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0198 Serindia : vol.1
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[Chap. IV

between ears. Whole R. side split away at juncture of two halves of mould. Very smoothly worked. H. IT". Pl. IX.

A.T. 001. Handle of pottery vessel. Outside is lower part of body of reptile with hind-legs and tail. Body and R. leg deeply notched. Below tail remains of dot orn. Very coarse red clay. H. 31"; width 2*". Pl. IV.

A.T. ooz. Two terra-cotta water- or wine-skins tied at neck, united across front by broad band, orn. down centre with large single chevrons, at edges with incised dashes, broken at either end ; prob. load of some beast. Very fine work. " x r.

A.T. 003. Pottery handle, flat, heart-shaped, with stamped anthemion design ; at base, attachment to vessel, with traces of small ring handle below. In shape, orn. and attachments precisely resembling handle of classical lamp. Cf. A.T. 00x 2 and Anc. Khotan, Pl. XLII. T.M. 002. b, c ; 003. d. Slate-grey clay (re-fired) with worn, greenish-brown glaze. I "x Ir. Pl. IV.

A.T. 004. Fr. of pottery ; part of handle. Over attachment flat lozenge-shaped ear projects horizontally, with incised palm-leaf orn. Brown clay, re-fired. I%" X 1". Pl. Iv.

A.T. 005. Terra-cotta object, six-pointed like caltrop; hard-fired clay showing traces of green glaze ; two prongs lost, others slightly broken. 2" X Ir. Pl. IX.

A.T. 006. Fr. of hand-made pottery vessel ; with band of comb-drawn festoons ; below, raised band om. with oblique stamps from toothed punch. Light red clay. 2" X I F.

A.T. 007. Pottery fr. from broad plain handle, with perished green glaze. Very coarse red clay re-fired. 2" x Ii".

A.T. oo8. Pottery fr., coarse, gritty, with perished green glaze. I*" x Ir.

A.T. oog. Small fr. of green-glazed ware, from top edge of bowl. Light red clay. i" x f.

A.T. 0010. Fr. of pottery handle ; large half-ring, hollow. At junction with body and on handle bands of stamps from five-toothed punch. Very coarse red clay. 3r" x 2f.

A.T. oou. Pottery fr. from bottom and side of bowl. Coarse red clay with decayed blue glaze. 2" x if.

A.T. 0012. Fr. of pottery vessel, squat with flat bottom, carinated sides and wide mouth with out-turned lip. On shoulder and lower ridge, oblique rows of punctured orn. stamped. Fr. of large handle; flat broad ring distinguished at upper attachment by broad orn. prob. palmette (cf. A.T. 003) at right angles; only base of orn. remains. Prob. a lamp. Ill-levigated red clay, re-fired. 3f x w. PI. IV.

A.T. 0013. Fr. of hand-made pottery. Hemispherical bowl, with flat lip; orn. with roughly oblique bands of stamped design of L's, crosses, and dots clumsily repeated. 31" x w. PI. iv.

A.T. 0014. Fr. of pottery, pale red, with dark green-blue glaze inside and out ; outside glaze partly gone. 2*" x 2*".

A.T. 0015. a. Fr. of hand-made pottery vessel, with strip in relief pressed by thumb into series of scallops. (Cf. Anc. Khotan, Pl. XLI; T.M. 004. b.) Light reddish-drab clay, grey faced. 2" x if.

A.T. 0015. b. Fr. of pottery, prob. part of cover ; near edge appliqué band with series of wedge-shaped incisions made with toothed punch. Light red clay, buff surface. 2" x 11",

*A.T. 0016. Stucco relief fr. of flame pattern ; one of

many.   Moulds roughly triangular produced a relief
c. 7" x 41" with, probably, 15 flames. Each flame takes form of flattened S curve with boldly incised line running down centre ; two different moulds were used with S curves in opposite directions. Relief about 1" high. Clay finely levigated, burned to a uniform light red or to a uniform mud colour ; back of each piece shows finger-marks, etc., made when clay was pressed into mould ; no trace of reeds on back. Surface covered with a thin limewash or slip; traces remain of gold-leaf. A.T. oox6. 5" x 3r.

Similar pieces: A.T. 0017, 0069, 0070; i. ooi, 0051. a, b, 0078, 0079, oo8o, Oo81, 0092 ; ii. 002, 0032, 0042, 0043; iii. O036, 0043, 0090; iv. 002, 003, 004, 005, 0057, 0068, 00I07, 00108, 00I09, OOI IO, 00111 ; v. oo68, 0069.

A.T. 0018. Stucco relief fr. of flame pattern with curling ribbed flames, each separately moulded. Brick-red clay.

1 ""

3s x 21".

*A.T. ooxg. Stucco relief fr., curved half-round moulding, representing twisted strings of beads and plain fillets alternately.

Cf. A.T. oo94 ; i. oo 116 ; ii. ooi ; iii. 0079 ; iv. 00115 ; v. 0090. Light red clay. 3" x fa"; h. of relief A".

*A.T. 0020. Stucco relief fr., one of many, from border of a large halo or haloes, cf. Anc. Khotan, Pl. XVIII, c. On pieces that can safely be attributed to common original there appear three distinct decorative elements : (a) foliate border I" wide by *" high, consisting of continuous frond with closely set and deeply ribbed pointed leaves ; (b) circular medallions, diam. 2f, with double ring edge, inner band of separate leaf or flame motif, and central five-petalled flower; these were set close to border (A.T. iii. 0053) (c) conventional fleur-de-lis with double binding at neck and wavy stalk increasing in width and ending in two rounded lobes (A.T. ii. 007, iii. 0037); total length 4f"; relief on one plane. These were set between the medallions, flower close to border (A.T. 0068), stalk at right-angles to it. Whole originally in crude clay which has been accidentally burned ; one or two pieces show signs of vitrifaction. Clay well levigated, and whole surface covered with very thin limewash or slip ; remains of gilding appear on one of the fleur-de-lis stalks ; otherwise colours have perished together with most of slip. The same mould was generally employed for all the ornaments of each type ;