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0176 Serindia : vol.1
Serindia : vol.1 / Page 176 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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Yo. 00185. Terra-cotta appliqué, cast of head of tiger,

  1. profile. Fine naturalistic work. H. 1" ; length

Yo. oo186. Terra-cotta appliqué double leaf orn. from vase, as on Yo. or. a. C. I8" x

Yo. 00187. Terra-cotta monkey, as Yo. 003. q, 00191. Stump of R. arm raised ; other limbs and head gone.

1 ß" x i"

Yo. 00188. Terra-cotta miniature jug, neck and spout of; as Yo. 0039. d. Hard red clay. H. c. $" ; length of top to tip of spout 11s".

Yo. 00189. Terra-cotta appliqué monkey head

(modelled).   Naturalistic features, but fur not marked.
Holes for ears. Rude work. C. -" x

Yo. oolgo. Terra-cotta monkey head, rudely modelled, owl-type, in light terra-cotta, somewhat defaced. Concentric rings for eyes. H. c. A".

Yo. 00191. Terra-cotta monkey, owl-type, squatting on heels with hands clasped before him. Wears loin-cloth. Cf. Yo. 0031. c. Roughly modelled out of clay rolls ; head made separately and inserted in hole in neck. H. c.

Yo. 00192. Terra-cotta fr. of R. knee of kneeling woman ; as Yo. 2, q. v. H. xi".

Yo. 00193. Fr. of grey sandstone. Gr. M. â".

Yo. 00194. Terra-cotta appliqué from vase, upper half of Gandharvi carrying wreath. Cf. Anc. Kholan, Pl. XLV, Kh. 003. b. H. ii" ; width xe".

Yo. 00195. Spindle-whorl, of dark green soapstone. Plain. H. 4e" ; gr. diam.

Yo. 00196. Triangular cone of green jade. H. 1*" ; base (longest side) r.

Yo. 00197. Glass bead, long, hexagonal, of opaque green and yellow glass, worked in wavy stripes. Length ig"; diam.

Yo. 00198. Irregular lump of lapis lazuli. Gr.

  1. 2".


Badr. ow. Elliptical cornelian intaglio, flat. Female

bust to L. hair rolled ; very coarse work. Degraded

example of series Khot. 0075, 0076, 0079, being barbarous . reflection of some late classical original. r x". PI. V.

Badr. 002. Elliptical garnet intaglio, piano-convex. Beardless male head, L., of the type of Alexander ; drapery at neck. Hair combed from top of head and tied round with fillet, below which it makes heavy rouleau. Dot earring. Features sketchy but with a certain delicacy. Cut surfaces well polished. 2 " x 8". Pl. V.

Kasim. ow. Fr. of turned wooden bowl. Ring base. Diam. base 27,"; Gr. M. 5" ; thickness i s"

Yo. 00199. Square seal in lead. On back, small handle-socket. Intaglio design much encrusted. Horned animal standing L. Very rude work. 4" PI. V.

Yo. 00200. Lead rosette, pierced in centre. Much decayed. Back plain and fiat. See Yo. 00201. Diam.

Yo. 00201. Lead rosette, similar to Yo. 00200. Large central hole. Pointed petals with central rib radiating to dot border. Back plain. Diam. e". PI. VI.

Yo. 00202. Oblong bronze seal with ring handle at back. Intaglio design of rampant horned dragon, L., highly stylized. rs" x â". Pl. v.

Yo. 00203. Bone chrysanthemum rosette, pierced at centre, radiating petals. Diam.

Yo. 00204. Bone disc pierced transversely, with intaglio design. Obv. hornet to R., within bead border. Rev. similar border ; within, curved lines apparently meaningless. Diam. 1"; thickness 1". Pl. v.

Yo. 00205. Round garnet intaglio, convex. Hare or rabbit to L. i". Pl. V.

Yo. 00206. Oblong garnet intaglio, flat. Bust, three-quarter profile of Indo-Scythian ruler. Long delicate face with small full mouth and eyes slightly aslant. On forehead a rosette of four beads in an angular setting, from which a long plain fillet falls down side of face. A heavy plait of hair frames the face. Round neck, string of pearls. Drapery, slightly puckered on shoulders, meets in straight V on breast. Cf. Scytho-Sassanian coins, and Anc. Kholan, PI. xLlx, I. oox. Pl. v.

Yo. 00207. Oval seal of steatite. Back rounded and pierced transversely. Intaglio design indistinct, apparently

gryphon in flight. g" x   Pl. v.

Yo. 00208. Piece of bone, curved, cut on convex side with border pattern (row of triangles between rows of dots), intaglio. r x g" x ". Pl. vI.

Yo. 00209. Wine-red stone (garnet?), cut to trefoil-shape. Gr. M. i".


Khot. o1. a. Terra-cotta monkey, upper part of, naturalistic type. Arms lost. H. Ii".

Khot. ox. b. Terra-cotta monkey, upper part (from waist) of, playing guitar. H. 1".

Khot. ox. c. Terra-cotta monkey, with pigtail (owl type), seated on ground. Legs and arms lost. H. Ir.

Khot. ox. d. Terra-cotta monkey, upper part of, playing on syrinx. H. g".

Khot. ox. e. Terra-cotta monkey, upper part of, owl type. I-lands clasped fiat across chest. H. z"