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0510 Serindia : vol.1
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L.A. 0078. Fr. of bronze mirror ; cf. L.A. 0027. No orn., edge thickened ; condition good. Gr. M. Ii', thickness A", at edge }'.

L.A. 0079. Fr. of bronze slag. I y x x i".

L.A. oo80. Bronze strip, oblong in section, bent into rude ring ; cf. L.A. 0046. Condition fair. Diam. ', width j'.

L.A. 0081. Fr. of thin plate bronze ; bad condition. Found 18. xii. o6. 2i" x 2' x A".

L.A. 0082. Bronze arrowhead, type of L.A. 0017, with triangular depression in one side. Sharp point ; remains of iron tang ; condition bad. Length with tang :13", without r8". PI. xxix.

L.A. 0083. Strip of bronze with both sides bent over to make a groove or channel. Curved to form part of circle of which diam. would be c. I'. Condition bad, ends broken (?). Length I' i", thickness c. s". Pl. xXXVi.

L.A. 0084. Fr. of bronze mirror like L.A. 0029; condition fair. Gr. M. I ", thickness ," to h".

L.A. 0085. Fr. of bronze mirror ; cf. L.A. 0027. Gr. M. $', thickness 312.1.

L.A. oo86. Bronze rod with spiral twist along half its length; condition fair. Length 2f', diam. Al to Q2.'. Pl. XXIX.

L.A. 0087. Bronze wire bent into oval strap-ring, broken, diamond in section ; condition bad. Gr. diam.

L.A. oo88. Bronze loop. At one end rod is beaten out convex, but nearer the bend it is flat and decorated with double incised diagonals. Narrow and thick at bend, and at other end beaten out thin and broad. Broken at each end at pierced holes corresponding, through which a rivet fastened the bronze on to a stout stick (?) leaving loop at end free. Length to bend I,", width c.

Pl. Xxxvi.

L.A. 0089. Bronze strap•loop ; cf. L.A. vr. ii. ooro ;

middle closed. 116' x   thickness r to fig'. Pl. XXXVI.

L.A. 0090. Fr. of iron rod with tang, point broken, sq. in section; cf. L.A. 0077. Length IS", diam.

L.A. 0091. Fr. of iron tool with one broad fiat end, prob. chisel; cf. L.A. 0077. Length Ii", breadth of blade V'.

L.A. 0092. Iron tool; cf. L.A. 0077 and 0091. Seems complete but for missing handle. Long thin tang, short blade widening to wedge point. Length 2a', length of handle spike Ii", width of blade ".

L.A. 0093. Strip of iron, oblong in section, bent into V loop. One end doubled laterally on itself, first on one side, then on other, making wide looped top. Possibly end of horse's bit. Brought by Tokbta Akhun. 14' x 6" x 8". Pl. XXXVI.

L.A. 0094. Bronze ring. On bezel rectilinear in-

cised device, not clear. Diam. i", width 1" to   . PI.

L.A. 0095. Rough strip of lead, bent. I e"   x }"

L.A. 0096. Flat iron ring, bad condition. Brought by Tokhta Akhûn. Diam. IN', width c. ".

L.A. 0097-0098. Two lead spinning•whorls, as L.A. oo68. Brought by Tokhta Âkhûn. Diam. 8" and -i", thickness . ' and -3371. 0097 Pl. XXIX.

L.A. 0099. Iron rod, sq. in section, splintered and broken. Length r r, thickness (max.) is".

L.A. ooioo. Fr. of pottery vase, hand-made, of grey clay showing white granulations ; outside covered with green streaky, faintly lustrous glaze. Found 18. xii. o6. Gr. M. z4', thickness 4".

L.A. ooioi. Jasper blade, dark grey ; bulb on one face, the other with central rib ; both edges worked. Found 18. xii. o6. Length 4".

L.A. 00102. Jasper blade, grey-brown ; bulb on one face, the other ribbed ; both edges worked. Found 18. xii. o6. Length I'.

L.A. 00103-00105. Three miniature bronze bells, spherical ' grelot ' type, as N. oozo. Hollow ball slit below, with loose bead clapper and suspension ring. 00103

corroded and slit joined up. Diam.   Pl. XXIX.

L.A. ooio6. Round bronze button, convex, hollowed on inside, from which projects long shank pierced with attachment hole. Found 18. xii. o6. Diam. f4', length of shank". Pl. XXXVi.

L.A. 00107. Bronze ring, with incised linear design on bezel ; condition good. Found 18. xii. o6. Diam. â' x â", width Aix s". Pl. XXIX.

L.A. 00108-00109. Two lead spinning-whorls : 00'08 in form of flattened cone, 00109 of disc, pierced ; cf. L.A. 0068. Found 18. xii. o6. 00108, diam. f4", thickness 4'. Pl. XXIX. 00109, diam. â', thickness 8'.

L.A. ooizo. Sq. bronze rivet-plate or washer ; pierced in centre, slightly concave. Found 18. xii. o6.

1' 1

L.A. 00111. Bronze strap-ring, D-shaped ; surface flat one side, rounded the other ; condition good. Found 18. xii. o6. Diam. â" x é", thickness A." to x ". PL XXIX.

L.A. 00112. Ring of gold wire almost sq. in section. Diam. â".

L.A. 00113. Fr. of bronze mirror. On back, above, part of border pattern of radiating lines ; cf. L.A. 0027. Below, head and forepart of winged dragon in relief ; mouth open showing teeth and tongue ; large scales on neck ; rounded wing as in terra-cotta handles from Yôtkan. Chinese style. Gr. M. ii', thickness 8' to is". Pl. XXIX.