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0519 Serindia : vol.1
Serindia : vol.1 / Page 519 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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Chin. wooden document, and showing remains of Chin. (illegible) on back of bowl. 5" x 1" to x i".

L.A. VI. ii. 0058. Wooden spoon ; bowl slightly hollowed ; rough ; part of bowl split off. Length qs", bowl


L.A. vI. ii. oosg. Fr. of paper MS., dirty and much

with   torn ; showing on obv. parts of three 11. Chin. and on rev.

8$"   three 11. Khar. (see Chavannes, Documents chinois, p. 189,

no. 918 and Pl. xxvIII). 5" x 3".

L.A. vr. ii. oo6o. Frs. of horsehair gauze or sieve, open • texture ; ` wrapped-twined' weave ; with edging of yellow felt and two circular pieces of the same attached to centre. Thick strip of felt also connecting edge and centre. Felt is applied on both sides. Gauze broken, and mended with brown hair string. Cf. for gauze L.A. vt. ii. 0043; also for edging N. mt. 0018 (Pl. XXVIII). Gr. M. 9$" x or.


L.A. vi. ii. 0051. Rectang. wooden label ; blank ; on each edge notch to hold string; good condition. 4-" x

L.A. vi. H. 0052. Wooden spatula, with flat narrow blade ; good condition. 6h" x196" to ". Length of

blade 3r".

L.A. VI. ii. 0053. Wooden stick, sq. in section

  •  rounded ends. Chop-stick (?). Good condition. x~.

L.A. vi. ii. 0054. Wooden writing-slip, lower end. Obv. one char. Chinese at top. Rev. blank. Good condition. 3â" x

L.A. vi. ii. 0056. Wooden writing-slip, part of. 06v. six chars. Chin., indistinct. Rev. blank ; surface perished. Fair condition. 42" x

L.A. vi. ii. oo57. Wooden spatula rudely cut from

L.A. VII. 002. a-e. Misc. lead and bronze frs. (a-c) Three pierced lead discs ; loom-weights (?). Diam. r.

  1. One bossed hollow nail-head, bronze. Diam.

  2. Fr. of ear-ring ; part of orn. in green paste on bronze wire suspended from spring ring. Diam. ". Pl. xxix.

L.A. vu. i. X. Oblong tablet, rudely cut. Obv. surface insect-eaten ; blank. Rev. two columns Khar. (seven and two I1.), very faint. Hard but split. 8i" x 5' x f".

L.A. viii. ooi. Wooden comb with arched top as L.A. vi. ii. 0014 ;,,good condition. H. 2", width V', length of teeth â", two teeth to A.".

L.A. VIII. 002. Lug of wooden bowl, lacquered, as L.A. nI. 004. Lug outside black, inside dark red over black. Hole pierced for rivet (?) through side of bowl just below lug. Condition good. 2f" x " x f".

L.A. viii. 003. Misc. silk, wool, and leather frs., including pieces of yellow felt, fine lambskin (?), buff silk, fine corded plum-coloured silk, and bit of fringe or tassel of whitish-yellow silk, frayed out from piece-silk. Gr. M. 7".

L.A. VIII. 004. a-c. Misc. lead and bronze frs. (a) Leaden disc, pierced ; loom-weight ? Diam. f'. (b) Three links (one broken) of bronze wire chain. Length (c) Bronze buckle, iron tongue broken. E.

L.A. vm-ix. ooi. Lignite seal, lentoid, pierced horizontally. Obv. shows head facing L., wearing elaborate head-dress. Rev. animal facing L. Very rough work. I" x ig x â". Pl. xxix.

L.A. VIII-Ix. 002. Soapstone disc, slate colour, irregular, with circular perforation not central, sand-worn. Cf. L.A. vr. ii. 0015. Diam. r }". Pl. XxXVI.

L.A. vin-Ix. 003. Lump of bronze slag. Gr. M.

L.A. vui-ix. 004. Bronze plaque, oblong, with central rivet-hole. At one end two tags bent over and broken, prob. to take a hinge ; other end wedge-shaped. Prob. for attachment as L.A. 0052. If" x f" x

L.A. vnI-Ix. oo5. Bronze arrowhead ; see L.A. 0069. Point sharp. Length 1$", with rect. haft ITS". PI. XXiX.

L.A. vm-ix. 006. Bronze plaque of ivy-leaf shape, with tongue once bent round and riveted to centre of plaque; cf. L.A. 005z. f" x f" x". Pl. xXIX.

L.A. viii-ix. ooi. Narrow pointed bronze tongue, with hole at blunt end ; through this passes strip of bronze, the ends of which are bent round and riveted together. Perhaps of metal fringe on leather harness or armour ; cf. N. xxv. 009. 1" x ig" x h". Strip c. f" x

1"• Pl. XXIX. a

L.A. vIII-ix. oo8. Iron arrowhead with long tang; head triangular in section, flanges much perished. Length 3A", length of tang 1 ". Pl. XXIx.

L.A. vIII-ix. oog. Fr. of blown-glass vessel, yellowish-white, translucent. On outside, part of wheel-ground hollow ellipse. Gr. M. i", thickness f".

L.A. viii-ix. ooxo. Cone of yellow stone with point

cut off.   " x A" to .1 .

L.A. vin-ix. ooII. Fr. of glass, translucent, yellow, with one smooth and rounded edge, others broken. it x f"

1 x 8".

L.A. viii-rx. ooi2. Fr. of crystal, jagged, yellowish ; as L.A. 0063. Gr. M. f«".

L.A. vm-Ix. ooi3-004. Two frs. from blown-glass vessel, yellowish-white, translucent. Outsidewheel-ground in pattern of hollowed lozenges. Gr. M. 1f", thickness }".