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0172 Serindia : vol.1
Serindia : vol.1 / Page 172 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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the whole polished with wear. Design same as Anc. Khotan, PL L, A. oo r. c. Base t" sq. ; h. its". Pl. v.

Yo. 0091. a. Slab of pale green jade, with design carved on face. This represents human fig. seated cross-legged on mat ; L. arm bent upwards from elbow across chest and holding upright in hand bundle resembling Roman fasces'. R. arm also bent up at elbow and hand supporting ' fasces ' at side. Fig. wears robe with skirt ending in embroidered band below knee. Veil over head, which sweeps out in wide curve on L. side and is caught in by L. elbow. Flat cap with om. in front and hair hanging down side of head. Face, profile, sq. cheek. Nose and mouth rendered in elementary fashion by angular lines, and pupils by straight line across eyeball. No ears or neck. Treatment generally flat, and curved lines on small scale avoided. 2A" x zip" ; thickness ff". Pl. VII.

Yo. 0091. b. Cast ornamental bronze stud, cartouche-shape, with remains of three iron rivets attached to back. Form somewhat rococo. In proportions, a square ; R. and L. sides chamfered and concave from above downwards, the forward edges of each chamfered surface projecting slightly but sharply from adjoining surface, and its ends curving outwards at top and bottom. Between flanking chamfers two billet-shaped pieces, convex in all directions. Between billets, and marking centre of cartouche, two vertical reed mouldings.

Well modelled and cleanly cast. Good condition. r sq. Pl. vI.

Yo. 0092. Four-sided pyramidal object of yellow bone, apex flat. On top, a diamond is cut ; and from each of the four ridges running down to corners of base, five slanting lines are cut, upon each side, to base ; so that each corner of pyramid is orn. with a series of five inverted V-shaped grooves. Smooth and polished. Possibly a chessman or something of the kind. Base 4" sq. ; h. 4"

Yo. 0093. Elliptical chalcedony intaglio, flat. Peacock in profile, to L. Body represented by circular drill-hole, to front and bottom of which are added neck and legs. Tail rendered by five straight lines springing close together from back of circular body, and spreading apart,

each with ball at the end. Not subtle but effective.   " x s".
PI. v.

Yo. 0094. Ruby intaglio, one side straight, one elliptical. Convex. Basin with sq. handles, on column. Two doves perched on rim, one drinking, one standing upright. Rough work. 9" x TV'. PI. v.

Yo. 0096. a. Elliptical garnet intaglio, piano-convex. Bust (of warrior?) to L., wearing cuirass and shoulder-pieces, and large plain round helmet with brim and long drooping plume. Prob. Roman work (cf. figs. of Urbs Roma, etc., on late Imperial coins). 8" x a". Pl. V.

Yo. 0096. b. Elliptical garnet intaglio, piano-convex. Animal advancing L., apparently a dog. From his back


rises what may be a wing. But slight projections from the rounded end seem to indicate a gryphon's head rudely designed ; in which case this would be a chimera. Rough work. A" x". Pl. v.

Yo. 0096. c. Elliptical garnet intaglio, piano-convex. Male figure facing (?), apparently draped ; both arms extended and bent at the elbow. Head very large. Roughest possible work, subject almost indistinguishable; perhaps, intentionally grotesque. ig" x i". Pl. V.

Yo. 0098. Elliptical cornelian intaglio, flat. Wild boar, galloping L. ; R. fore-leg bent up under body, head

down. Spirited work.   x -". Pl. V.

Yo. 0099. Elliptical ruby intaglio, piano-convex. Nude male fig. standing on R. foot which points R. ; body front ; head turned L. L. leg bent at knee and held up across R. leg. Fillet round head. Arms outstretched from shoulders and holding in hands twisted fillet or drapery which forms hoop over head, the ends falling in angular streamers on either side. Bangles on arms Apollo (?). Fairly good work. is"X fu". Pl. v.

Yo. moo. Elliptical garnet intaglio, flat. Animal standing L., four-footed, with long tail, prick ears and apparently a long straight horn and a wing of oriental type. Roughest possible work, subject almost indistinguishable.

" x 3g". Pl. v.

Yo. ooiox. a. Part of lapis lazuli ring. One side flat, the other slightly convex and orn. with four small circles inlet in gold. Diam. of outer circle a"; inner h". Pl. iv.

Yo. ooio1. b. Flat piece of mother-of-pearl cut in diamond shape. In field, but not exactly in centre, a compass-incised circle. Prob. for inlay work. 8" x"; thickness c. A".

Yo. 00104. Bronze appliqué orn., of same kind as Yo. 0091. b. Flat plate with three studs behind for attachment. On front, vigorous design (raised) of horse and rider. Horse with legs outstretched at full gallop ; rider with head bent forward and drapery (?) flying back in the wind. Irregularly scalloped edges defined by raised scroll, which forms flame-like bosses at meeting-point of each scallop. Plentiful traces of gilding. Fine bold work but somewhat corroded. ria"x â". Pl. vI.

Yo. 00105. Lead orn., cast solid. Hoopoe perched on top of two ovoid fruits. Gr. M. i" x is". Pl. VI.

Yo. 00107. Bronze appliqué orn. (?), as Yo. 0091. b. and Yo. 00104. Thin sq. plate with two pins remaining behind and traces of two others. Corroded. No traces of design left. â" sq.

Yo. 00109. a. Circular paste intaglio, flat. Animal kneeling to L. Possibly a humped bull, but more probably belongs to winged animal series; cf. Yo. 0096. b, ooroo, 00109. b. Very rough work. Surface perished. Diam. fa" PI. v.