Cf. A. Kisa, Das Glas im Allerlume, p. 834-5 ; Woolley and Maclver, Karanog, p. 76. These gilt beads must be imported from the West, prob. from Western Asia, or from the Nile Valley (?). Found W. of Fort, 9. xi. o6. in x diam. S ".

E. Fort. oo8. Fr. of sheet bronze, irregular shape. Found W. of Fort, 9. xi. o6. Gr. M. . , thickness A".

E. Fort. oog. Ring bead of brown glass, half of. Found W. of Fort, 9. xi. o6. Diam. r.

E. Fort. ooro. Sq. lignite seal with round pierced handle (broken). Intaglio design. On L. fig. seated R. on rocks (?) or stool ; big cap or turban on head, leans forward with both arms outspread towards tall central obj., possibly a tree. On R. another fig. apparently squatting cross-legged on low stool, L., hands clasped before chest ; big head-dress of four plumes, three upright and one curling back over shoulders. Indistinct, cracked and much weathered. 4" high, impression F" sq. Found by Hassan likhün, 8. xi. o6. Pl. XXIX.

E. Fort. ooir. (Post S. of Endere Fort.) Glass fr. from wall of vessel decorated with moulded and sand-ground orn. Q). In middle, relief band orn. with vertical incisions. Above, within curved outline, hollow-ground ovals, prob. rough lotus-petal design ; below, similar design on larger scale, with tangent lines, for sepals (?). Resembles Roman work of ist-4th centuries A.D. Cf. A. Kisa, Das Glas im

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