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0247 Serindia : vol.1
Serindia : vol.1 / Page 247 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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white. The end of panel (thickness) seems to have a continuation of the painting, but indistinct. Wood hard and worm-eaten. H. 6a"; width 5â"; thickness IA".

Kha. ii. E. 005. Fr. of painted wood, split from surface of thick piece Lower portion of dark (green ?) upper robe of Bodhisattva, with kilted under-garment hanging below (pink). Outlines black, with one white line sweeping round one of lower folds of upper robe. Same treatment and prob. same personage as D. I. 04 in Anc. Kholan, Pl. LXV. Much defaced. Wood hard. 7" x z " xi".

Kha. ii. E. 006. Fr. of painted wood, split from thick piece. Prob. represents drapery of standing fig. Part to L. p. is dark green with pattern of groups of four circles in white, placed diamond-wise, the edge of the green outlined with white. Adjoining part is rich dark red, orn. in the same way. Rough work. Well preserved. 6j(" x 2" Xi".

Kha. ii. E. 007. Fr. of painted wood, split from surface of larger piece. Traces of colour, bright green, pink, and red contour lines. Wood moderately hard. 3" x I-" x

Kha. ii. E. oo8. Fr. of painted wood, split from thick piece. Small part of painted surface present. On white ground, on upper part of fr., portion of Padmâsana (?) and three toes of standing fig. One petal pale green. On lower part a few indistinguishable black lines showing imbrications running laterally and a patch of green. Wood hard. 8" x 21" x 1".

Kha. ü. E. oog. Fr. of painted wood, small, flaked from thicker piece. Prob. portion of robe, bright red. No detail. Wood well preserved. a 8" xi"

Kha. ii. E. o01o. Small fr. of painted wood, flaked off larger piece, painted dark red-brown with a few light lines. Prob. portion of drapery. 21" x $" x 1".

Kha. ii. E. oorl. Fr. of painted wood in two pieces (now joined), flaked from panel. Traces of colour, prob. part of fig. in red-brown robe against background of emerald green, bounded by borders of light chocolate colour and grey, divided by black and white lines, and transversely barred with black. Prob. pink nimbus outlined white. Well preserved. 51" x zk".

Kha. ü. E. 0012. Fr. of painted wood, flaked from panel. Chocolate and grey bands and traces of green, divided by black and white lines and transversely barred with black. The chocolate is shaded. Evidently belongs to Kha. ii. E. oor 1. Wood well preserved. Painting effaced from one half. 5r x 21"

Kha. ii. E. 0013. Fr. of painted wood. Upper portion to waist of Buddha fig. ; much of L. side split away. R. hand raised, back to breast. Head 4 to R. p. Small portion of hair, short and smooth, visible. Upper part broken away. Flesh yellow, contours dark red. Eyebrows and lashes black. Ball of eye pink white. Eye centre black. Robes dark green. Background dark red. Nimbus light

green with pink-white edge. Fingers much recurved at tips. Work rapid and vigorous. Painting defaced in places. Wood hard, but split and abraded at upper end. Length Ioj("; width 3r; thickness z". Pl. XIV.

Kha. ii. E. 0013. a. Fr. of painted wood, prob. part of Kha. ii. E. 00 13. It shows dark grey-green drapery corresponding in colour and condition to that of fig. in example cited. To outer side of drapery a band of red background. Rev. rough and without painting. Both ends seem to have been cut through. Well preserved. 6" x I " x I".

Kha. ii. E. 0014. Fr. of painted wood, with traces of flesh-colour, black and green. Soft. i ' x j " x j".

Kha. ü. E. oois. Stucco relief. Swaddled fig., finger-shaped. Lower part has spiral channels representing drapery. Upper part shows head wearing pointed hood. Broken below and at points of hood. Rough work. Clay red. 6" x Ij" x I" to j". Pl. XvI.

Kha. ii. E. ooz6. Stucco relief fr. of very large lotus petal and beginning of second outside it. Red clay. 4i" x 4ja,,.

Kha. ii. E. 0018. a-1. Frs. of painted wooden panel ; a-g show red drapery with black and white lines and a few traces of yellow (flesh-colour ?) ; h-k show very dark red drapery with black and white lines ; 1 part of L. side of face, yellow, with black hair, eyebrows and lashes; lines round eyes, nose and mouth red, white on eyeball. Gr. M. 7" x

Kha. ii. N. 1g. Frs. of painted silk, fine, brittle. One shows lotus (flower has white petals, outlined red ; leaf, blue centre, red outlines), with row of small leaves below (outlined black), several springing on each side of stalk. Another shows more leaves of same kind, with lotus leaf (blue centre, red outline) below. Another shows black ground, with pointed buff leaf, outlined red.

' Lotus ' on first fr. is of Roman rosette type, having bases of petals continuous, the divisions forming loops or eyes ', and the outer margin of each petal broad and indented like those of wild rose. Small grass leaves below are treated sketchily and have Chin. character. All frs. poor in execution, but silk fine. Gr. M. zj".

Kha. ii. N. oox. Stucco relief fr. L. hand rather above life-size ; fingers bent as though grasping some object. Poor flat work. Hard white stucco. 5" X 4*".

Kha.. ii. N. 002. Stucco relief fr. of drapery border. Trace of red visible at ends of folds. See Kha. ii. 0031. Hard whitish stucco. 3g" X 8g". Pl. XVI.

Kha. ii. N. 003. Stucco relief fr. of drapery border. See Kha. ii. 003r, strongly convex. Hard white stucco. I o" x 3j".

Kha. ii. N. 004. Stucco relief fr. of drapery border. See Kha. ii. 0031. Considerable remains of red. Hard whitish stucco. 31" x 3r".

Kha. ii. N. 005. Stucco relief fr. of drapery border. See Kha. ii. 003r. Hard whitish stucco. 3j" X 3r.